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The William N. Grandgeorge Theatre at The Barn was originally two barns built in 1840 and 1894. They were located on the Whipple Steere Farm in Glocester, Rhode Island, and were disassembled and rebuilt in the 1980s. Now, a ghost nicknamed Banquo is said to haunt the theater, playing tricks such as turning on lights when the light board is off and tinkering with other electronics. A seat on the second floor gallery reserved for Banquo, who is believed to be the grandson of Thomas Whipple Steere, who died as an old man in that corner of the original barn, now called the “haunted corner” as many strange things have occurred there.

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Off Columban Dr
Bristol, RI
United States

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41.6917341, -71.26305400000001
Bristol County, Rhode Island
Nearest Towns:
Bristol, RI (1.0 mi.)
Warren, RI (2.9 mi.)
Ocean Grove, MA (3.8 mi.)
Barrington, RI (4.1 mi.)
Tiverton, RI (5.2 mi.)
Swansea, MA (5.4 mi.)
Fall River, MA (5.6 mi.)
Portsmouth, RI (6.2 mi.)
Melville, RI (7.3 mi.)
Warwick, RI (7.9 mi.)

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  1. About 15 years ago I was in the Barn. I saw a large cloth on the stage sort of waving around, blowing in the wind except there was no wind? lol. Yeah, it was strange. Heard of others reporting this, so I sort of didn’t believe I could just walk in there in the middle of the day and see that happen, but I did.

  2. Anonymous Please  |  

    I had a really bizarre experience there and I don’t mention this much. I’m also the biggest skeptic and need to find a rational answer before I would ever just pass anything off as a ghost. I went to RWU and knew about the stories, supposed ghost, and also started there with a major in the Historic Preservation program so I knew details and saw pictures of how the Barn was moved and the story of the guy freezing to death and so forth. I had been in and out of that building about 200+ times throughout my college years there, but NEVER encountered anything unusual until after I graduated and worked full time at the University. I had worked in I.T. and there was a call to fix something (this is going back about 20 years so I can remember what I was fixing exactly) but it was right after graduation of the seniors that year (which would have been around late May) so the building was vacant. I was up in the makeup room which was (I don’t know if it is still) upstairs on the left side of the balcony. I was leaning over the counter in there and the lights went out. I walked over to the switch and flicked it a few times and it wouldn’t come back on, but thought it was funny because they were still on down the hallway, and nothing was running that would have tripped a circuit breaker. Then I heard footsteps cross the floor upstairs in the loft which was way above the open theatre space below, up some twisty stairs that went up from the Makeup room. I looked up the stairs but couldn’t see the top because of the curve, but said “Hello” and the footsteps stopped at the top. They then began to descend down the stairs and kind of heard this weird whispering in or around me in the Makeup room, but couldn’t quite make it out. I ran out of that building so fast and I’ve NEVER returned to the Makeup room. I’ve been back in the theatre once or twice, but I will NOT go back up there. I’m very skeptical about all this stuff and I really don’t talk about this, but I swear this really did scare the hell out of me. It was about 20 years ago this happened.

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