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These apartments date back to the 1930s, when they served as military housing. For a long period they were run down, until in 1997 they were purchased and renovated. A small cemetery is on site, which may be partially to blame for the numerous ghosts and shadows seen by residents. Voices are heard, doors open and close on their own, and footsteps are heard throughout.

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Geographic Information

St. John's Landing Apartments
Green Cove Springs, FL
United States

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30.00911719408018, -81.69589018823899
Clay County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Green Cove Springs, FL (1.6 mi.)
Penney Farms, FL (7.1 mi.)
Fruit Cove, FL (7.8 mi.)
Asbury Lake, FL (8.0 mi.)
Lakeside, FL (9.4 mi.)
Middleburg, FL (10.7 mi.)
Orange Park, FL (10.9 mi.)
Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL (12.1 mi.)
Palm Valley, FL (21.8 mi.)
Jacksonville, FL (22.4 mi.)


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  1. We have lived here for 4 years & have seen shadows, heard footsteps, heard voices, & our animals see things & freak out that no one else sees. I hear doors open & close & someone walking around downstairs when there is no one there. It is creepy & the dark, moldy, lack of lighting does not help the situation.

  2. My husband and I lived in apt 303 C.. If im not mistaken it was off Haven Ave. It was a 2 story apt and our bedroom was on the right side of the stairs. One night laying in bed, I was watching tv while my husband was sleep. No one else was in the apt. The bathroom light suddenly turned on.. then i heard footsteps and grunting and saw a black figure crawl into the bathroom and the light shut off! My husbnad thought i was joking when i told him but not even a week later he saw the same thing! The bathroom light would turn off and on by its self most nights. And there was always a black figure crawling up the stairs!! Extremely scary but never did no harm but scare the heck out of us!!!

  3. Ebonie Houston  |  

    I grew up out there and the was a baby that died in one of the apt and a couple of bodys found died shadows roaming in the streets …and they cant remove graves becaues the cant find relatives,

  4. I’m wondering how many of these noises that animals can hear are rat noises. I was out there today, and the buildings I saw had an infestation.

  5. I grew up in GCS and even spent the night in tents, right next to the cemetary. Never once experienced anything “supernatural”.

  6. I’ve lived here for about 6 months now in the 237 building with my husband and 2 kids. I’ve heard chairs and other furniture move downstairs many nights especially the first few weeks living here. I’ve heard different male and female voices talk and even screamed in my ear while I’m in bed upstairs. My husband has witnessed for himself our bedroom door open and close all by itself. My 5 year old son used to cry a lot at night because he said he saw a dark figure of a man in his bedroom. I called and asked members of my church to come and dedicate and bless my home. I try to pray every night and read my scriptures (or else the spooky feeling and activity comes back). Since I’ve been doing that, my home feels more peaceful now. I’ve also seen a shadowy figure in the parking lot late at night too. There’s no doubt in my mind that this place is definitely haunted and freaky. As long as you pray everyday, its tolerable. I would have never moved here if I noticed our apartment unit is only yards away from the old Civil War veteran cemetery in the first place.

  7. I have been living here for 6 years now and yes these apts are haunted …..I have felt someone get on my bed and no one was there I have felt something touch my leg when I’m lying in bed again nothing there …but it has not harmed us so I’m not afraid ….

  8. I’ve been there a year. I thought the building I’m in was haunted. Doors, drawers, and cabinets open. My medicine cabinet mirror was open and broken last month. I thought I heard someone down stairs and started coming up the stairs to my loft. I was curious so I set up a hidden camera… A week went by and finally I woke up to footsteps running down the stairs. I checked the footage and it was two black teens inside of my house. They helped themselves to my kitchen and food… They came upstairs and watched me sleeping. Luckily my wife was working at the hospital. They took some of her jewelry, all of the cash out of my wallet, a pair of Adidas shoes, 5 DVDs, the batteries from my remote, and phone charger.

