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This guest house is actually a former orphanage built in the 1860s, so it is not surprising that the children who passed away from yellow fever during this time have been witnessed as playful spirits. The ghostly children run through the halls, and guests have heard them giggling within the walls. The apparition of a nun also has been noted in the top floor’s second wing.

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1507 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States

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29.934115996577887, -90.07278274744749
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Orleans, LA (1.4 mi.)
Gretna, LA (1.8 mi.)
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  1. Elizabeth Vaughn  |  

    Me and my husband stayed at this haunted place because all the other hotels were booked… The bed kept shaking and rattling all night long… children laughing knocking at our door kicking scratching the door seeing shoes little shoe running down under the door bed breaking all through the night… this is a haunted place for real no joke

    • I had no idea this place was haunted until after we left. I stayed 3 nights Memorial day weekend and every single night I had a horrendous nightmare. In one I was told I only I had a week to live. It definitely felt creepy to stay there but I did not know it was haunted!!

  2. I was here in 2013 for a little vacation. I woke up one early morning to get ready for my drive back to Atlanta around at 3:30 to 4:00 am and it definitely felt like someone was watching me having a cigarette on the balcony. Freaked me out. Other than that, will definitely come back next time Im in New Orleans!

  3. I didn’t have a full on experience there, but there was some playful stuff that seemed to happen. There is a cat figurine that everytime I came in and out of my room seemed moved with or without people being in the hallway prior. I could go in my room for 5 minutes and come out to the figurine being in a new place, and by new place I mean sitting on top of a new piece of furniture very obviously separate from where prior. If it was something supernatural and not just someone pulling a 3 day long prank on me than I am sure it was a playful spirit. Also the atmosphere here screams haunted. Whether it be the creepy devil looking statues, or the eerie pictures of orphans celebrating Halloween during the turn of the century. I hadn’t even heard the stories about it being haunted till after my stay there.Med and my friends thought it was someone pulling a prank on us to make things seem haunted. I’m not so sure now.

  4. Stayed here for three nights February 2015. They were renovating the top floor while i was here. All night on my first night I heard People upstairs working…walking back and forth, clankng tools. I was drunk so it didn’t matter much. Monday I gave my key back and said something to the front desk about the noise.. She said that no one was working up there in the past 4 days.. Definitely haunted. Definitely going to stay there again as many times as possible. -matt

  5. My husband and I stayed here because we couldn’t find a room for Jazz Festival. When we got there, I asked the lady at the front desk if the place was haunted and she said “Honey, I hope so.” The sepia toned pictures of the orphans were a little creepy, but the room was nice. A few hours after we went to bed, I felt the corner of the bed raise up. I pushed it down, thinking it was the sheet pulling it, but it raised up again. Then the bed began to shake. My husband woke up and said “Is the bed shaking?” and then went back to sleep. I then saw a shadowy arm and hand coming up from the end of the bed. I said, “we’re not here to take you room–we’re only staying for one night.” and it went away. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night!

  6. My wife and I were looking for the haunted experience, we stayed in sep 2015 we got there at night and started taking pictures. I didn’t know much about the place but we stood on the second floor of the second wing. I woke up to lots of rattling and shadows I thought I was tripping so I went back to sleep. The next day my wife and I were looking at the pictures I took and to our surprise images of spirits were flying out of the hotel. We were like wtf!

  7. We stayed here because it was a cool option in a great location. When we first arrived at the house it was beautiful and creepy at the same time. We got to our room in the second wing and were delayed by our toddler son playing with the walls (slapping and laughing at them). Didn’t think anything of it and entered our room. The place is old so we didn’t expect perfection, but little things like the cable outlet and a drawer were broken. Not a big deal, just meant we only had one channel. Shortly after getting settled on the bed we heard a group of kids run loudly down our hall. My wife and I looked at each other like “oh great, they put a loud family in our wing with us.” Even my son looked at the door when he heard the commotion. About an hour passed and we continued watching our one channel without interruption. My wife asked me when the place was built, and I turned to google. It was only then that I found out we were staying in an 1800’s orphanage, well known as being quite haunted with many guest claiming they’ve heard…you guessed it, kids running and laughing down the halls. It was at this point that I realized I never heard those kids come into or leave thought the one door to the wing, never heard them enter or exit a room, realized that it was a Tuesday night, and at no point did in this small house did I see any families or kids whatsoever, only adults. All of this gave me goosebumps when I recalled our son playing with the walls when we arrived. I told my wife non of this for her own good, we slept though the night well without incident, and I would absolutely stay there again, just with a better understanding of what to expect. I’m a very realistic person as is my wife, but something is definitely going on in this place, and our first instinct (when I finally told my wife in the morning) wasn’t actually fear, but sadness for those kids that are seemingly lost in those walls. We said a prayer they would find there way, and left with a story to tell our son when he was older.

