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This church, built in the mid-1700s, and its cemetery are said to be popular spots with the haunts. The old graveyard has tombstones dating back to the 1730s.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Jefferson Davis Highway
    Aquia Harbour, Virginia
    United States

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    38.463629, -77.40315900000002
    Stafford County, Virginia
    Nearest Towns:
    Aquia Harbour, VA (0.8 mi.)
    Stafford, VA (2.9 mi.)
    Quantico Station, VA (6.1 mi.)
    Triangle, VA (6.8 mi.)
    Quantico, VA (7.2 mi.)
    Dumfries, VA (8.3 mi.)
    Falmouth, VA (10.3 mi.)
    Cherry Hill, VA (10.4 mi.)
    Montclair, VA (10.7 mi.)
    Fredericksburg, VA (11.5 mi.)


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    1. I have had a paranormal experience in this church. I was in the choir in high school and we had to sing here one night for a concert. There were so many people that the room was hot due to all the extra “living bodies”. When I was singing I looked up towards the lights and saw a figure. It looked dark at first then I saw a light. It looked like a figure of a woman in a long dress. There was no one up there so it kind of creeped me out at first. During the performance I kept seeing lights, dark shadows, and different figures. I have always believed that ghosts exists but this really took the cake for me.

    2. My boyfriend and I decided to come see this church on a Friday night. We waited until about 12:30am to drive up. When we got out of the car, everything seemed fine, but we both had an eerie feeling. My boyfriend noticed some old dates on the stones in the front of the cemetery and we went to take a closer look. Once my hand touched the fence, ALL of the lights leading up to the church went out and we both looked at each other and ran. I got into my driver seat and turned my car on, and AS SOON as I put my car into reverse to leave, every single light came back on one at a time.

    3. I came with my Girlfriend at the time and her Cousin around 1030 at night. When we pulled up still in the car at the same time the door to the church opened and directly above there was a woman in the window

    4. So when I was in high school (Stafford) me and my friends decided to ride up there.
      There was me and about nine other people. (we had two cars, mine and a friends). We parked the cars and got out. We heard the stories about this place, how a women died up in the belfry but we did not believe them. So when we got ut we went up to the grave yard and started laughing and saying things like “hah no spirits are here, I mean come on show yourself”. We were laughing and having a good time like any other teenagers, messing around. So we became bored and decided to go back to our cars. we looked in the belfry window, there was no women or figure at all. It was midnight or so and light poles that were in the front of the gate had been off the whole time we were there. Suddenly they came on…went off… We thought just some electrical problem. It happened again. I ran to my car door and started to drive away before the lights came on again. You guessed it they came on a third time. I will never forget this. My daughter who is 13 wants me to take her up to it. She is very interested in paranormal activity and things like that nature. She even has captured orbs on her camera.

    5. My wife and I were in Virginia visiting family when I convinced her to come with me and check this place out.We got here around 10:30 pm and there was no one here (at least we thought there wasn’t).Anyway, we started walking around and everything was pretty quiet until we heard yelling. It sounded like it was coming from the church. We stood right in front of the church and heard a woman’s voice screaming very loud. It sounded like she was in severe pain. This went on for about 2 or 3 minutes,now it would stop for a few seconds and then continue.I don’t know if someone was in the church pulling a prank on us,but I really don’t think so.We stayed there for about 30 minutes after the screaming stopped. We decided to leave and will come back again when we return to Virginia. It really is a beautiful state.

    6. When I was about 10 years old my mom and dad had friends who lived in Maryland so one night after we visited them my dad decided that night night to check out Aquia church now note my dad and his buddy were talking about it before we left his friend Jr. Said “hey before you go home go check out Aquia church me and dawn went there the other night and we swore we saw a lady in the window!” So my dad being the big badass we decided to go my sister was 4 years younger then me and she was asleep so we pull up in the parking lot I kept telling him ” dad lets go home” my dad leaned out the window and said ” I don’t believe in no ghost come on out!!” All of a sudden the freaking street light flickered we pulled out of there I was scared to death!!’

    7. Now this church is full of pokemon go players and yoy have to walk in the graveyard tobget pokeballs done it one night didnt see anything but very creepy place this is a hotspot for pokemon go players so their may be too many people out there for the ghosts now im sure they are not happy haha

    8. We live right behind the church, it was about 11:30 pm. We kept on hearing a woman screaming like if she was in agony!. it would stop and then continue. We also have a recording

      • I live in Alexandria. I will have to come down to this church to see for myself. Do you still have the recording of the EVP? I would very much like to hear it.

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