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From the forest, witnesses have reported voices calling out to them, or screaming at them, and have seen orbs, flashes, and dark shadows. They have heard footsteps and felt a feeling of dread. Some say there is a spirit named Bicycle Eddie who may be trying to impart a message about a missing body that has been improperly buried in the depths of the woods.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Entrance near 268 Water Street
    Randolph, Maine
    United States

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    44.2306742984108, -69.76073294872549
    Kennebec County, Maine
    Nearest Towns:
    Randolph, ME (0.3 mi.)
    Pittston, ME (0.7 mi.)
    Gardiner, ME (0.7 mi.)
    Farmingdale, ME (1.1 mi.)
    Chelsea, ME (2.5 mi.)
    Hallowell, ME (4.1 mi.)
    Augusta, ME (5.6 mi.)
    Whitefield, ME (7.9 mi.)
    Manchester, ME (8.1 mi.)
    Richmond, ME (10.1 mi.)


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    1. I have investigated this place about 4 times I am a local in that area an I’ve asked older residents the story an I heard the same thing from every one of them. The story goes there was a man named Norris Perry who had a niece that was murdered by another man. Bicycle eddie because Norris raped this guys niece or daughter So in a act of revenge Norris killed eddies niece or daughter an buried her on the narrow gauge trail back then there was a slaughterhouse that dumped the animal blooded an left over waste down on the trail so he figured it was the perfect spot Norris was never convicted of murder as far as I know but everyone knew he dd it he never told police where on the trail he buried the body but said it was on the trail right before he died. I have recordings of a girl screaming bloody murder. a girl saying “please help me” and a girls voice saying “follow me”and a couple other recordings. Narrow gauge is definitely one of my favorite places to go. Like I said this all told by older people who lived in the area around this time but all storeys matched any questions you can email me back BrianDowning012@gmail.com

      • Jeremy McArthur  |  

        You have that story way wrong. I’ve grew up in Randolph its my hometown of 25 years. His name was bicycle Larry and he lived with Norris Parry. Bicycle larry rode his bike all over town literally everyday. Then all of a sudden nobody saw him for months. Then the story broke that Norris killed him after Norris left a voicemail on his sisters phone confessing he killed Larry and the body could be found in the Brook behind the house where they lived. It was actually a trailer…a multicolored sketchy trailer. And then he killed himself. Police looked for months with cadaver dogs and even excavators but found no trace of bycicle Larry. Get your story straight.

        • Jeremy has it right. I lived here as a boy in the 50’s and have lived here in town now for the past 31 years. I personally knew Norris Perry. Didn’t really know Bicycle Larry, but I often saw him around. I know his older brother Bill who is also referred to as Bicycle Bill. What Jeremy explained is pretty much on in my opinion, Norris was the guy you paid to buy beer if you were a teen back in the 60’s. His mother left him the trailer. She was very strange what I know of her. In any event, the last time I saw Norris was about a year before he died. It was over at the then Randolph Mobil sitting outside the door on a bench.

    2. Norris Perry is the name of the man suspected to have killed Bicycle Larry ten years ago before committing suicide at his home on Fairview St. Larry’s body has never been found. The trail is literally in my backyard. I have been taking my dogs out back to do their business for 20 years and have never seen or heard anything but drunken snowmobilers. Norris did spend some time at AMHI, but that was for going on a shooting rampage, not for rape. You can google Norris or Larry (Farrell, if I remember). The story was in the news for quite a while and the state police pretty much set up camp on Fairview St. for weeks after Norris’ death and Larry’s disappearance.

      • Larry Farrell is my cousin. It is sad that they have never found his body or bike. I want to walk that trail and see if he will answer me.
        He is not at peace and needs to be.
        I haven’t seen him or Billy since getting married which is a shame.
        As children we always had fun.
        My name is Linda (Farrell) Duguay

        • Hi Linda,
          I know I’m late but I’m sorry for your loss. I plan on writing something about Larry and hope I can give a nice tribute to him.
          You can look at the blog post at Anomalousevents.org.

    3. My “sister” and I are about to go for our first walk on the trail and see if there is nething worth look at or listenin to I truly do!!

    4. The comment from Ellen is the only correct one here regarding Norris and Larry Farrell “bicycle Larry”. I knew Norris Perry and spoke with him on almost a daily basis as I worked at the local store. Here is the story. Norris had a house trailer located on Fairview street in Randolph Maine and Larry Farrell was a sort of a transient. He was drunk most of the time and got a state check which he would collect once a month. Larry would often live with Norris when he ran out of money. Larry failed to get his check for a couple months so I believe a state case worker made it known that Larry was missing. Long story short, the police became involved and they began to question Norris about Larry. Norris didn’t like to be controlled by the “system” and knew that the police were going to do a search warrant on his trailer. He called his sister and left a phone message saying ” This is Norris. I’m going to take a walk with the creator. If they are looking for Larry, he is by the brook.” He took some drugs mixed with alcohol and killed himself. He never admitted to killing Larry Farrell, but knew where the body was so we can only speculate his involvement. The police searched for the body of Larry but never found it.
      Norris was perhaps a bit crazy but I think very intelligent. He hated to be controlled by the government or any other entity. He didn’t have running water in his place because as he told me “I refuse to pay for something that is given by god”. I said Norris, you are not paying for the water, you are paying for the delivery. No go.

    5. Emily Williams  |  

      I went there last night with my best friends so it was me and my best friend (girls,15) and our two best friends that are guys(17), we decided to stay out and explore haunted things all night (we went a bunch of other places also) Well one of my friends in the car suggested we go there, well it was about 11:30 at night and 13 degrees, we were all very skeptical and I personally did not wanna go on the trail but I went anyway, we parked down the street and we walked to the entrance, we stood there for a few minutes contemplating whether we wanted to go through with this, we started walking through the trail and made it 200 feet in and stopped to see if we could hear anything strange, I looked ahead and saw nothing but pure darkness and what looked like a dark tunnel formed by trees, we decided to not walk any further and to stop and listen for a while…DEAD SILENCE…. there was not even a single noise..just the sound of nothing was haunting. At that very moment a feeling took over my body and I felt strange, a weird kind of strange that I can’t explain, I felt like we didn’t belong there and that we needed to get out as soon as possible but all of a sudden when that feeling of dread took over my body I felt very lightheaded and dizzy (I have a history of getting dizzy and dropping and having seizures) the thought of passing out on that trail was scary, at that moment my guy friend grabbed my arm and said we need to go we were about to start walking when we all heard a high pitched womens voice yelling “HELP!” We all sprinted as fast as we could towards the road, when we made it there 2 of my friends in front screamed because they saw a shadowy figure moving near the road into the woods, we all ran to the truck as fast as we could but halfway there we all heard a whistle like someone was trying to get our attention but no one was there…we ran even faster and sped away, needless to say this was a sketchy experience for all of us, we went and did other scary things and stayed out till 4AM and went back to Augusta, but could not stop thinking about what we heard and saw back there in Randolph, who knows if we will go back sometime, we most likely will to explore some more…we have so many un answered questions…we wonder if anyone has heard the whistling…the women screaming help…or the eerie dizzy feeling of dread over coming your body

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