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The St. Simons Island Lighthouse, built in 1872, is said to be haunted. In 1880, lightkeeper Frederick Osborne was shot and killed by his assistant, John Stephens. A 1908 story was told by the current lightkeeper’s wife, who was having trouble with the light mechanism while her husband was away. In exasperation, she called out to the spirit of Mr. Osborne, and soon saw his figure working on the machinery. She fainted, and when she came to, the light was working again. The ghost has been seen and his footsteps have been heard many times, inspecting his former home and workplace.

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    Geographic Information

    St. Simons Lighthouse
    St. Simons, GA
    United States

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    31.134153611147404, -81.3935798406601
    Glynn County, Georgia
    Nearest Towns:
    Saint Simons, GA (0.2 mi.)
    Saint Simon Mills, GA (2.7 mi.)
    Brunswick, GA (5.9 mi.)
    Country Club Estates, GA (6.9 mi.)
    Dock Junction, GA (8.7 mi.)
    Darien, GA (16.5 mi.)
    Woodbine, GA (22.8 mi.)
    Kings Bay Base, GA (25.2 mi.)
    Kingsland, GA (29.0 mi.)
    Saint Marys, GA (29.3 mi.)

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    1. The St. Simons Lighthouse has been witness to several deaths over the years. The most recent death at the Lighthouse occurred back in early 2000. I am not quite certain of the exact date but I remember the incident well. A teacher at a local high-school apparently was tired of living her life in this world. Ashe drove to the St. Simons Lighthouse and began the long climb up the stairs to the top. She stared out towards the ocean lost in her thoughts. Not long after, she climes atop the railing and jumps to her death, landing on top of the Lighthouse keepers roof. This was big news and was obviously very sad.

    2. Check out my EVP Session in 2013 from the St Simons Island Lighthouse where I speak with Frederick Osborne the ex keeper who was shot to death as well as Lisa Register the School Teacher who committed suicide in August of 1999. Plus a weird EVP from possible the lady in red who walks the Beach nearby..

    3. In 2002, on a jaunt down the coast of Georgia and Florida, we stopped in St Simons and went up into the lighthouse. As we reached halfway up the stairway, we heard footsteps coming up behind us. We looked back down the stairway, thinking it was somebody also coming up. There was nobody else there. My mother and I both heard the footsteps and laughed. It wasn’t until later when I was researching the lighthouse that I learned the footsteps were some of the usual occurrences.

    4. My fiancĂ© and I did the ghost your just last night. And learned a lot of history about the lighthouse. We visit every few weeks. It’s very near and dear to our hearts. We learned such interesting information about the lighthouse and the keepers. Including Fredrick!! Just today before departing we took a walk around the lighthouse grounds and the nearby park… We both stopped dead in our spots when we smelled the tobacco pipe, just like Fredrick used to smoke… There was no one else around and we were both startled when we realized we both smelled his pipe!! I definitely believe it is haunted!!!

    5. Back in 2015, I was at the gazebo a few yards from the lighthouse with a few friends. I started recording on my camera phone and I have few videos of unexplained orbs. Then before I left, I took a video while I was asking questions around the canon next to the gazebo. I witnessed with my own eyes as well as captured a mist, form next to the canon and move toward me. As soon as the mist formed and starting moving, an orb shot, from left to right, toward the canon. It has me wanting to go back and video some more and even take equipment to document evidence. It has really fired me up to investigate! -Roy L.

    6. My family and I were on the ghost tour a few years ago. We were not aware of the “no pictures” rule in the lighthouse. We were on the first floor in the back of a group while the tour guide was speaking. All of a sudden, we heard a clinking noise in the room right next to us. It happened a few times while we were standing there so my brother decided to just snap a picture in the doorway of the room. This is what he captured. we did not even see the photo until the next morning! This is what made me believe in ghosts.

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