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It is the 15th floor, used only for storage space, that is said to be haunted at this hotel. Witnesses say Mr. Brown himself may once have had a suite on this floor, and the elevator often stops at it, called by an unseen presence. Footprints have been seen walking in the plaster dust on the floor, and one guest staying on the 14th floor complained that someone was walking heavily and moving furniture at night in the room above.

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335 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

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38.2463247, -85.75795819999996
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Louisville, KY (0.6 mi.)
Jeffersonville, IN (2.4 mi.)
Parkway Village, KY (2.5 mi.)
Audubon Park, KY (3.4 mi.)
Clarksville, IN (3.5 mi.)
Strathmoor Manor, KY (4.5 mi.)
Mockingbird Valley, KY (4.5 mi.)
New Albany, IN (4.5 mi.)
Seneca Gardens, KY (4.5 mi.)
Strathmoor Village, KY (4.6 mi.)

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  1. I work at The Brown at night . There’s only a few staff members who work over night, all with radios so we are in constant contact. Recently another staff member and I were working at the front desk when we out of nowhere heard what sounded like carpet being ripped up or furniture being cut into. The sound was coming from right in front of us on the other side of a huge Pilar and was extremely loud. We knew mantinence was not there so my co worker shouted “hello? Who’s there?”
    The sound stopped. We waited just knowing someone was there but no one answered. After a minute I walked around from the back office to check the damage and who was responsible,but no one was there and nothing was touched. the sound never started back.

    • I stayed in a large corner room once with my daughter who was a flight attendant. Her crew was scheduled to stay there so she called me to meet her there so she wouldn’t be alone. I flew to Louisville to keep her company. I had absolutely no concern or trepidation at all. After spending the night there, I will never do that again.

      • Which corner room did you have, because I’m trying to understand something that I experienced yesterday morning in my corner room.

      • Not sure if my first message was sent. Which corner room/floor were you on. I stayed in a corner room Saturday night and yesterday morning had an experience that I’m trying to make sense of.

  2. Robert Zyreppman  |  

    Hello my name is Robert. Bob for short. I’m a paranormal guru. I watched the original ghost busters eighteen times. My sister Rifkah stayed at this very hotel. She despises the paranormal life (of any kind) she has never seen ghost busters. The only times she even had the thought of watching it, was because her son said he wanted to see the new one. She didn’t even go. She decided to stay at this hotel… Well, not really decided (it was for her job) She works in the medical field as a ponpyatoagist. She told me she heard strange whispers, and things moving on the floor above her. (She was on floor 14) So, she called me up and said, “Hey, bob, I know youre interested in this paranormal stuff, so can you tell these ghosts to shut up?!? I can’t sleep!”
    I replied with a sigh and said, “Only if you watch the original Ghost Busters.”
    She then said, “Bob, c’mon, I need some advice.”
    I hung up on her emidietly, and did some research. (On why the human species have to be so dramatic, not on the hotel.”)Three nights later, Rifkah’s son (Nathaniel not Damion) told me how Rifkah has been acting strangely, and if I knew anything about it. I explained how she wouldn’t watch the original Ghost Busters, that seemed very strange to me. They told me that I knew something about the hotel. I lied and said, “no. I hate her and we don’t talk to each other.”
    I didn’t think this threw, because they asked me
    “How did you know she hasn’t watched the original Ghost Buster then?”
    I hung up on them emidietly and did some research (on why human beings have to be so judgmental)
    Thank you for your time.
    Robert Lester Zyreppman

  3. One day I was staying on the brown hotel and I was staying on the 9th floor it was about midnight and I went to go get a brink from one of the vending machines. As I walked down the hall it felt like the hall was getting longer and longer. When I got to the vending machines I started hearing this wispering it sounded like a toddler I backed away from the machine and it stoped went back and it started again it was really weird because there are no rooms near it and no one was walking around. So I was pretty scared so I ran back to my hotel room locked the door and sat on my bed then I heard this tapping on my door so i found enough courage to go look out the peep hole and I wish I didn’t I was what looked like a toddler wearing tourn up clothes.

  4. I came here on a work trip and had no knowledge of the history of the hotel or the owner. I arrived Monday and was woken by at terrible nightmare. I woke up crying and drenched in sweat. I checked the clock to see what time it was and saw it was 3:00am
    I went back to sleep and didn’t think anything of it. Tuesday at lunch my coworker who also stayed in the same hotel on a different floor told me she also had a terrible nightmare and she woke up at 3:00 am.
    Today is the last day of the trip and I had another nightmare last night that was so real it felt like it was being bitten on my left hand. I woke up checked the time and the clock said 3:12am
    I am so glad to be leaving here and am curious if my coworker had any nightmares last night again. Needless to say I never went back to sleep and am anxiously awaiting the car to pick us up and take us out of here.

  5. I hate paranormal activity but I seem to attract it. I stayed in room 1239 and heard running in the hallways of 13th floor which I’m told no one stays there. Then one of my chairs picked up in the corner. I never smelt cigar smoke but it was musty smell and bone chilling cold. I didn’t sleep all night but had to get ready for work. I just said, Me Brown I’m very cold and need to start getting dressed for work. I haven’t slept all night and I really wish you would warm up my room. I’ve had a hard life, I miss my twin since they passed, I’m finically broken, and I’m hurting from my brain surgeries and neck surgeries so could you please make sure my room is warm before I get out of the shower?? It was as warm as it’s ever been in that room during my stay. I don’t think they mean any harm but I’m afraid of stuff like this.

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