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This is a genuinely spooky cemetery, so there should be no surprise that its considered haunted. Multiple ghosts have been seen here, some seem to be the spirits of children roaming the cemetery.

From Cheryl Holly:

bosquebelloThis photo was taken in August 2011.  We went to Bosquebello cemetery around 10:30pm.  I took several photos with my iPhone.  Most of the pics did not turn out well due to the poor lighting.  This photo was taken upon exiting the cemetery.  A friend and I were going through our photos the next morning and deleting them, until we saw this one.  Notice the image of the skull above the right tree.  This photo is untouched.  I did not enhance or alter.  We were creeped out…sent chills through us.  We yelled for our husband’s to show them the photo.  It still creeps us out to this day.  Last night we were all out at dinner together and we were reminiscing about our trips together.  We were going through old photos and this resurfaced.  I had always meant to pass it along to the Fernandina Beach historical society but never got around to it…until now.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    1234 N 14th St
    Fernandina Beach, FL
    United States

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    30.6852004, -81.45193139999998
    Nassau County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Fernandina Beach, FL (1.2 mi.)
    Saint Marys, GA (6.4 mi.)
    Yulee, FL (9.9 mi.)
    Kings Bay Base, GA (10.3 mi.)
    Kingsland, GA (16.2 mi.)
    Callahan, FL (24.1 mi.)
    Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL (24.4 mi.)
    Atlantic Beach, FL (24.4 mi.)
    Woodbine, GA (25.1 mi.)
    Neptune Beach, FL (26.0 mi.)


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    1. Went to that cemetery at 12am my ex and his friend went in there and got chased out of their by something in black it was fast and ran from headstone to headstone it was pretty scary I i did not catch it on camera.. It’s something I’ll never forget..

    2. I lived in Fernandina Beach from 2001 through 2009 and visited Bosque Bella cemetery many times because as a minister I performed funerals there. One night at dusk I went there to get dead flowers for a friends 50th birthday party. While getting some stands of roses from the trash I watched as several people raced through the grave markers. They were dressed in long black robes complete with hoods, and headed toward the very back of the cemetery, the oldest part. I told some friends at the party about what I saw and they told me about rumors of satanic worship in the old cemetery. Were they really people? I never saw faces. Who knows? I didn’t go back to Bosque Bella at night again.

    3. My sister was brutally murdered in 1982 and is buried here, we lived on 14th st when we were young when old town was still dirt roads, we used to go jump off the “old town” bridge, go swimming, run thru the woods, collect soda pop bottles and cash them in for candy! she was beautiful, loving ,and the kindest person I will ever know, her murderer was never caught! Rest in Peace my love!

    4. So glad I read this I was about to go see my grand parents late at night and I would of had to shot somebody hahaha. Guy in robe I ain’t playing with that.

    5. Hello, My name is David Layman. I write science fiction novels. Presently, I am writing about some other “hauntings” in other locations in Florida. I am glad I found out about this location. I will be traveling there in the future, and I will be spending time @ this location, both in the daytime and @ night. I will write a running account in my journal, as well as adding some good stuff for my recent novel!! I will return to this site as well, to add to this commentary. Anyone who wishes to join me, or has any pertinent information to share, please; by all means, contact me! my e mail is By the way, if I do encounter any so called satanic worshippers on site, and they think they might want to confront me, bad idea!! They may not care to find out about meeting their devil, or whatever they do, ahead of time. I will accept the confrontation with the energy I possess, as a marathoner. Maybe I will post something, “Beware, Danger! Turn Back!

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