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Drive slowly down this road late at night and you might run across the “Greenbriar Lights” – balls of light that come out of nowhere and follow motorists around. Supposedly the local police received so many calls about these strange lights that they hired a scientist to investigate the cause, but to no avail. Local legend says its the ghost of a motorcyclist who died in the area.

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Geographic Information

Greenbriar Road
Jacksonville, FL
United States

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30.0630007211096, -81.65340059259034
St. Johns County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Fruit Cove, FL (3.4 mi.)
Green Cove Springs, FL (5.1 mi.)
Orange Park, FL (7.8 mi.)
Lakeside, FL (8.3 mi.)
Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL (9.6 mi.)
Asbury Lake, FL (10.1 mi.)
Penney Farms, FL (11.0 mi.)
Middleburg, FL (12.4 mi.)
Palm Valley, FL (17.7 mi.)
Jacksonville, FL (18.6 mi.)


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  1. Some years ago when I was single a female friend wanted me to check this legend out with her. – I agreed, thinking she wanted a dark place to make-out, but after spending some quality time there we actually saw the light-balls above and around us. – Had to spend a long time there but I couldn’t explain what we saw.

  2. Casey Bennett  |  

    This area is completely urbanized now; extremely busy and packed with homes and a school. Many, many years ago it was partially paved and then turned into a dirt road. The scare factor came from three things: zero street lights in a rural area; an old, long abandoned asylum; and a cross road with a curve on it way in the distance which is what caused the lights to appear and then suddenly disappear. It was a good place for hanging out but not so scary once you found out the reason behind the lights.

    • Yes. I moved to the area a year before the lime rock coated trees and weeds became lost to St. johns co.uncontrolled so called improvements.came. Very intimidating streach of lime rock wash board road. And the cause of the lights were as stated in the above remarks. The only green lights left are the random wildlife trying to survive the onslot of poor
      Infrastructure created by Cindy S. and her followers. Really miss the canopied Race Track Rd all the way to Phillips Highway also.

      • Casey .. Sorry but you are very wrong.. Everyone tries to use the road that curved as the excuse or the answer for the lights.. I went several times. Daytime visits as well as night. That road was soo away that you could barely see the cars lights as they went around AND if it was just car lights . they would fade cue to the fact that they would have to clear the area and continue on their way.. This light never did that.. This light bounced gently up and down in small movements just as if it were a motorcycle light.. It was always a clear quiet night.. and not once did we hear the sound of an engine.. and the light gained on us very fast. Once we hit the pavement right before San Jose the white light would do what appeared to me a turn around where we then could see a small red tail light.. Coolest freakiest thing I have ever experience.. I wish they hadn’t built up the area.. I would love to take my kids,.We did go back though and to our dismay they entire road was completely paved .. it wasn’t heavily traveled.,, But w/e it was I do not believe is there any longer

  3. I went here years ago with my mother and a couple friends. Driving down the road with the cruise control set at 45, for some reason we saw a single light behind us getting closer and closer the car then stopped the cruise control and the light came over the back of the car and over the top and disappeared. The car came to a dead stop without me ever pressing on the break. It was down by the railroad tracks at the far end of the road where we figured all the hype actually came from. This was driving away from the tracks back towards the fields and the road we turned from to get there. No clue what the place looks like now as its been more than 15 years since we were there. I have never experienced the cruise control turning off before or after and never had any vehicle come to a stop without pressing the break other than this experience. If i wasn’t the driver i would have sworn they pressed the break but the light was unexplainable.

  4. I have been there several times, the road is actually called Greenbrier road and it’s bit long but it sure doesn’t take 15 min to go down, and it especially wouldn’t take even 5 at 80 miles per hour. I have been there during the day too, to see exactly what is around in the way of people, houses and so forth,,,,at the time I went, it was still a dirt road, BUT right when you turn off of San Jose onto Greenbrier it’s paved for a few feet, THEN it turns into a dirt road. I have gone at all times of the night from first dusk to 4am,to 12 midnight, and I saw the light every single time, but I NEVER felt an evil aura, I believe that is just your fear and nerves getting the best of you…however when U go if U sit and wait a few minutes U will see a single white light, and the very last time I went we saw it head on, but then turned around because it did appear that it was going very fast, we did about 50mph leaving and the light was gaining on us..BUT once we hit the paved road it was like it couldn’t follow, U could clearly see the white light disappear and then there it was a single red light going back the other way..ALSO I had my window down and u know at night sound travels and if it was some one playing a trick we would have heard the motor, there was no noise, just us..also now this was 10 years ago, the only thing on the road was a rodeo/stable place, and I never saw a lake..I have looked it up on Google Earth and it appears that the road has been paved and widened,and a housing complex has been built. I hope not. Yes i drove out there again to see if the road is still there.. the road is there.. but it is completely paved. I have heard of stories of ghosts haunting their former homes but not being able to go into any parts that were nearly built..

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