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Famous for its arched stone staircase in the middle of the forest, Madame Sherri’s castle is also legendary for its rumors of ghosts. Madame Antoinette Sherri was a costume designer who planned to build a castle here in the late 1920s, but she ran out of funds and the castle was left abandoned. Still remaining are the staircase, foundation, some columns and a fireplace. Some say Madame Sherri’s apparition has been seen on the staircase, called the “stairway to heaven” by some. In addition, some witnesses have described the sounds of laughter and music.

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Near Gulf Rd and Egypt Rd
Chesterfield, NH
United States

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42.86453177532212, -72.51969856006326
Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Brattleboro, VT (2.1 mi.)
Chesterfield, NH (3.0 mi.)
West Brattleboro, VT (4.3 mi.)
Hinsdale, NH (5.7 mi.)
Putney, VT (7.6 mi.)
Westmoreland, NH (7.8 mi.)
Winchester, NH (9.4 mi.)
West Swanzey, NH (10.0 mi.)
Newfane, VT (10.8 mi.)
Swanzey, NH (12.1 mi.)


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  1. There’s a new book that tells all kinds of stuff about Madame Sherri. I worked on it with author Eric Stanway, and it’s called “Madame Sherri – The Special Edition” (2014).
    Available from Amazon and other places.
    For more on Madame Sherri:

  2. The oddest thing I’ve ever seen here was a group of amateur filmmakers using the place as a location for a medieval movie.

    I can remember when the central chimney was still standing, but it’s since been toppled by kids trying to out-stupid one another.

    • I went there with a couple of friends and I climbed the staircase and i felt fire but I felt safe from it. I was at thwarm e very top and I’m scared of hights. Also when we were walking up the hill past her house I went under a tree and i felt something warm brush
      against me. I was wearing a sweatshirt and it was room temp in my body plus it was a little cold outside.

  3. I live just south of Brattleboro and have visited the castle site & surrounding forest. I’m a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and empath. As I sat at the castle site, I wasn’t alone. There was a distinct feeling of the many people who have been there, but I was not afraid. I felt the happy times, parties, and thought I heard old music. I think Madame Sherri is there as this was a happy place for her. I also think this is more a residual type of haunting, and because of the many visitors who still come, it just adds energy for the spirits. Don’t be afraid, it’s a happy, albeit creepy, environment

  4. I went to this wonderful place with my bf. Upon ariving, I found a paranormal investigation team working. They used a EMF detector and we were dragged into the investigation. We heard music, and madam Sherri singing multiple times throughout the investigation. Once we got her near us they asked her to touch me. But she did more than touch me. She walked through me but stayed “in me” I went numb and got very confused on where I was. I almost blacked out. I was very frightened by this experience but I will say I will be returning again to do my own form of investigation. She loved my singing and kept wanting to hear more! She found a liking to me for some reason and I cannot pin point why,

  5. I went there to party one time with a group of friends. I stepped away with a friend to smoke a joint and we both heard classical violins playing loud and clear. Big burst of cold air and chills…We asked if anyone was playing music and nobody was. Nobody had any means of music….it is as the days before cellphones…

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