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Embedded in a stone in the wall around a cemetery near the North Manchester Meeting House, the Devil’s Footprint is a mark of great curiosity. Stories say that when the road was being built, the construction workers came across a rock that couldn’t be moved. One worker is said to have called out in frustration “I’d give my soul to the devil to move this rock!” Next time they came to the site, the rock was gone. The worker who cried out was never seen again. Now the rock is set into the wall of a graveyard, and folks say the reddish footprint shape belongs to the devil himself. Reports say that in the graveyard one can see phantom cloaked figures, ghostly children dressed in garb from long ago, and a voice that tells visitors to get out.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Scribner Hill Road
    Manchester, Maine
    United States

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    44.35769922925843, -69.86143389344761
    Kennebec County, Maine
    Nearest Towns:
    Manchester, ME (2.3 mi.)
    Augusta, ME (5.2 mi.)
    Readfield, ME (5.6 mi.)
    Hallowell, ME (6.1 mi.)
    Belgrade, ME (6.4 mi.)
    Winthrop, ME (6.8 mi.)
    Sidney, ME (7.6 mi.)
    Farmingdale, ME (9.0 mi.)
    Fayette, ME (9.2 mi.)
    Gardiner, ME (9.8 mi.)


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    1. About 5 or 6 years ago a few friends and I checked out the location weeks before Halloween. I brought my digital camera and took tons of pictures. As we are exploring the cemetery there were red eyes in the woods so we decided to go on the other side of the church. I wanted to take a picture of the windows of the church but when I brought the camera up to take a picture the screen on my camera was burry/foggy so I Looked up to see if it was my eyes it wasn’t I moved the camera to the left and it wasn’t blurry I moved it back to the right and it was blurry again. On our way to the car I heard a brawl like a person growling right next to my right ear. I asked my friends if they heard it and they looked at me like I was crazy. There is something there for sure. I will never forget the experience and wouldn’t mind going back!!

      • Sorry I never followed-up, but I did survive, Rachel! (just ran across this website again and saw my original comment, and completely forgot I had even posted it prior to going).

        I went there and saw the footprint. Someone that works at the church came out and talked to use, about vandalism that’s happened, and invited us in and gave a us a tour and a history of the church.

        Didn’t see anything supernatural, but the footprint is cool to check out. The most dangerous presence on the property is the stairs that bring you to the upper level of the church — they are narrow and steep!

        All in all, it was a fun, worthwhile visit. And thanks for checking up on me, Rachel (if you ever happen across these comments again)! hahahaha

    2. “Next time they came to the site, the rock was gone.” “Now the rock is set into the wall of a graveyard,” There be inconsistencies in this account……….

      It kinds sorta looks like a foot print I guess… took me a bit to find the right one

    3. Visited the devils footprint with a few friends this past summer. Definitely took a while to find the rock itself. Interesting folklore, definitely worth a visit if you’re in that area.

    4. We went there last year we went the 2 times the first time we went there we just pulled up in the cement art part where u can park ur car somewhat off the road as soon as me and my friends got out we all looked instantly into the grave yard and ran back into my car due to a cloaked figure flying straight toward us and we got tf outa there as quick as possible the second night we went there we checked out the church first then looked at the wall of rocks and found the foot print and decided to take a few pictures we later on ended up looking around and saw nothing we sat down in the middle with no lights on in groups of 2 all around the place with are audio feed on are phones playing Incase we could catch anything saying something currently trying to find more people to do this with now due to the group splitting

      • Maine has a strong history of covering up its dark secrets. Though perhaps you just don’t want it to attract attention. That’s the stone bub… 😉 it ain’t moving anytime soon.. but that devils footprint story was created to cover up an ever deeper revoir!

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