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St. Ignatius was the first hospital in Whitman County built in 1983. The building was sold in 1968 when a new hospital was built. The building then became St. Ignatius Manor and housed developmentally disabled adults until 2003. It was sold and was in disrepair, a week after the new owner bought it, pipes broke due to the cold weather and it was flooded. After some repairs the building then transferred to another owner and it has been sitting empty for over 10 years. There are many stories about the hauntings that go on in the old hospital. Doors open, you hear foot steps upstairs, you hear whispers, you hear brooms hit the floor. There are two rooms that people can not go into because of the feeling they get. Not sure what those rooms were, but it is consistently the same two rooms. People have felt like they have been touched or pushed. A number of people have heard someone say, “boo” and nobody is there. The old hospital has seen lots of births and deaths over the years. In the beginning there was no mortuary in the county. So the morgue is under the hospital. The hospital is in a residential area and people call the police if you try and get in. It is boarded up now and has locks on the doors. The owner is getting ready to turn it into high end apartments this year.

(Submitted by Valoree Gregory)

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1009 S Mill street
Colfax, WA
United States

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46.87102667295552, -117.36360615488593
Whitman County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Colfax, WA (0.6 mi.)
Albion, WA (7.7 mi.)
Steptoe, WA (9.3 mi.)
Pullman, WA (13.0 mi.)
Palouse, WA (13.9 mi.)
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Oakesdale, WA (18.7 mi.)
Moscow, ID (19.7 mi.)


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  1. This place won’t disappoint. I have done 2 tours and 1 ghost hunt of this place. The first time I went I took some interesting pictures. The second time I went I heard some unexplainable noises and I got physically I’ll on one of the floors. On the Ghost Hunt, we heard foot steps, what sounded like someone opening wooden drawers in a room that was empty and I felt like someone was touching my hair and tucking it behind my ear.

    This place is the real deal.

  2. Explored this building a few times. Definitely worth a visit! If you’re interested there’s more photos, accurate information, and other haunted locations that I’ve explored on my website.

  3. Rhonda Anderson  |  

    Visited recently and my husband took a picture of me out in front of the building . Notice a face maybe 2 in the window on the left side second window up

  4. Earlier this year, a couple purchased the hospital and they are keeping it the way it is and offering tours and overnight investigations! The building is no longer becoming high rise apartments.

  5. It’s now owned by a couple of gentrifying asshole hipsters who want to turn it into a bed and breakfast. I hope the ghosts within burn it to the ground with them in it.

    • what the hell is wrong with you?! Its their property, they can do whatever they want with it! And they are not turning it into anything, they are keeping it a tourist attraction and holding tours and overnights there! god, be more caring to people who buy a place and save it. Jesus Christ

  6. Had a great experience touring the facliity. Energy galore – hiigh emf readings and words. I enjoyed walking with Gwen, one of the tour guides – we explored the “trauma” room and it had crazy energy. We both experienced the feeling of our chest’s compressing and then it would calm. She shared the story of a 4 year old girl who died there and one could just feel that energy. We went to another room, the “play” room and we had the flashlight on the counter and Gwen asked her to turn it on -it did. Very interesting, beautiful building and architecture – what a great experience!

  7. We were in the video monitor room with the guildes and heard jingle bells. The bells were down the hall from us hanging from the ceiling. We could see on the video monitors that the other investigators were on other floors. Also, the attic where the nuns had stayed felt very off and unsettling. It felt like someone who was mentally disturbed had lived there and you could still feel it.

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