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St. Paul’s Hospital has some ghostly nuns who walk the basement corridors, along with the sounds of voices and footsteps.

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Geographic Information

20 St W and Avenue R S
Saskatoon, SK

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52.12696099999999, -106.69613900000002
Division No. 11
Nearest Towns:
Saskatoon, SK (1.3 mi.)
North Park, SK (2.8 mi.)
Sutherland, SK (4.1 mi.)
Grandora, SK (13.0 mi.)
Warman, SK (14.2 mi.)
Dalmeny, SK (14.7 mi.)
Dunfermline, SK (15.0 mi.)
Vanscoy, SK (15.0 mi.)
Langham, SK (20.1 mi.)
Blucher, SK (21.7 mi.)


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  1. I work at Saint Pauls hospital, while I was working I witnessed two bins fall off of a shelf. I was the only one in the room and there was no window that could be open. Creepiest experience I have had there.
    Also in another room a bunch of stuff was pushed off a shelf on my evening shift, again I was the only one in the department, when I went to look at what fell off of the shelf it was about ten items all bigger.

  2. I work at St. Paul’s hospital and I’ve witnessed several lights on 2nd floor go on and off inexplicably. I always feel like someone is watching me whenever I’m alone in the physical therapy department, which is also on 2nd floor. There’s also the old abandoned OR on that floor, which is extremely creepy. The current OR is on the same floor but in the new part. I imagine there’s been lots of traumatic death on 2nd floor.

  3. In the X-ray department we have in poles that show up in weird places on night shift. Also a patient told us that while we were processing films a small child came in and laughed at them. Again on night shift when no children would be around.

  4. My mom was at the hospital and she said she had a horrible night becuase she heard children running around in the middle of the night, she looked nobody was found, the hallway was long so nobody’s gonna run that fast to the end of the hallway.

  5. I used the washroom down a side hall on the first floor inside the old building (near gift shop). I was the only occupant. When I exited the stall and went to wash my hands, there was a woman in her 70s we’ll-dressed (1930s – 1950s style wearing a small hat at the sink beside me staring dreamily at herself in the mirror touching her hair. She was solid, and seemed totally unaware of my presence. Frankly, it unnerved me a bit, and I left quickly. I had heard no one open the door to the washroom and enter while I was in the stall. I don’t know if she was a ghost, or just an elderly woman who had made a very silent entrance.

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