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Walt Disney’s first park is said to be haunted by the man himself, seen in or near his old apartment near the Main Street fire station. It is also said that the park is haunted by the spirits of park guests who have died on the Anaheim theme park’s premises. Specific areas include:

The Christmas Shop – the expression on the face of an old 19th century photo of a woman appears to change from time to time. Sometimes she frowns, other times she has a straight face.

Disney Gallery – ghostly figure of a tall man seen walking. Some say this is Walt Disney.

Fire Station – footsteps and knocking are heard.

Haunted Mansion – of course its haunted!

It’s a Small World – dolls move, even when not plugged in. Lights turn on and off by themselves.

Matterhorn Mountain – ghost of a girl named Dolly haunts the place of her death.

Pirates of the Caribbean – local legend has it that a mother (illegally) spread the ashes of her dead son here, and that he now sometimes appears on the video security monitors when no one is in the park.

Space Mountain – the ride and the women’s locker rooms are haunted by a ghost named “Mr. One Way” who died there in the 70s. He is seen riding the cars, but never stays through the end of the ride.

The Star Trader – cold breezes appear inexplicably in the 4th floor stock room

Tom Sawyer’s Island – several ghosts seen here, possibly from children who drowned nearby.

Tomorrowland – vague reports of cold spots and feelings of unease.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1. There have been deaths at Disneyland however they don’t coincide with these alleged hauntings. According to wikipedia it was a 15 year old boy who died on the Matterhorn along with a 48 year old woman and both drownings around Tom Sawyer island were 18 year old boys. That’s only going on what is mentioned here there are more.

    2. never experienced anything here. no feelings of uneasiness. maybe it’s the good vibes over powering the spirits? or maybe not all spirits there are bad?
      want to experience something paranormal though.

    3. When I was about 8 years old I saw the Main Street ghost, a woman in a 1900’s style dress. At first I thought she was in character. She vanished. Years later I was there with a friend who worked there. It was a slow day. We heard a woman calling his name and followed the sound of her voice all the way to the visitors area south of city hall. It was deserted. We turned and walked back toward the emporium when we heard her again. We stopped, then someone softly spoke his name directly over his shoulder… It was such a slow day the closest other person was more than 10 feet away from us.
      I’m convinced Disneyland is haunted. I’ve been told the woman of Main Street is the spirit of someone who lived on the ranch that stood there before it became an amusement park.

    4. I have heard the footsteps in the firehouse =) my grandson and I try to always say thanks for having us..this is on the tram going back to parking structure with my husband =)

    5. I worked at the Haunted Mansion and Pirates back in 2012. In the 8 months I was there I have countless stories from all over the parks. It is fun working alone at mansion unload but I have seen some wild things. Definitely haunted!

    6. My daughter worked in the wardrobe dept. for 2 years. The building behind Toontown is haunted by a little girl. They hear giggles, items on the shelf are moved around, letters are typed on the computer screen when no one was there. She had lots of stories. None of them like being there by themselves!

    7. 8 years ago i had a ghost experience on Pirates of the Caribbean i was sitting in the 5th row nobody behind me i got poked throughout the whole ride and at first i thought it was my sister but then i asked her and she like what are you takling about i am not poking u and i was scared like hell i wanted to get off and every time i would turn around saw nothing but i asked the cast member if Pirates was haunted an he said yes and to this day i only sit in the front row of Pirates after that happened

    8. I Have seen a ghost walk in the restroom and disappeared right in front of me.. and heard a little boys voice when no one was around near the mansion.. Disneyland is for sure haunted trust me.. all cast members have stories lol

    9. Headless Unicorn Guy  |  

      Living in the OC since 1982, you hear a lot of stories about Disneyland. Here are the two ghost stories I remember:

      1) America Sings Poltergeist — A couple decades ago, a ride attendant was killed in a freak accident at the America Sings ride (formerly the Carousel of Progress), i.e. the circular building in Tomorrowland between Space Mountain and the Autopia. According to the stories, the building was subsequently haunted by a low-grade poltergeist.

      2) Monorail Spook — A ghostly figure was supposed to appear late at night on the monorail track between the park and the Disneyland Hotel (now Downtown Disney), visible in the monorail’s headlights and vanishing just before impact. Said to be the ghost of someone who got killed “taking the suicide route” into the park, i.e. gate-crashing by running down the monorail track between trains.

    10. I went on the pirates of the carribean ride and was just completely terrified it was random an id been on the ride a bunch of times before and hasnt happened again since but I was completely scared I kept thinking theres something in the water and I wasnt safe

    11. I have many stories from my aunt who has been to Disneyland a bunch of times! She has said shes seen shadows on rides, heard noises in the firehouse, and has even seen a mysterious fog in one of the rides, even though it was not cold (around 90ish degrees) and it was the middle of the day. I definitely believe Disneyland is haunted by those who tragically perished in the park.

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