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Those who photograph the cemetery have found later that orbs, mists, light rods, and even apparitions have appeared in the photos. One ghost here is known as the White Lady, who is reported to have begun appearing in the late 1940s. Several people have videotaped and photographed her. Some passersby have witnessed her in the road nearby, and have even “hit” her in their cars.

Ed and Lorraine Warren published the book Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery in 1992 – the first third of the book is comprised entirely of stories involving just this cemetery.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Sport Hill Rd and Stepney Rd
    Easton, CT
    United States

    Get Directions »
    41.2723314, -73.2969908
    Fairfield County, Connecticut
    Nearest Towns:
    Trumbull, CT (5.4 mi.)
    Georgetown, CT (7.3 mi.)
    Cannondale, CT (7.7 mi.)
    Bridgeport, CT (8.7 mi.)
    Wilton, CT (9.0 mi.)
    Bethel, CT (9.1 mi.)
    Fairfield, CT (9.2 mi.)
    Southport, CT (9.4 mi.)
    Westport, CT (9.6 mi.)
    Newtown, CT (9.8 mi.)


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    1. made famopus by the Warrens pretty much all of the orb photo’s I’ve seen look like dust motes from people trakcing up the cemetary. I actually staked this place out in the mid 90’s. I know ghosts do not come on call but talking to locals around the place the only comments about hauntings were along thel ines of “Oh, the warrens’ place” with clear notes they had never experienced anything, ever, at the cemetary and the most mysterious thing i encountered was the mystery meat at a local deli.

    2. This place is definitely the real deal. Haven’t been years, but have gotten great photos and video. Granted allot of the photos seen are either dust particles, breath (most people go in fall or winter which effect the footage) or something of the sort, i have personally gotten video of an “unknown to most” story. There was rumor of an entity that “protects” the grounds by walking the perimeter. I have a 40 minute video which contains a cloaked dark figure walking around the outside of the fence disappearing every once in a while, this figure was not viable when we were at the site. Video was investigated by John Zappas (ed and Lorraine Warren’s nephew and protege) and was told this is one of the only videos containing this untold story.
      Just thought I’d share my opinion on the reality of union cemetery.

      • Early Oct 2013 myself, my husband and a friend of his went to this cemetery. We were walking along the perimeter going to the entrance. I was only 5 to 6 paces behind them and I heard someone scream “HEY!” right along side of me. I asked my husband and his friend who was that. They said they didn’t hear anything. It frightened the three of us, needless to say we didn’t stay all that long. But I truly believe there is an entity that protects the area!

      • I went there in 2009 and no joke the air is about 5 degrees cooler once you walk in the cemetery and I went in the summer! I was taking pictures inside the cemetery at the tombstones, etc and all of a sudden my battery died. I went back to the car and got my replacement and it was fine for a while until it died mid shutter. Also, I was walking around the church there and as soon as I turned the corner by the woods I had a feeling of dread come over me and I had to turn around because I was definitely NOT welcome! This place is definitely haunted so be cautious and say a prayer of protection prior to any investigating and after so nothing follows you home.

    3. I was 16 years old standing at the enterance of Union around midnight with my cousin. My older cousin ,who had driven us up, and her boyfriend let us out of the car and told us to see how long we could stand out there before we saw something. Before I knew it, I heard the doors lock, the window cracked and she said “meet you on the other side”, then sped off toward the church near the cemetary. Just like that we were alone in almost pitch black darkness, as the moon was quite small that night. We decided to run as fast as we could through the graveyard, and agreed not to stop no matter what we heard or saw, and just as fast as my cousin left us, we took off running. The first 10 seconds…nothing just adrenaline, then a horrible smell swept through the air..this frightened us as we’d heard stories of how it will smell bad before things manifest. 30 seconds in I started to hear odd noises, a quick moan or sharp voice. Now half way out we are terrified, my cousin who is with me stops…he needs to rest or hell collapse, I run back a few yards to him. I plead with him to push through and as j say that we hard sticks/leaves cracking. In the direction of the noise is a dark shadow, even darker than the almost pitch black of night. I took off and he followed, we reached the end and dove into the car. As we passed the edge of the cemetary I looked out the window and saw a pair of red eyes inside the gate of the graveyard. That was the second and last time I went to union. The first was uneventful as we just drove around the cemetary looking in.

    4. Went here two summers ago one night with a couple of friends. We parked in the church across the street and had a guy stop and ask us if we were going to the cemetery we said no but he said “If they find ya they’ll fine ya” and sped off. We walked around the perimeter of the place and nothing but as we were walking on the unlit road with the white church on it I got the worst feeling like we were being watched. Other than a feeling, nothing.

    5. I went here with my now husband and some college friends about 9 years ago…on the way there it was all back roads and this feeling of dread started coming over me to the point where I had to pull over and my friend had to drive the rest of the way. We got lost twice and both times ended up at 2 different churches. Finally made it to the cemetery…I felt relived for some reason and urged my friends to continue driving in after we had taken some photos. We were about to enter when we saw a car stopped at the stop sign right outside the gate. We waited for them to pass but they stayed for a good 5 minutes. We decided to leave as we backed out the car sped up and tailgated us as quick as he sped up to us he suddenly disappeared..it was a straight road. We came back to the dorms to look at the pictures we took and saw a white figure. We uploaded it and deleted off our phones. I’ve never felt such energy like that. There’s definitely some spirits there!

    6. I grew up in Easton and when I was in High School I attended a party with a friend who drove and shortly thereafter we arrived indicated that he wanted to leave to be with a young woman and I told him no big deal Ill just walk home. The party was at a classmates a little farther up the road from Union Cemetery near the top of the rise towards Redding on Sport Hill Road. Back then (1978) the drinking age was 18 and I had three beers that I sipped over about two hours mingled and left.
      I walked down the hill and at the beginning of Union Cemetery I crossed the street to take advantage of a clear path buffer of grass near a retaining wall at the western edge of the cemetery. Suddenly I became aware of the pitch black almost suffocating darkness held my hands up and noticed I could not feel or distinguish my form. It was like a ultra black void amoeba had entered my space and I remember seeing green and other colored dots swirling within the blackest void that had entered me. I thought I must be dead and even said so out loud. It was so real and not wanting to accept this as real focused on my feet my walking only to feel the black blob let me go with a faint woosh sound in the road immediately past the cemetery right before the town sand pile. This was before I heard anything about the warren’s investigating Union Cemetery. Detective Schwartz (they don’t make cops like him anymore) stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride and I got in – I knew Schwartz and he seemed to know something was up but I didn’t mention anything because what I experienced was so bizarre. Most of my friends attributed my experience to the alcohol even though I had not consumed enough to be impaired. I believe whatever is haunting Union Cemetery it is not a human spirit but much more powerful because it entered my space an I lost my sense of being in my body. I have never had this feeling since that evening in the fall of 1978.

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