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There are stories about “ghost children” playing in the old celery fields off of Andrew and Chapman – to the casual observer they appear to be normal children, but approach and try to speak to them and they will disappear right in front of your eyes. (Not sure the exact location of these “fields” since Google Earth shows this area to be fairly well-covered in forest since at least the 1990s.)

The same sources that discuss this also say similar happenings occur “a few miles away on Anders Street”, but as far as we can tell there is no street by that name in Oviedo or anywhere closeby. Anyone who can fill us in on the details, please do!

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Andrew Lane and Chapman Road
Oviedo, FL
United States

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28.6392057, -81.22871190000001
Seminole County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Oviedo, FL (2.5 mi.)
Goldenrod, FL (4.1 mi.)
Alafaya, FL (5.3 mi.)
Union Park, FL (6.0 mi.)
Winter Springs, FL (6.3 mi.)
Chuluota, FL (6.4 mi.)
Casselberry, FL (6.6 mi.)
Winter Park, FL (7.2 mi.)
Fern Park, FL (7.5 mi.)
Longwood, FL (8.0 mi.)


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  1. I have not been here, but my husband has stories about this place from when he was in college. You just go straight back down Andrew Ln. He said what happened to him is that his car radio started scanning through the stations on its own. Then, he saw a ghostly figure of a lady. At that point he freaked out so bad that he left. But I’ve told him I want to go there. So I’ll report back here after I do!

    By the way, he said the reason people see children in this location is because back when there actually were celery fields here, they took in orphans to work the fields in lieu of slaves. The children were badly mistreated and a lot of them died there.

  2. I know when I was a teenager I lived in Oviedo and every time I drove down Chapman and right about Andrews st my car would stall, granted it was an older car but not that old and it never ever stalled anywhere else but right there almost every time. I either went down that road super early in the morning or really late at night after work, and I would drive really fast down that road around that time so when it stalled I could at least past that street because it was creepy. There is a Cemetery right there so it made it extra creepy and I hated stalling right there. Im not one to believe that there is something there when I stall but really every time in the same place, next to a cemetery and a supposedly a haunted place….Spooky!!

  3. Drove down this road tonight with my boyfriend we got as far up to the metal gate and turned around. The first thing my boyfriend experienced when I was driving was the sudden cold air and feeling like the wind was knocked out of him. As I drove further down I experienced the something a little bit after him. I also noticed my headlights were flickering, heater went from being warm to turned down all the way to cold. I felt the presence of somebody or something trying to get into the car. Didn’t see any shadows or figures around us. As I turned around and headed back out the same mist appeared and got thicker than before. As we headed back home I still had the lingering effects as if we were still driving down Andrew Lane this time though the back of my neck was cold as if someone was breathing on me, and had goosebumps again. My boyfriend ended up feeling pressure against his head as if someone was squeezing it. I wouldn’t ever go back down that road again, but my boyfriend wants to go again and go down even further than I did just to see if he sees anything.

  4. What does that mean when you see them all
    the time a nd you hear them to they like hollow ghost in horror face ghost who invited them in what companies work with them in real life.

  5. Everyone drives back there well back k in the day my friends and I would Walk the road and roam the woods. In small clearings there were always eyes from the trees around you, there were Native American reservations there in the past, as well as the slavery.

    There are people who live back there, who are not too happy if they see you, do you’ll get police called on you or shot at at times. Just a warning, that’s why we would park across the street in the community and walk over to Andrews.

    However, my first time, Steve and I were walking down the path and it seemed illuminated even though it was a full new moon. We rounded a corner and saw a full and very Detailed apparition of a Native American who had the long headdress of white feathers down yo his ankles. He was wearing moccasins and i could see he was peaking from behind a tall palmetto. We slowly backed away as it stood there curiously peaking at us but visible, and then turn and ran to the car. This was in the back.

    The most curious and terrifying happened to 4 of us. We all sat in the bed of my truck in the back. You can see one yard with a shed which had a white light shining down onto the persons yard. We were eating snacks and listening before we walked around.
    I noticed stephanie looking hard at something in the yard behind us. I asked what she was seeing. She pointed and I saw it form, this shadow, complete void of a figure. The 2 boys with us then looked over and saw it leaning against the shed.
    It started a slow walk toward us, we all sat up strait but still continued to watch in shock. It passed under the white light and that’s when I could really see it was a complete void, not someone dressed in black. Then, it started to RUN towards us. We all jumped out and got in and left. No desire to see what happened. Terrified we all said we would never go back ….. even though some of us did get curious again…..

    Drum circles were definitely heard by myself and many of the other friends that I convinced to investigate with me. For the most part no one went back after 2003, but we still talked about that figure….and the what if’s.

  6. The celery fields were nowhere near Andrew Lane, the ground is all sand and not suitable for growing any crops. The fields crossed Chapman near the east end connecting Alafaya about 4/10 of a mile along. Today the fields are grown over and a holding pond is at the edge of where it used to be on the south side. The road used to be two lanes, and is now 4 lanes with medians. It is badly overrun with traffic for the college. Subtle things like hauntings wouldn’t even be noticed since the apartments and neighborhoods were built there. There is noise 24/7 here now.

    There were no screams or screaming dead children here. There were semi wild peacocks brought in by some rich people on Lake Hayes, and they often went the through the woods towards the field area. Not to mention the local kids who ran round the woods playing for fun at the end of Beasley Road that was the southern border of the fields.

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