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This house was made famous in the 1977 book by Jay Anson and its related hit movie. The event that started it all off was Ronald DeFeo’s 1974 mass murder of the family at 108 Ocean Avenue (which was then 112 Ocean Avenue). The family who lived there next fled from the house after 28 days, citing paranormal activity. Their experiences are said to be chronicled in Anson’s book and in the movie.

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    Geographic Information

    108 Ocean Ave
    Amityville, NY
    United States

    Get Directions »
    40.6665386, -73.41475939999998
    Suffolk County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Amityville, NY (0.9 mi.)
    East Massapequa, NY (1.2 mi.)
    Copiague, NY (1.3 mi.)
    North Amityville, NY (2.2 mi.)
    Massapequa Park, NY (2.3 mi.)
    Lindenhurst, NY (2.6 mi.)
    Massapequa, NY (3.3 mi.)
    North Massapequa, NY (3.4 mi.)
    North Lindenhurst, NY (3.7 mi.)
    Seaford, NY (3.8 mi.)


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    1. Had a teacher that live somewhere in Long Island was my Hort/Landscaping at Sanborn NY about that sametime the Blizzard 77 I believe

    2. a hotly debated property, cliamed by some to be haunted, by others the biggest ghost hoax in history. The owners originally contacted a paraphsycologist named Kaplan who said he’d investigate but would be open yes/no. they then canceled on him saying they didn’t want a zoo. the next week he see’s them, not wanting a zoo, on chanel 5 news with the Warren’s people with a litterally mideval view of hauntings and ready to scream ‘ghosts’ at the drop of a hat.

      Add to that the book takes artistic licence with the story and details of the ‘true story’ change from edition to edition. supporters of the ‘real’ camp say this is the editor/writer’s doing but as the book is the main source of details, once you catch it out as wrong in 1 point, you start to question others.

    3. Back in the early to mid 60’s my parents moved from Lindenhurst to what they believed to be Melville Long Island New York, the post office box was Melville as well as the school being Half Hollow Hills(Great school district, reason why they moved there) the house was one of about 400 that was being built, we were the actual first family to move into what was called Westwood Village off Colonial Springs Road(Main Ave.) which neighbored Wyandach to its east little did they know at the time these houses where said to have been built on an Indian Burial Ground.
      The first night when we all moved in, my family brought the first load of furnishings in a U Haul from Lindenhurst a town we lived in most of my life not far away….they asked if I would stay with the furnishings while they ran back for the rest of the things, I agreed.
      About 10 or 15 minutes after they left I was sitting upstairs above the foyer to the front door and adjacent to the upstairs large fron bay window when I heard a noise at the front door….I disgarded the noise after looking outside and observing the front porch outside and the door area as the outside light was on and saw no one.
      A short time after this the front door knob started to twist and turn violently…tyhe door was locked but yet it was doing this…I was so scared I started calling out for my father and brothers to get the shotgun, of course they weren’t there,….I was yelling anything that may deter whomever was there but to no avenge, while the door was being messed with I did look aoutside and saw no one on the porch which made my hair raise….after a few minutes of this the door knob stopped twisting and things quieted down, when the family arrived with the furniture I didn’t say a word to them about this for fear they would brand me as a lunatic, years passed by and one disster after another had been occuring within the confines of this relatively new developement, first was a house down the block, a guy I knew came home to find his father passed away in the living room when he saw his father like this he ran out the back door and down Little East Neck Road a dark road that spanned the rear of the National Cemetary off Pinelawn Road, he had 3 or 4 friends chasing him on foot they all got hit by a car and killed, next a young boy hanged himself going after a ball that inadvertantly rolled into a sewer drain he tried to slide into the drain and hung by his neck, next a house down the block from me went up in flames most of the family perished in that fire I went to school with the eldest boy Richard Meola his baby brother and father died, mom and child jumped to dafety….a few weeks later the next eldest brother Bobby Meola was struck and killed on his motorcycle in the area. Just a weird event of tragedies, and after it was all over we heard it was because of an Indian Burial Ground ….never build on sacred land!!!!

      • Claims were it was a burial ground’ but the native americans didn’t bury people in a tidal swamp. once you start to tweak out the lies on their story the credibility goes way down. NO ONE had any problems there until Defoe killed his family. if the indians we po’ed they waited centuries to act and didn’t.

    4. I seen an movie there 2 peoples where they are like in fr language « medium » and in rl they are « medium » so they have done intervention at amityville and they said there were like 200 ghost in that 200 there were demons/killed peoples/dead indians (bc amityville has been built on a cemetary of dead indians.

    5. The house were haunted but the spirits are removed now guys!
      Bc there peoples who got special things (can see things and fight those things) they have removed 200 spirits from that house how did they? It was big thing but they already removed from one house guess who *drums sound* VALAK the nun demon.

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