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Dark figures with red eyes have been seen in the park. Orbs have also been seen. Some people have been scared out of there, they say that a dark figure with white glowing eyes appears in front of them and then vanishes. They also report that they have scratches all over their body. A paranormal group needs to come out here and investigate this and maybe try to get rid of the spirit that is there.

(Submitted by Ryan)

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Geographic Information

11000 W McNab Road
Tamarac, FL
United States

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26.20756692678943, -80.29526017606258
Broward County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Tamarac, FL (2.8 mi.)
Sunrise, FL (3.5 mi.)
North Lauderdale, FL (4.4 mi.)
Coral Springs, FL (4.7 mi.)
Margate, FL (6.1 mi.)
Lauderdale Lakes, FL (6.1 mi.)
Plantation, FL (6.4 mi.)
Palm Aire, FL (6.4 mi.)
Lauderhill, FL (6.9 mi.)
Coconut Creek, FL (7.8 mi.)


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  1. Michael McAlister  |  

    I could conduct some research there but I need to stay one night completely alone just to do some recordings and take pictures and see if I can call this evil entity out and see what he wants, who he is and why he is hurting people. The fallowing day ill do a complete investigation with me and my brother if we can get enough evidence to continue on the next night, call me at 727-678-6756 if your interested.

    • So I recently went there last night with a friend it was just the two of us around one or 2 o’clock and we can instantly feel that the atmosphere around the park was more dense and kind of felt like someone was watching you at the same time you can feel that there was something there that and want you to be there and my friend and I were trying to call out the evil spirit And right after that we started to hear footsteps felt cold spots and we heard groans coming from the tree lines and we saw a red eyes

  2. We (Black Star Paranormal Detectives) went to this location multiple times and have concluded that there is a dark entity in there. But, there are also a few spirits that are friendly in this park. The details that are given above match the evidence we observed. We also collected a few EVPs, a few were very dark, violent, and threatning. We also took pictures here and noticed apparitions and orbs in our photos. On our recent (and last) investigation here, we had to stop because some people with bad intentions came to this park, they had weapons, as a result, we left the park immediately and contacted law enforcemnt officials. We advise that no other paranormal groups come to this location.

  3. This place has always had an odd feel to it before a park was ever built on the site. I’ve been living down here since the mid 80’s and it always felt like something was watching me, particularly at night. I’ve seen red eyes watching and following me and a definite feeling of unrest there. I wish I knew more about the history of the area, especially since West Broward has a lot of indigenous areas with poor documentation. There’s the possibility that this could be the case, but it feels more like someone was summoning or playing with something that shouldn’t have been disturbed in the first place, almost like a portal was created that shouldn’t have been.

  4. i have been going to this park since i was a little kid i am a 11 i am going to go to it tomorrow with friends and you guys are thinking a little kid knows nothing but i have wittnesed paranormal activity before and if i see anything i will come back and call you gys

  5. I come to this park all the time, for years. Until I found this I never knew it was “haunted”. I’m a firm believer in the paranormal, and all I have to say is your all crazy. There is nothing weird or abnormal about this park, been here multiple times at night and alone, never felt cold or scared or felt like someone was watching me. Maybe you guyts are just paranoid, I’ve had plenty of experiences and never had one here at the park, not at all

  6. Not sure who owns it. Has anyone on this feed contact black star paranormal? Maybe they can give us some details. Also maybe have a group meet up, we can all share what we feel.

  7. I went out here on two separate occasions and had an experience on the first occasion only. I had no idea that this place was haunted. I was simply trying to hide a geocache. During this time I heard a distant voice yelling for help. I ignored it, and shrugged it off as just being in my head. I heard nothing else after that,

  8. I am with South Florida Paranormal. I am planning to investigate this park fully with Evp, Sls and Nightvision cameras.

    Any additional Info on the dark figures would be greatly appreciated if possible.
    Time of day or night of vision?
    Weather Conditions
    so forth.

    Anyone that would be interested in assisting can email me at

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