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The ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes, who built this house in 1670, haunts his old home, some say. His daughter Sophia has been witnessed around the property as well, usually riding in a coach to visit her father’s home. And one more ghost who resides here is a Mrs. Woodford, who died of a heart attack when her husband scared her by putting on a jack-o-lantern costume. It is said that you can still hear her screams coming out of the downstairs bedroom. Another interesting happening here: The sound of phantom hoofbeats is said to presage a catastrophic event. Other eerie things are said to occur here as well.

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Geographic Information

200 South Main Street
Bowling Green, VA
United States

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38.04402027868439, -77.34730070842488
Caroline County, Virginia
Nearest Towns:
Bowling Green, VA (0.4 mi.)
Port Royal, VA (12.2 mi.)
Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA (16.8 mi.)
Spotsylvania, VA (17.0 mi.)
Passapatanzy, VA (17.6 mi.)
King George, VA (17.8 mi.)
Fredericksburg, VA (18.9 mi.)
Hanover, VA (19.2 mi.)
Falmouth, VA (20.4 mi.)
Fairview Beach, VA (20.5 mi.)


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  1. We have an assistant that works at our school who used to be a maid at the house. They had set the table made sure everything was in order they heard something upstairs they ran to see what it was found nothing came back down and the entire downstains where they had just titied up was a complete mess and the onlu ones in the house was the two of the maids.

  2. My husband, David Collier, was there painting inside, doing restoration work, several years ago. He was there alone. He kept hearing doors slamming. So he went all over the house looking to see who was doing it. He didn’t find anyone. So he closed every door securely, then went back to work. But the door slamming started again. So he packed his stuff up and left!

  3. My nephew is a carpenter who does a lot of work in that area. He said that he and his crew were hired to do some crown molding repair in that house. One afternoon, they were working in one of the rooms and they heard a door slam very hard. They went to go check it out as no one was allowed to be in the house at that time. He found nothing. He went back to work and again,he heard loud footsteps and several doors slam. He sent two of his workers to go and see what was going on. When they went to see, the door slammed again, right in front of the workers. They went back and told my nephew what had happened. They finished up their work quickly and left.

  4. Would like to visit this place for an investigation. Is that allowed? If so, who can I correspond with to make arrangements. I belong to a small paranormal group and we are always looking for new places to see and investigate.

    • Not sure if its allowed you may have to contact the county… I live near this place its always locked up because people used to break in to see if its really haunted… From my personnel experience just stay away this place is creepy

    • The place is occupied…
      Nice people, I do restoration and painting there…..
      I have been there for several years off and on.

  5. Visited the Old Mansion in 1992. John Waller Hoomes is my wife’s 6th great grandfather. We got a tour of the home by the owner at the time.. First name was Ed…don’t remember last. We didn’t discuss hauntings and we didn’t see anything unusual.. I didn’t take any photos inside ..wish I had..

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