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It is said that an unhappy spirit resides in the chapel, and outside resides a spirit of a little girl who has been heard giggling. Most interestingly, it is said that those who use curse words near the chapel will find that they have the taste of soap in their mouth — victims of having their mouth washed out with soap by a disciplinarian spirit.

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    Geographic Information

    Chapel Dr.
    Keene, NH
    United States

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    42.943223543326695, -72.26860426693418
    Cheshire County, New Hampshire
    Nearest Towns:
    Keene, NH (0.8 mi.)
    Marlborough, NH (4.1 mi.)
    Swanzey, NH (5.1 mi.)
    Sullivan, NH (5.4 mi.)
    West Swanzey, NH (5.7 mi.)
    Surry, NH (5.8 mi.)
    Gilsum, NH (7.3 mi.)
    Nelson, NH (7.7 mi.)
    Harrisville, NH (8.7 mi.)
    Westmoreland, NH (8.9 mi.)


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    1. I was with two friends. Theyve gone ghost hunting many times. They have the stuff for it. Even the sage. Well I was very new to it. We went to summer knights chapel in keene. I had a very bad feeling as soon as we parked the car… Right infront Of the chapel. I talked to a lot of spirits. But there was one. That said it was not male or female. And it intended only harm. I asked it many times to leave. My friends sages the car and poorer salt around it we left . Be very careful if you go up by the chapel. Very bad vibes… I didn’t feel safe. I talked to a nun as well. She told us shed keep us safe if we left as soon as we could. We talked to an angry veteran.. SHe kept saying “holiday” we assumed he Ment Veterans Day. We told her we Ment no harm, only trying to help. She promised to keep us safe as well

    2. I’m 11 but I’m strong and I am a paranormal investigator at a young age but, dispite what I have for talent is a reason I can see what I have in my self to be able to do things I can and that won’t stop me for what I can do!

    3. I did not feel safe the moment I got there. And I’m a man who is always comfortable in unsafe deadly situations. And as my friend and i circled the chapel. I always felt watched. And I can’t conffirm it but I swear I saw an aspiration of a nun through the right side window. Iff you go here. Be respectful. Just ask your questions peacefully and enjjoy the very very unnatural moderate haunting

    4. Something I should NOT right here. I felt more and nauseated as I neared this place. There is an unmistakable feeling of being watched… being intensely watched. The air is thick, but bad vibes echo through. Be peaceful, be respectful, and don’t linger.

    5. I lived on Beaver St. in Keene during my teenage years and friends of mine would always say this place was haunted after hearing this many times I would say I don’t believe this. Back then the Chapel was never locked so I told my friends back then to prove it I would sleep in it, on a summer night back when I was 16 my friends walked me up to the chapel at night and in I went and off to sleep I also went one of the kids that was with us she went home and told her father and he could not believe a kid at 16 would do such a thing so when I woke up around 6:30 a.m I walked outside only to see this girls father parked a shot way down the hill in front of the chapel he offered to give me a ride home and I took it, from that day on the friends I hung out with never talked to much about the Summer Chaple being haunted.

    6. This is completely ridiculous. I take my kids for bike rides and we always stop at different graves to look and talk about them. I’ve never once felt weird or anything else. Some people just want to be freaked out.

    7. Walked through today, actually had a photoshoot at the chapel last week, never felt a single uncomfortable feeling until today. My friend and I (the photographer) were just walking through talking, circling the grounds to get some exercise as it’s a beautiful cemetery to walk though. Then as we walked back up to leave, I saw a black figure on my left side that hid behind and low to the ground. I felt VERY unwell, and said out loud to make myself feel better “I totally just saw something over there moving” and my friend said “well that statue right there is where there’s been a lot of experiences” and it was a woman draped with a cloth with a worn out face on the statue. I felt VERY bad, and like my body and mind was just full of doubt and dread. So my friend said out loud “ok you can leave us be now, we don’t have anything to say” and then a few minutes later I felt perfectly normal again. I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life, but this was the worst most angry, unhappy feeling I’ve ever experienced.

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