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If you research this on most internet sites you will find a story something along the lines of “two young girls were murdered here and the younger one’s ghost is often seen around the premises”. This is not accurate. In the 80’s, two young women who would have been visiting or passing the theatre and one man who worked at the Theatre all disappeared on the same night. It is believed that whatever happened to them did in fact happen in or near the theater although the bodies of the two young women were found some distance away and the body of the man has never been found. Police believe a second man, who was also working at the theater at that time, was responsible for their disappearances but were never able to prove anything. The family of the missing man believes his body is in fact buried on the premises but the Theatre will not give them permission to search. In any event, this event has led to reports of the building being haunted, with the accounts growing from one young girl to dozens of roaming spirits. In all likelihood, this is most likely purely urban legend.

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Geographic Information

805 6th Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
United States

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46.414705, -117.02143360000002
Nez Perce County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Lewiston, ID (0.2 mi.)
Clarkston, WA (1.1 mi.)
West Clarkston-Highland, WA (2.2 mi.)
Lewiston Orchards, ID (3.2 mi.)
Clarkston Heights-Vineland, WA (3.5 mi.)
Asotin, WA (5.4 mi.)
Uniontown, WA (9.2 mi.)
Lapwai, ID (10.3 mi.)
Genesee, ID (10.4 mi.)
Sweetwater, ID (11.3 mi.)


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  1. I lived in Lewiston for 30+ years. When I was 18 i used to love walking around town late at night. My walk always took me by this building. I knew many people who worked there. One night on my walk around 11pm i saw that the basement lights were on. Not strange but not normal. I called a friend who was a lead actor there asked if he was there he replied no. In fact there should be no one there. As he said that the lights went out. I waited to see who came out, just to let you all know there are only two ways out of there and i could see both. No one ever did come out. It was freaky. After that i always felt weird walking by.

  2. I was part of the cast crew for a play at that building I think it about 88 or 89 we were doing a light check when on the left side of the stage there was a a figure of a woman in early 1900s clothing she stood there for a minute turned and vanished and at that same time a prop for for play fell over from the research we have done the person we say the ghost of the original founder of the civic theater Ann Bollinger there has been many siting of her in the building by numerous people the sitings were so frequent during my years there that she became part of the cast

  3. We had just finished the last set of a play called east Lyne I was setting just outside the light booth looking at the stage at one end I noticed a figure of a woman she seemed to be dancing she slowly made her way to center stage and then disappeared that wasn’t the first time I or other people had seen her she had been seen in the back of the auditorium down in the cast room and a bunch of times in the greeting room from what we had researched it could have been the ghost of Anne Bollinger the founder of the Lewiston civic theater I guess no one will know

  4. Kaylynn Rose Palmer  |  

    Apparently the cops have a suspect on their list of who killed people in lewiston they are still investigating.

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