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The 1700s Stepney Cemetery (a.k.a. Birdsey’s Plain Cemetery or Beardsley Plain Cemetery) is haunted, according to witnesses who have seen apparitions and blobs of ectoplasm here. Some say it is the second home of the White Lady who lived in nearby Union Cemetery, or that it has its own similar ghost. Famed ghost hunter Ed Warren is buried here, near the graveyard’s southern border.

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Geographic Information

Pepper St and Green St
Monroe, CT
United States

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41.3222055, -73.26308289999997
Fairfield County, Connecticut
Nearest Towns:
Trumbull, CT (6.4 mi.)
Newtown, CT (6.7 mi.)
Bethel, CT (8.5 mi.)
Shelton, CT (8.8 mi.)
Derby, CT (9.0 mi.)
Ansonia, CT (9.7 mi.)
Georgetown, CT (10.0 mi.)
Oxford, CT (10.8 mi.)
Seymour, CT (11.0 mi.)
Danbury, CT (11.1 mi.)


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  1. I photograph graveyards for historic purposes and so far this is the only Cemetery in Connecticut I refuse to return too. I was only there for a few minutes when an overwhelming and foreboding sense of dread overtook me. Then I began to feel as if I was a million miles from my car. As if I was transported to another place. I became nauseous and dizzy. The person who has accompanied me had stayed in the car to read but she suddenly,out of nowhere felt an urgent need to go to me. She look out into the Cemetery and did not see me , even though I was several yards away and right in front of her. It was only as she began to walk into the cemetery that she saw me. She had begun calling my name and I was not answering . When she got right in front of me , I finally heard her. I should have been able to hear her all along. She told be she had an awful feeling and wanted to leave this place now, I told her I needed to get a few more pictures of grave stones that were promised. The place seemed more peaceful after that but I wanted to get out of there ASAP. When we returned to the car I told her what I had experienced. The same feeling of dread.

  2. I went here with some friends on Halloween just in search of some haunted places and fun. I know it sounds cliche but we did it in costume and all. None of us actually went in because we didn’t know there were businesses close by and fearing getting caught. We all walked around and some of the group sat on the little island area out front. I only had a digital camera. I didn’t see or notice anything until we walked from the wooded area back towards the group. I heard leaves crunch behind us like steps. I told my ex to stand still, I heard something. It stopped so we walked a few steps more. We both stopped after hearing it again. It was clearly footsteps so I quickly snapped a picture. Sure as we heard it, there was a bright white orb close to where we were standing. We took off running! Now we stopped at the Warren’s house (outside)as it is close by and snapped a few pics there as well. Orbs everywhere! Like it was mid rain. I have been a few places like union cemetery also where I have only witnessed a thick isolated fog pass and disappeared. Never anything unbearable, just small occurrences.

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