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Chatham Manor was a plantation overlooking the Rappahannock River, began in 1768 by William Fitzhugh. It had a dairy, icehouse, barns, stables, fish hatchery, orchard, mill and even a horse racetrack. Many famous historic figures have had ties here, visiting for elaborate parties. The home has been the site of a slave rebellion, a Union headquarters in the Civil War, and a wartime hospital. But the haunted tale most told here is one of an English girl who was in love with a man of whom her parents didn’t approve. Her father sent her to Chatham hoping she could find someone better in America, but her beloved followed her to Chatham and they planned to elope. But their plans were overheard–by a servant girl of George Washington, who was there at the time. George Washington caught the girl in the act of sneaking out and had her suitor arrested. Although the girl was sent back to England where she eventually married and had 10 children, legend has it that she never smiled again, and she swore on her deathbed to return to the only place she was ever happy: Chatham. Since her death in 1790, an apparition known as the Lady in White is seen every 7 years on the anniversary of her death, June 21, walking along the path toward the river. The path is now known as the Ghost Walk.

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Geographic Information

Chatham Dr
Fredericksburg, VA
United States

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38.308756, -77.45527800000002
Stafford County, Virginia
Nearest Towns:
Fredericksburg, VA (0.5 mi.)
Falmouth, VA (1.3 mi.)
Passapatanzy, VA (7.7 mi.)
Stafford, VA (8.2 mi.)
Spotsylvania, VA (10.4 mi.)
Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA (10.5 mi.)
Aquia Harbour, VA (11.2 mi.)
Fairview Beach, VA (11.4 mi.)
King George, VA (15.0 mi.)
Quantico Station, VA (16.5 mi.)


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Comments (7)

  1. We would like to investigate. Chatham Manor what will we need to get permission . To investigate the paranormal. Thank You Static paranormal

    • chip finnissure  |  

      You may have permission for the further investigations of various grounds such as the Paranormal Chatham Grounds

  2. I have a pic of the lady in white a good one she’s with a civil war soldier … I didn’t know I had it until I got home because of all the glare … I went back to the same window the next day and nothing was there

  3. Good day. I belong to a small group of investigators.. We are looking to visit and investigate new places. We would be interested in visiting here. Who wo do need to talk to and set up a date and time? Also, is there a charge. Thank you for any information I may receive.

  4. I was wondering if anyone has a picture of a little boy in a window at Chatham. Or if anyone knows of a little boy who died there. I went 2 years ago and looked at my pictures when I got home and noticed an apparition in the window.

  5. Mary Richardson  |  

    I grew up in Ferry Farms. While the property was changing hands, we spent numerous days and night seeking refugee among the gardens. There is no doubt in my mind this place speaks. Through many years, the property was abandoned and during this time, we witnessed many strange events. This was during the early 1980’s when Ivy still clung to the trellises and roses flourished. There were no public bathrooms or water fountains and we never saw a caretaker or groundskeeper.
    Chatham became my home, during a dark time in my life where dreams lived and time stood still. I now live in Colorado, but look back on those days and am grateful the spirits of Chatham welcomed and heeled my broken heart. The ghosts of Chatham spared another casualty and embrace lost children. Who else but The Lady in White could produce such a powerful effect over the lost souls of children? Her sorrow haunts these grounds along with the many young men stacked in wolen tents beneath the stars waiting their destiny.

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