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At the McKim Building, there’s a spectral nurse from the 1920s era, aged in her 30s, who appears in Suite #9. Guests there may see her apparition from the corner of their eye or notice that she moves their things, leaves coins lying around, or touches their feet while they’re in bed.

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Geographic Information

23 St E
Saskatoon, SK

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52.12968790000001, -106.65824299999997
Division No. 11
Nearest Towns:
Saskatoon, SK (0.4 mi.)
North Park, SK (1.4 mi.)
Sutherland, SK (2.5 mi.)
Warman, SK (13.5 mi.)
Grandora, SK (14.6 mi.)
Dalmeny, SK (15.0 mi.)
Vanscoy, SK (16.5 mi.)
Dunfermline, SK (16.6 mi.)
Blucher, SK (20.3 mi.)
Aberdeen, SK (20.5 mi.)


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  1. Beth Lischeron  |  

    Hi! My boyfriend and I had 2 apartments in the McKim during the late 70’s => about 1983. We were in fact the caretakers for old Mrs. McKim and would have to collect up the rent cheques if I remember correctly, as well as keeping things running around the place and the boilers going and clean and so on. I had tomatoes and peppers and gorgeous hollyhocks planted in the beds all along the front…
    I am really glad to see the grand old lady looking so good – but sorry to say during our years there never heard a peep about a ghost – bats yes… creepy feelings in the basement, yes…. favourite dress went missing from the laundry room, yes… and we did find quite an amazing collection of old broken bits and bobs in the dumbwaiter… but ghost? nurse? nah… I would like to know where this story’s original source is, if anyone knows!~
    It was a really fun and fantastic place to live back then ~ those were darned good years. And whoever is lucky enough to have #4 – top on the river side – you can thank me for those gorgeous stripped floors!!

  2. I lived in that suite. I believe that my original post in the early 2000’s of my experience with her are verbatim what you wrote. I posted those exact words on a site that I can’t recall the name of anymore it’s been so long. But yes, she tucked me in every night. I saw her fully in the mirror once rummaging through a change purse. She wore a white nurse uniform with a white nurse hat. There was also a short man in the bathroom who wore a three piece tweed suit. He was an imprint, not a spirit as he just stood in the corner never moving staring blankly. Ther coin dropper was a different entity than the nurse. The coin dropper was a tall man. He had like a fun uncle feel to him. He would hide pennies behind leg chairs. Sometimes there would be like five or six pennies stacked up on each other. One time, a penny was balanced upright with another one balanced horizontally on top. I swear, I’m not making this up. I lived there in 2001 for 6 months.

  3. When staying in suite #4 I was standing in the kitchen with my roommate when a coin mysteriously fell beside me. I had no coins on me. Mr. Coin Dropper is that you?

  4. In my research this building was associated with a family member. George Reaney built the property and occasionally resided there. It was named after WW McKim, his stepson who also resided there on occasion. McKim died in 1918 due to the Spanish Flu. His adopted sister (1891 -1975) was a nurse at City Hospital before joining the army. Many nurses were associated with the family. The uniform observed may be from 1910 to 1040?

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