  8. I actually lived there on 2 occasions from April 1982 thru Nov. of that year and also in 1984 August thru October. It was an unwed mother’s home during that time. It was back then grand and majestic and I was grateful for their services. No haunting activity took place there and it was a place of rest and security for the mothers.

    • I lived there in 82 til aug 13…..excuse me for asking, but are you black….I had a good friend there with your name….my best friend there at the time was Tish Fair, had a roomate named Sue

  9. I had an intense daytime sleep paralysis episode there while I took a nap. I awoke to see to small African American children at the end of my bed. I sat up and they stared at me intensly . The sound of the AC grew louder and louder until it was deafening. Then I suddenly awoke. Pretty awesome place!

  10. This hotel is haunted. I wake more early and stay at bed. From nothing he bed start shake. I start look for my boyfriend body but he isnt move. Late i fell like Someone come up to the bed. Cant say if was a hand or feet.

  11. Well, back in 2010 I think. I went there to stay a couple of nights cause I had a big fight with my dad so, I didn’t want to go back home. I didn’t have that much money so I decided to stay close to my place ( I lived in the garden district at that time). Place was cheap, must be still. The deal is that without knowing anything about the place, I just stayed there no problem. The second night I got there from work around 9 pm. I used to work in the French quarter as a day bartender and I was tired as hell. I was staying at one of those big rooms they have and well, I went straight to my bed. I was the only one there, it was a weekend, so everyone was out. I was falling asleep when I suddenly heard the main door opening kind of rough and I heard a loud playful chatting between what I thought was a bunch of young girls getting into the room coming towards me, I couldn’t understand what they were saying, didn”t sound like English, the thing is that, I got mad cause they were kind of loud and I just shout ” shut the f#$% up man!!!!” , suddenly , the voices went down in a very strange way, like when you turn down the volume on the radio or tv quick, but not that quick, you know what I mean?? It was weird, but back then I was a total non believer, I didn’t even think about it too much. The weird thing tho, is that they disappeared without me hearing anything else. No more noises, no walking, running or opening and slamming the door shut…nothing!!, weird I said to myself, I thought they were hiding in the boys bathroom since it was close to the room’s door. I walked towards the main door and it was completely shut and there was nothing there! I checked both the boy’s and girls bathrooms and nothing!!. I was like ” what the hell??”” but I was like “hell with this” and I went back to my bed, but it was too late. My sleep was gone. So I decide to go out to take some fresh air. They have some kind of old plaza in the middle of the building, I guess typical of those kind of places, there was some people there, mostly hippies and backpackers you know, and I started talking to some foreign kid. I told him the story and he was like ” hey everyone!! guess what? this guy just had an experience!!! I didn’t know what the kid was talking about, later they told me the place was famous for those kind of paranormal things happening there. I was like “get out of here!!” , but after a while they made me think about it and I went to talk to the clerk and I asked him, Hey man, how many people are supposed to sleep in my room tonite?? I gave him the number of my room ( I don’t remember it anymore) and he told me, ” just four people”, I then asked him, any girls in the room?? he was like …”nope”, then I told him my story en then he shook my hand and said …” well sir , you just had an experience!… congratulations!!”” I laugh about it when I found out that even people from that tv show ” paranormal… something” has been there looking for ghosts and that kind of stuff and there I was, a non believer experiencing that kind of stuff out the blue!!!. So, yeah, something happened to me there and it was real. Since that day, I don’t make fun of those stories anymore like I used to, I just respect the fact that this world we live in is old and mysterious. That’s it. Hugs to everyone.

