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The Lady in White, aka Mary, is an apparition who walks along Sweet Hollow Road. Local legends abound about Mary, including a tale that a jealous boyfriend killed her by pushing her out of his moving car and into the path of another car. Other popular stories claim Mary was a witch who was hanged here in the 1600s, and still others say she was walking home along the road when she was struck by a car.

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Geographic Information

Sweet Hollow Road
Huntington, NY
United States

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40.8078699, -73.42592050000002
Suffolk County, New York
Nearest Towns:
West Hills, NY (0.7 mi.)
Melville, NY (1.1 mi.)
South Huntington, NY (1.8 mi.)
Woodbury, NY (2.5 mi.)
Plainview, NY (3.1 mi.)
Huntington Station, NY (3.2 mi.)
Old Bethpage, NY (3.4 mi.)
Laurel Hollow, NY (4.1 mi.)
Huntington, NY (4.2 mi.)
Syosset, NY (4.2 mi.)


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  1. One of the major tales about the area near the underpass of the highway involves an apparent school bus crash that happened a long time ago. The story states that the bus skidded off the bridge, killing everyone on board, including the children. It is said that at night, if you turn your car and lights off and leave your car in neutral, then soon their spirits will start pushing your car. You will be able to see some fingerprints and scratches on your car that weren’t there before. My friend and I tried it one night about a year ago and I never thought it would work. Some force absolutely pushed the car forward more than physics would take it, and there were marks and finger smudges on the back that weren’t there earlier, considering we had just gotten the car washed. The marks/smudges disappeared right after we drove away. This place is ranked as the most haunted place on Long Island and surely deserves it!

    • My two daughters and I went to drive down Sweet Hollow Rd. It was a little past midnight and at one part of the road we felt like our energy was being heavily drained from us and and the car itself had the feel of pulling down on us. We figured maybe the altitude was to blame? Then when we got under the bridge we stopped the car and put it in park, as we sat there the car wasn’t moving, but weirdly enough the road itself seemed to be moving forward giving us the feeling that we were going backwards. Now I can’t seem to come up for an excuse for that one. Our venture was a bit unnerving and exhausting.

  2. what about the crosses that were painted under the overpass….i see theyve painted over them within the last 20 years…..

  3. Driving down this road before I have seen my fuel gauge in my car go up and down even though it doesn’t do that anywhere else…

  4. Group of friends and I were gonna walk down a random dark path we spotted on the road. Took a couple of steps forward towards the path next thing u know all u hear is a scary scream sounded like a woman screaming off the top of her lungs towards that same direction. Yeah Scared all of us. We dipped never came back lol. Smh.

  5. I haven’t thought about this in years but I wanted to share since it’s recently been coming to my mind. About 15 years ago me and a few friends were trying to see what would happen if we would sit neutral under the bridge. We read all the stories of what could happen so we were prepared. We ended up getting pulled over by a sheriff that did not look like he was from this era. He said the exact words that others have reported, only giving us a warning. We were too scared to turn and look at the back of his head. But it was scary enough to feel like this is a haunted spot.

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