    It’s not ghosts. It’s poor children raised wrong. Lord knows reporting this won’t help members of the crime life. There’s been a wave of break-ins. My lease is up and I moved out. The thought of you people assuming it’s ghosts and not criminals burglarizing your homes…

  9. I lived there in the early 80’s and there is definitely activity. I was never afraid we named our spirit Julius. Hair was pulled ,strange whistling. My neighbor would ask my mom if me and my brother were fighting.She said that about 11:30 every night she would here voices and the sound of fighting.Her young daughter would also walk around her room with her hands on the wall saying she needed to help them “They” were stuck in the walls and she had to help them get out.

    • I was 10 when this happened, I lived in 308 C off Haven Ave as well. We were in a 2 story unit and I was sleeping looking to the wall, I felt like I was being watched and turned around and saw a 6 foot black shadow looking at me. Didnt freak me out until my Mom called me by my name thinking it was me. I knocked on the wall to show I was laying in my bed and she was horrified. My grandmother saw it too

  10. Been there 2 months and the cemetary is behind our building. Definitely an eerie vibe but haven’t seen anything supernatural yet thankfully. More worried about the random gunshots in the middle of the night one night recently.

  11. Melissa j Hensley  |  

    I lived at 113 apartment f on enterprise back in the 90’s. We would hear what sounded like someone falling and I would run to neighbors apartment to see if they were ok the person wasnt home. My tv would turn on in the middle of the night. My closet would open also and I had a dream about a man named herbert. He would tickle my feet as I slept or pull my blankets off the bed. My whole family would hear talking.. or things fall off the wall. At the time they didnt allow pets.. we had no animals to knock stuff down..

    • Hi! I am attempting to gather haunted stories of Clay County. I would love to share your story. Would you be willing to speak to me in person or over the phone to share your experiences? Thank you! Emily

      • Angela Hyskell  |  

        Hi Emily, I saw your post. My mother and I are pretty private people however with that said.. We,. She and I have experienced many hauntings and had different entities visit us throughout my lifetime since I was about 7 years old . I’m 56 now . My mother has lived with me for most of my life. We Iive in Green Cove Springs now and are experiencing voices in the was and something tried pulling my mother off her bed about a month ago. We have more stories than you can imagine. I can tell you, My mother is definitely a chosen person because ever since I was 8 when my sister was still born my mother died on my sisters grave which there Is a lot more to the story but she has been speeding an unknown language when praying and my mother is the most honest genuine woman you will ever meet. Only a few people including our family know about this.

  12. I was 10 when this happened, I lived in 308 C off Haven Ave as well. We were in a 2 story unit and I was sleeping looking to the wall, I felt like I was being watched and turned around and saw a 6 foot black shadow looking at me. Didnt freak me out until my Mom called me by my name thinking it was me. I knocked on the wall to show I was laying in my bed and she was horrified. My grandmother saw it too

  13. So. I am not one to believe in hauntings and hocus pocus.. However! I, my husband, and out 2 kids lived here for year to save aome money for a house.. We both on more than one occasion felt something get into bed with us when we were in bed alone with out the other.. it was an overwhelming feeling that another person was there that was not.. other than that.. I never felt or unsafe or haunted.. It was a very strange thing.. If the apartment was haunted I don’t think it was anything that wants to hurt you.

  14. I have moved in live there for the past two months I go outside on the back porch to smoke cigarettes because I choose not to smoke inside I hear noises and voices through and the trees behind my apartment I have looked and there’s trails back there and I’ve heard people so I am a little scared well the other night I have looked up in the tree there was something white moving around as I would go upstairs and grab my camera and I decide to take a picture of what this was maybe an animal that’s what I was thinking but no there are probably about five white ghost faces and hundreds of other creepy faces in the trees like skulls

  15. Hearing somebody in the kitchen and nobody there. Kids fast asleep.,TV turns off sometimes also but nothing to be afraid of.

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