  12. I went there two weeks ago. When I moved to private room in the second floor I heard knocking at the walls every night. Was that the water pipe? Besides this I slept good the three nights …

  13. I was staying here for the weekend of 4th July, it was the cheapest and only place really available to book that weekend, we had left it pretty late, therefore my partner and myself were in seperate rooms, he was in an all male outside of the main building and I was on the top floor in the right wing sharing with 5 other girls, on the first night I was sleeping and woke to creaking in the floor like someone was just walking around the beds, the creaking similar to movements of footsteps, I kind of ignored it until the girl sleeping on the opposite side of the room woke up as well, we both were looking at each other just listening to these footsteps walk around the room, I pulled the blankets over my head and tried to sleep for a little bit longer it was about 4:30-5am in the morning, next night was 4th July and my partner and I had an early flight the following morning so we went out for dinner watched the fireworks and came back to our room about 10:30pm to get a good nights sleep and out the door for the flight at 5am, my partner walked me to my room and said goodbye I went in and I was the only one in the room yet, it gave me an unsettling feeling, I tried to get rid of that buy watching some family guy and fall asleep, I had been watching for 20mins or so and decided to turn it off and try sleep sleeping on my side, shortly after I felt a hand on my right shoulder that grabbed me to turn me around and saw what I thought was a tall woman in a black dress/coat looking down at me, I jumped up and ran to the light and stood by the door shocked I was still the only one in the room, I ran back in to grab my phone and called my partner ( who is very much a sceptic ) and explained we sat on the table and chairs in the hall way for a good couple of hours I didn’t want to go back in, I was prepared to stay up all night and wait until we needed to leave for our flight, it still unsettles me thinking of it, I don’t think it was bad energy, maybe she was just checking to see if I was ok, ? Seeing as it was an old orphanage , who knows …

  14. My girlfriend and I stayed one night. She got drunk and slept through the night, but I could hear what sounded like furniture being moved around in the next room. It went on for most of the night. I could hardly sleep.

  15. Gina Samsonadzes  |  

    Went Here For Spring Break and my phone rang to a number called 666 and said he was coming and then I saw Slenderina And Sammy But I know they are fake so It was werid

  16. James willbanks  |  

    Me my wife and child stayed there on a visit to New Orleans. You could hear children laughing and running down the hallways doors slamming when you went I t he hall to check no one was there. Around 2 am I felt one thing at the foot of my bed. I woke up and there was a little boy standing there and grabbed my toe and latched on when I jerked he was gone. Freakiest thing ever. No joke at all!

  17. I went there with a group of friends for fall break in 2014, the minute we got there we were terrified by how creepy it looked. We were in eight, so we got two rooms, I stayed with 3 other girls on the second floor, left wing. When we got to our room (it was the last room, at the very end of the corridor), a friend started crying saying she didn’t want to stay there, eventually, she calmed down and we decided to stay. At our last night there, we heard someone knocking at our door and since we were getting ready to go out to Bourbon Street we thought it should be our friends who were staying on the third floor. When we opened the curtain to see who it was there was no one there, just an empty dark corridor. We were terrified and glad it was our last night there.

  18. We have stayed here 3 times. The first time and the last time we took pictures of the left wing from the parking lot and there were ghostly figures that looked like a KKK member in both pictures. The second time we went we didn’t take pictures but heard kids laughing and someone ask if we wanted to play in the hallway. There wasn’t anyone in the hallway but us!

  19. The top floor, definitely haunted. There was more activity up there than throughout the entire building the week that I stayed there, yet at that time, 2013, no one was allowed to go up there. No construction at all.

