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The 1891 Stanley House at Stanley Ranch Museum in Heritage Park is said to be haunted. A former live-in caretaker woke up to a frank-speaking apparition of an older man next to his bed, who advised him “Don’t take any bullsh–!” The caretaker also saw the ghost of an older man in period costume seated at the Heritage Barn Theater, watching rehearsals. Sounds of phantom baby cries and haunted artwork are also known about among Stanley House visitors and staff. One portrait is said to smile, and another bleeds from the throat.

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12174 Euclid Avenue
Garden Grove, CA
United States

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33.78521150220717, -117.94018507003784
Orange County, California
Nearest Towns:
Garden Grove, CA (0.8 mi.)
Stanton, CA (3.3 mi.)
Anaheim, CA (3.8 mi.)
Midway City, CA (4.0 mi.)
Westminster, CA (4.2 mi.)
Santa Ana, CA (5.0 mi.)
Orange, CA (5.0 mi.)
Fountain Valley, CA (5.3 mi.)
Fullerton, CA (5.9 mi.)
Cypress, CA (6.0 mi.)

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  1. Back in the early 70’s I experience several things in this house. I was with a ESP class group on our last class. We recorded a baby crying in the next room. I personally held the hand of a child in the nursery. In the downstairs livingroom a ghost was squeezing my had very tightly.

  2. I live a block away from here and I can honestly say this was the first place I have visited that something followed me back home….After visiting this place at night and doing some ghost hunting, as soon as we got home and were getting snuggled into bed and my door bell stops ringing and would not stop, we had to unplug it to get it stop. the next day around 1am we heard a loud crash in our back yard, husband went but there was nothing their, checked both our neighbors yard and nothing either and next morning we found our cords to the sound system pulled out, we had to get our house blessed and it has stopped since then. Whatever is at this location be careful, because like I said, I have never had a ghost or spirit follow me home till this location, and whatever it is, it is a mischievious one. havent been back since but plan to return.

  3. On the night before Halloween my friend, boyfriend and I decided to go around to haunted places and look at everything we got to the parking lot didn’t even get to park the car correctly and we saw a woman in white standing in the yard just looking at us, we took off quickly. Don’t know who I saw but I’m not sure I’ll go back there again.

  4. A group of friends and I all went here a few years back with a ouija board, a camera and a sound recorder. We asked questions and talked to AGNES, I don’t remember exactly who she was either the wife or the daughter ot the original owner. Google it. She spelled it out and when we asked if she said Agnes she said yes and on sound recorder she said very creepy and quiet AGNES YES! I also caught a photo of what looked like a man in a tuxedo with day of the dead make-up on standing UNDER THE ARBOR/ARCH THINGY. Also got ZOZO on the ouija board, a very bad entity to find on ouija. Google it.
    All together had a very awesome experience

  5. The Stanley House at the Stanley Ranch Museum dates back to 1891 and is rumored to be haunted. A former live-in caretaker reported waking up to a frank-speaking apparition of an older man next to his bed, who advised him “Don’t take any bullsh**!” The caretaker also spotted an older man’s ghost wearing period clothing sitting at the Heritage Barn Theater, watching the rehearsals. At the Stanley House, there have also been reported of a phantom baby crying and haunted artwork. One portrait is said to smile, while another bleeds from the throat.

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