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Visit this inn and you may meet the ghost of Orrin Granger, the pioneer who built it in 1812. Or you may spot Major Horton Buxton, after whom the inn was named. Major Buxton operated the inn during the late 1800s. Former innkeeper Bonnie Bounell is also said to have stayed on in the afterlife, and appears in Room 9 as a lady in blue. A ghost cat is also here, some say, and on a more spooky note, witnesses have seen something shadowy in Room 7 and also in the basement. Folks have heard their names being called out and unexplained footsteps, and doors open by themselves as well.

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313 E Broadway
Granville, OH 43023
United States

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40.067287, -82.51629500000001
Licking County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Granville, OH (0.2 mi.)
Granville South, OH (1.7 mi.)
Heath, OH (4.9 mi.)
Alexandria, OH (5.3 mi.)
Newark, OH (6.1 mi.)
Hebron, OH (7.4 mi.)
Beechwood Trails, OH (7.7 mi.)
Kirkersville, OH (8.6 mi.)
Saint Louisville, OH (8.9 mi.)
Buckeye Lake, OH (9.5 mi.)

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  1. All I have to say is that this place is definitely haunted. I went there before leaving the town for good and had a door slammed on me (innkeeper said it was unusual), Very uneasy feelings from the basement and the upstairs. If you want to investigate a haunted place, this is the one.

  2. Very haunted. We stayed in one of the renovated rooms and it was clean, comfortable and suitably creepy. As I recall, it was the TY MAM house, room #4. In the past, my wife has spotted the ghost cat in the Emerald Room. When I was showering in the morning, I noticed a burning sensation going down the back of my left calf. I looked down and spotted what appeared to be a cat scratch on my calf. I had seen a blur in back of me earlier. My wife also noticed a blur go by behind her in the shower. One of the more haunted places I have encountered.

  3. I actually just graduated from Denison University, which is right down the street from the Buxton Inn. I’ve only stayed at the Buxton one time my junior year (I have to admit I was a little afraid of its haunted demeanor!). However, this just happened to be the one time that I had a spiritual experience. My friend and I were having a late dinner in the tavern when I realized I had forgotten my wallet in the room we were staying in (I believe it was #13). I usually get pretty spooked when I’m alone in the dark, but I figured since I was just running in and out of the room I would be fine. I entered the room and when I went to retrieve my wallet out of my purse, I felt someone tug my ponytail two short, abrupt times. It was so incredibly real, I honestly thought it was my friend who had followed me up and tried to spook me, but when I turned around there was no one there. Knowing me I would have freaked out upon realizing I was alone in the room, but I felt a calming, almost joyful presence around me. I left the room in pure awe and right away told the receptionist about my encounter. She laughed and told me that Bonnie Bounell – the beautiful, blonde former owner of the Buxton – sometimes liked to mess with other blonde girls by tugging their hair. What a coincidence – I’m blonde too!

  4. My ex is from Pastaskala, which is not far from Granville. She grew up about half way between Pataskala and Granville. Her dad and one uncle live on S.R. 16 (Columbus Rd) while her other uncle lives on the back side of the farm off of Wesleyan Church Road. Each year her uncle has a Halloween party on his portion of the family farm and we got the idea to stay at the Buxton Inn and on Halloween no less. So we had to wait to the next year and booked Room #9 for the following Halloween. She was 21 and I was 29. The Inn is a great little neat and cozy little old hotel to say the least..

    We checked in and got cozy in the room, which back then is decorated in I believe turn of the century decor or late 1800’s but with the modern features. She kept giving me hell for talking into the air as I was trying to get, Orrin Granger, Major Horton Buxton, or Bonnie Bounell to visit and mess with us, or at least me as I lived in a much more haunted place than staying here. We had traveled down from my hometown of Wooster (which we always cut through Granville) to stay at the Inn and then go to her dad’s and uncle’s the next day. We were young and very frisky and I will admit that I did feel like someone was watch me or us, especially in the shower.