  20. My husband and I stayed there during a weekend in mid-Oct 2015.My husband had read about the place being haunted but did not say anything as he didn’t want to spoil our trip. As we were bringing our luggage into our room in the second floor, (main building ) I saw an African -American woman dressed in white holding a baby sitting on a bed through the slight opened door in the room across from us . A few minutes later when we exited our room, the door was closed and there was no one there. I told my husband immediately after seeing the woman and he said he did not noticed. That night we went out to dinner and although we were tired we couldn’t sleep. The next evening as we return , we saw a shadowy figure going down the stairs and as we follow to look there was nobody there. That night we couldn’t sleep hearing steps on the ceiling from the third floor above us. The noise became louder and louder throughout the night. My husband suggested we leave, but we had a long way back to Florida and wanted to wait until daylight. As we checked out a few hours later, we told the desk clerk of the noise above us. He said the third floor was sealed and no one was allowed there. We told him about the shadow ,and asked about the woman and child staying across from us since I did not see her after we were bringing our luggage. It was then at this point that the clerk and anothet gentleman that was behind the counter became uneasy and told us that we were the only ones on the second floor and that the permanent renter of the room across from us was in Japan. According to them there was not a chance he had let anyone else stay in there. They both turned pale-white and told us we had experience the apparitions! We will never forget this place.

  21. I didn’t know about this place being haunted but booked it because the prices were affordable and all the other hotels were fully booked. My experience was really brief, had a room on the second or third floor and as soon as I walked into the room I felt creeped out. The feeling was that the room felt very cold and the overall energy in that space felt negative. Sadly I paid for a room I didn’t stay in and didn’t get a refund but I was relieved to have gotten out of there.

  22. This place is somethin’ else! Just returned earlier than expected. Mygirlfreind and I stayed for 2 nights. We were in town for a wedding & the reception was at this hotel. As such many of yhe attendees and wedding party were staying at the hotel. The vibes from this place are off the charts, with its age i knew it must have a storied past. Knowing nothing of the history or previous experiences guests have had, I immediately felt a presence on the property. After getting settled into our room, i started to experience anxiety. It steadily grew and I thought maybe i needed a nap. My girlfriend went out for drinks with some of the other guests & I stayed in to rest up & shake off the angst I was feeling. I couldnt seem to get comx, so i figured I’d watch some TV. Thats when things got wierd, I turned the TV on & a few minutes later i went to the bathroom. When I came back the TV was off. I figured old wiring maybe glitched, no biggie. Turned it back on & the volume was way high! So obviously i turned it back down found a show to watch & tried again to fall asleep. No dice, the tv changed channels. I figured i musta layed on the remote, but ot was on the nite stand. Changed the channel back & tried to relax. A few hours later my girlfriend returned, we went to get something to eat. Thats when the trouble started for me. I felt like there was something “attached” to me. Thats the best way i can explain it. We went to a small bar & ordered some apps & beers. I was so overwhelmed by this feeling it was physically painful to eat. I could barely start my beer when a wave of anxiety slammed me. I struggled to return to the hotel, still not recognizing the spiritual activity associated with it. We got back & went to bed. I slept but not well. I kept waking up to what i assumed were other guests struggling to their rooms after a few too many drinks. That morning we went to find some breakfast, but i still was havong a hard time finding my appetite. We decided to head back to the hotel & relax by the pool. When we went to the room to change into swim suits, that was the first time i noticed the energy on the room was off. I was hit with another rush of anxiety as soon as we went in. Not thinkn too much about it we changed & headed for the pool. While we were at the pool i kept noticing a person on the 4th floor gazing out the window. But i would only see them from the corner of my eye. When i looked to see who it was they were gone. Again figured its just another guest lookin out the window, nbd. But it kept happening, at least four times. Then my girlfriend saw it. She immediately looked up the history of the hotel, thats when we found out it was a Civil War era orphanage. We attended the wedding that night without incident. That night i couldnt sleep. My girlfreind was out like a light but woke suddenly to the sound of keys jingling. I never heard it, was awake the whole time. The TV kept doin wierd stuff. Turning the volume up & down, turning off & on, changing channels. The next morning we were supposed to go do some touristy stuff, but i was overcome with a feeling of anxiety that i just couldnt shake. Im not sure if it was lack of sleep or the strange vibes, but it was bad enough that we had to cut our trip short & head home. Overall the place is beautiful & Id love to visit again. But ill be better prepared next time. Maybe get a lil local voodoo protection to keep the negative energy at bay.

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