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There is a small, green building in the middle of this cemetery, where some feel there is an evil presence. Visitors feel it is hard to breathe in the area, and sometimes feel a weird sensation, like a tingling, in the hands. Others return home to find scratch marks and welts on their skin.

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2338 Church St
Oviedo, FL
United States

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28.640337880771018, -81.23232032261507
Seminole County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Oviedo, FL (2.5 mi.)
Goldenrod, FL (4.0 mi.)
Alafaya, FL (5.4 mi.)
Union Park, FL (6.0 mi.)
Winter Springs, FL (6.1 mi.)
Casselberry, FL (6.3 mi.)
Chuluota, FL (6.6 mi.)
Winter Park, FL (7.1 mi.)
Fern Park, FL (7.2 mi.)
Longwood, FL (7.8 mi.)


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  1. I used to play soccer in the field next to this cemetery. Towards the end of practice you would see things move around out of the corner of your eye but when you looked directly at the movement….nothing.

  2. I visited this cemetery a couple years back (Halloween night 2010). It was quite dark and we walked toward the small building and my friend took several photos of the building and the surrounding area. We did not see or hear anything while exploring the cemetery. However, I’m glad there were four of us there that night because I felt like we had company. Nothing bad or evil, but a feeling of not being alone.

  3. Continuation: I forgot to add the most important part. When my friend developed the photos from our visit to the cemetery, almost every single one had orbs that we did not see in person. We definitely were not alone!

  4. my paranormal group and i have been there several times over the past several years and almost every time we go we get evps,photos of things in the building that shouldn’t be there, orbs and more.. its for sure an interesting place.. i have enclosed some photos.. please do not save as own without contacting me first.. thank you

  5. i am posting the other 2 good ones so please be patient .. so to be clear no one of my group or anyone else was in the house whatsoever in any of the 3 pics

  6. this is final picture that i think is worthy of posting.. i have more on my page for my group on facebook if you want to check it out then email me.. thank you and please don’t be harsh.. we have had experts check these out and they cant find them to be fake

    • this is final picture that i think is worthy of posting.. i have more on my page for my group on facebook if you want to check it out then email me.. thank you and please don’t be harsh.. we have had experts check these out and they cant find them to be fake

  7. The small green building in this cemetery is the original church. The Slovak families who settled in the area in the early 20th century converted an old turpentine shack into the first St. Luke Lutheran Church. I got permission to walk in there during the day. There’s some unorganized pews and some old pictures of the early congregation. I felt no eerie feelings inside or outside the building.

  8. I have been to this cemetery multiple times over the yrs as well and it most defintetly has something lurking about, mostly the 2 story white house nest to it was the point where more than one experiences have happened. The most memorable were where me and some friends went and the back downstairs room of the house at night kept glowing with a green light that would dim and then brighten again, nothing was around just pitch black and obviously no electric in the house as it is completely abandoned and nothing at all around it to make any kind of mistake whatsoever. Another time I visited the house me and a few friends went upstairs and stopped thinking what appeared to be a white figure of a grown man, just a white figure nothing of significant definition sitting in the corner of the room. We though we had walked in on a homeless person staying the night in there but there was no one there, just the figure that was definitely not human. We decided to leave quickly as it gave a very evil vibe and proceeded to crawl across the room towards us and was gone when it got to me. It’s an unbelievable story to most who would read this as I also had no superstitious suspicions of ghosts or whatnot before this made me sure there is something that must be stuck almost between dimensions or something that our 5 senses cannot pick up, but I felt it was good to share this story. Something about that area, not all bad vibes though it feels like there is more than one thing in that area, but something there is evil lurking in that area.

  9. I have been there a couple times. Sometimes to pray over kid’s graves and leave gifts.

    However, around the founders section (the oldest), I picked up an entity that came back to my home.

    I was taking a nap afterwards and woke up to a male entity put a finger on my lips, my body couldn’t move. This has happened to me a few times in my life. This is when I can’t move my lips to yell Jesus or Archangel Michael.

    After I am able to move, or my telepathic prayers is heard…the entity gets out fast.

    • It was most likely something using your energy in order to make its presence known whenever you feel that dizzy feeling it is good yo protect yourself with white light.

  10. I went inside the green building…nothing too crazy, but there was a feeling of not being alone. On one side of building outside, my heart started racing. Walked to other side and nothing. Went back and heart started racing again. Very strange!

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