    It wasn’t until after we had dinner in the tavern and on our way back to our room that things began to happen. Of course I was calling out comments to taunt the spirits and my ex kept telling me to stop. Back in our room, we got frisky and my ex thought I pulled her hair. She also said it felt like someone was touching her sending cold chills down her back. It creeped her out a bit and we stopped. A bit later we were at it again and same thing. Only this time at the height of our love making I was making comments aloud that oh they liked to watch us, there was some banging and the lights flickered.

    Just after mid-night we did some exploring in hopes to catch glimpse of the spirits or some paranormal. My ex and I thought we seen a figure dressed in 1800’s attire with a top hat, but some other guests have dressed in vintage attire and in celebration of Halloween and the Inn being haunted. Back in our room a couple hours later with nothing really to report, we were at it again! LOL Nothing happened and we then slept like babies!

    I don’t know, maybe I pissed them off and ruined it. We never seen anything and the guest next door were loud so the banging could have come from them. The lights flickering just at the moment, well hard to say. Other than feeling watched and my ex feeling like someone was fondling her while we made love and some one or something tugging her hair was about it. We also stayed there again a couple more times and never experienced anything. Again, maybe they had our number and wished to steer clear of us, I don’t know.

    aside from that, it is a super great hotel and we highly recommend it. Hopefully others have better luck.

  5. Several years ago I booked room # 9 1 year in advance and my wife and grandson stayed up late to see if we could witness something but nothing happened. I slept in one room and my wife and grandson slept in another room but none of us experienced anything unusual. We have stayed in different rooms and cottages there in the past with out any abnormal distractions.

  6. My wife and I went to the Buxton around Halloween, 2018, for the Ghost Tour and dinner.
    There was a big event going on that particular evening, so beside us people that were there for the tour and to eat, there were a good 80 to 100 extra people running around the place… The hotel rooms were full.

    Anyhow, at around 8:30 that evening, while we were waiting for the tour to start, my wife and I were sitting on a small leather sofa in the lobby.
    NOBODY was standing or sitting behind me, and my wife was sitting on the couch to my immediate left.

    Someone or something goosed me twice on my right cheek… NOT the one on my face.

    Have you ever had your behind GRABBED? The feeling is unmistakable…

    Needless to say, I sttod up QUICK.
    My wife asked me what I was doing… The gal at the desk even looked surprised because I stood up so quickly!

    I told them what had happened, and without missing a beat, the hotel manager walked through the lobby and said “that was just Miss Bounell, she probably likes you”…

    Anyway… That’s MY story about an experience at the Buxton Inn.

  7. I’ve had a number of experiences here. I stayed (alone) in room 9 one night, and things started happening almost immediately after getting to the room. I was in the room overlooking the street, when a small metal rack with glass shelves was being shaken. An hour or so later I set up my digital camera in the same room overlooking the street. I can be seen and heard leaving the room, go out the door and faintly enter the main part of the inn. While my camera is recording your eye is drawn towards the tv (which is off). It was as if someone was moving around the tv. Moments later I return. That night I felt the ghost cat jump onto the bed. Not once but twice. The first time it looked at me, jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. The second time that the cat was on the bed, it walk along the bed until it’s front paws were standing on the palm of my hand.

    On a different visit, I was debated at a small table in the tavern room by the stairs. While an employee (standing just close enough for me to touch) was clearing a round table next to me. I thought that a random bug was touching my hair. When I went to swat the insect away with my right hand, the employee was shoved into the table. Nobody touched him since I was the only person remotely close enough to him. But I only moved my right hand, and he was to my left. Please note that there was NO bug, must have been a spirit having some fun with the employee and I.

    On a third visit, I was again down in the tavern room eating and taking a few pictures. I snapped a picture of the exterior door. My camera appears to have captured a figure of a man with a mustache and wearing a hat.

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