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Rumored to be a gateway to hell, Stull Cemetery is said to be a very actively haunted place. Next to an abandoned church, the cemetery is the subject of many legends, some over 100 years old. Satan himself is rumored to hold court here twice a year. Devil worship and witchcraft are mentioned along with this cemetery’s tales, and even a rumor that the original name of the town was “Skull.” The stories spread so that in 1978, more than 150 annoyed townsfolk gathered to witness the supposed appearance of Old Scratch himself. Nothing happened, but still the stories persist. Some say there are many ghosts and spirits here, and even one tombstone that bears the name “Wittich.” Witnesses say they have been grabbed here by something invisible, or suffered memory loss and other maladies. Because of all the sightseers (and vandals) this cemetery draws, the locals frown upon curious cemetery visitors.

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Geographic Information

257 Stull Road
Stull, KS
United States

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38.97167282100509, -95.45416545850458
Douglas County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Lecompton, KS (6.0 mi.)
Perry, KS (7.9 mi.)
Grantville, KS (9.6 mi.)
Lawrence, KS (11.8 mi.)
Topeka, KS (13.1 mi.)
Wakarusa, KS (14.3 mi.)
Overbrook, KS (14.3 mi.)
Meriden, KS (16.2 mi.)
Carbondale, KS (16.5 mi.)
Ozawkie, KS (18.1 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Drove past this cemetery in the tiny Kansas town of Stull a few times. There is a chain-linked fence that runs the perimeter of the cemetery and the gates are locked – no entry. The “legendary” stone church is now a pile of rubble – has been that way for quite some time now. it sat on a small hill within the cemetery. I first heard about this site from a co-worker about 2005. Looked up the “legendary” story and, must admit, very good story, though hokey-pokey!!! Would be nice just to enter and explore the headstones some but, due to the story, entry is prohibited. Next time I’m out that way and remember, may take a photo or two and post them here.

  2. I visited this cemetery back in 2004. The church was torn down at that time and the gates were open. I went with a group of friends, a few cameras, and a tape recorder. We also had an in-car thermometer that read it was colder and colder towards the center of the cemetery. It was also about 5 degrees warmer the moment you left the gate.
    Our tape recorder didn’t catch anything, but we did get a few good pictures from it. We were past were the church rubble was, and there was a stone wall with a fir tree behind it. I was standing on the wall and my friend snapped the photo, there was a fog wrapped all around me. The photos before and after had nothing. Another photo had many orbs among the headstones, one of them had a face in it.
    We were also affected emotionally by this place, as a few people broke down into tears after we left. I don’t think I’ll go back again because I don’t want to take a chance that something is really there.

  3. i lived in stull when i was about 10 or 11, this was before they put up the gates. we explored the place top to bottom and covered every inch. we never found anything except for vandalism and drunken parties. as ive gotten older tho ive learned that the actual burnt down church is actually about a mile back and that all this by the road was put up as a front to keep people from going back there. im almost 30 now and very interested in the truth. my husband is to scared to drive out there. would be nice to see if this real or more bs. but it is true the pope wont fly over ks because of these stories

  4. My friends an I went there tonight we r all traumatized one of three got the worst of it we seen him walk across from the church to the cemetery we all seen him he was following us for a lil over an hour an we live almost an hour an a half away my buddy is so clueless an we have pictures of the sign was really scary before we got there, there was orange smoke coming from the cemetery but when we got there the orange smoke was gone this is what the sign said “Satan aways uses a lure. Don’t take the bait!”

  5. my boyfriens had a friend that went there one night and was chased by something throwing rocks at him and he had 3 scratches on the back of his leg.. also someone was said to hsve gone down the stairs to the old church and lost track of time or felt like it took along time to climb back up the stairs.. i guess there was a tree that a tombstone grew into that was a babies…peoplesay its satans child.. not sure if all true..

  6. these stories are a joke. I went out with a friend of mine and deeply investigated the property. we went through all the head stones. there are none that are labeled “witch” or any variation. There is no truth to the “pope wont fly over”. that is totally made up. we climbed in the church rubble and there is nothing. no stairs, nada. we went all the way back to the ending fence. there was some horses on the other side of the fence that were friendly. it is simply a very old, very small cemetery and in small town in a remote area. people WANT to believe in it, so the stories continue.

    • tell my friend who seen a stairway appear there and going down it started getting hot. Maybe you just stink at investigating

  7. I grew up in nearby Lawrence and had a strange experience there as a child (25+ yrs ago), BEFORE I started hearing all of the stories at Slumber parties in 7th or 8th grade. Stull was centered between Lawrence and Topeka and there was no turnpike back then, so most people commuted between the two cities via the road that the cemetery is on. The city of Stull is so tiny that you basically drive up a hill, then down to pass Stull, then up again and you’re out of Stull. I remember a day when we were driving from Lawrence to Topeka, and as soon as we reached the top of the hill before Stull, my mom’s car started slowing down spontaneously and shut off as we coasted down into Stull. My mom quickly pulled into the new church parking lot across from the cemetery in a panic, worried about being stuck in the middle of nowhere by herself with 2 small children. I remember her looking for someone to help and out of nowhere, an old man in overhauls appeared. I remember feeling a strange energy about him, calm and heavy – not ‘evill.’ I don’t remember the conversation that my mom had with the old man, but I DO remember her getting in her car and popping the hood thinking her battery was dead, but her car started immediately as if nothing was wrong. I don’t remember all of the details, but I do remember that when we drove away, an unexplainable force pulled my head to turn backwards. I looked back and felt a heavy presence, almost overwhelming. From that day on, I was always scared when we had to drive by the cemetery. A lot of friends’ parents had weird stories too, the most common one was that many people remember seeing a black dog go back and forth across the road and a few instances of the dog jumping on the hood of someone’s car – many alluded to this dog being a hell hound and a couple of people noticed scratch marks on the hood of their cars. I feel an ominous presence there to this day.

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