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Four spots at St. Cloud State University are said to be haunted. One is Shoemaker Hall, where a pregnant student hanged herself in a basement meat locker after having an affair with a janitor. The ghost moves objects, makes clocks flash the wrong numbers, and floats over students’ beds. At the 1911 Riverview Hall, a woman’s apparition has been seen and heard walking in the hallways with high heels clicking. She also moves furniture and causes the lights to flicker. A child’s ghost is said to roam Riverside Hall as well. The James W. Miller Learning Resources Center is said to have been built over a graveyard, and has been the setting of many apparition sightings. One of the ghosts is a pacing 19th-century soldier. And the 1904 Lawrence Hall, the oldest on campus, there may be spirits lingering from a 1950 case in which a janitor killed two instructors there. An apparition of a bald man has been seen along with flashing lights.

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720 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN
United States

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45.5525652, -94.1519346
Stearns County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Saint Cloud, MN (0.8 mi.)
Sauk Rapids, MN (2.8 mi.)
Waite Park, MN (3.5 mi.)
Saint Augusta, MN (5.1 mi.)
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  1. One of my friends found dirty footprints on her ceiling while living in Riverview Hall freshman year. It’s pretty widely recognized by everyone on campus that it’s very haunted.

  2. I live in sherburne hall at SCSU and the other day my roommate and I were heading to the elevator (since we live on the 7th floor) and saw someone go in the left elevator and the door shut like two seconds before I hit the button to get another elevator. After I hit the button, the elevator on the left opened, we walked in a little confused, and no one was in there. Both me and my roommate saw it, and we couldn’t believe it. Now almost every time we take the elevator, we end up in the same elevator. My roommate heard someone died in the same elevator, I tried looking it up, and i couldn’t find anything on it.

  3. I used to live in Shoemaker hall in 2012. The door to my dorm room would open from time to time, even though it was locked. Lights would turn on and off by themselves. CDs would go missing for weeks at a time and show up on my bed. Very strange stuff. Never felt threatened or uncomfortable by any of it, perhaps just a bored, curious ghost.

  4. I worked for Public Safety for years (cue the jokes) and was in Riverview at around 3am. I heard clicking from the basement and what sounded like a bouncing ball and kids laughing. Also, when Shoemaker was being renovated I walked through the doorway to what used to be the meatlocker and a chill shot right down my back.

  5. I had an experience (back in 2000–long time ago!) in Riverview. I was unaware of the haunted history at the time. I worked as an assistant for foreign exhange students. I did simple stuff as cateloging books, updating inventory, and other menial tasks. Over spring break I opted to stay instead of go home. I figured some extra income would help. I was given access to the building and a lounge that was in the basement. (I’m unsure if that room is still there.) I was in the back working on the computer and enjoying the alone time. I got a lot done. After about an hour is when I heard a noise in the room. Because of where I was, which was in a cubicle in the back, I was unsure if someone had come in and sat down at the table that was the “lounge” area, so I got up and checked. I saw nothing and was confused because the noise sounded like someone had dropped a book or some item of that weight. I didn’t anything or anyone and I noted the door was just as I left it. I went back to what I was doing and minutes later the AC window unit turned on. I got up and turned it off and was surprised at how cold it was. It hadn’t been on longer than 30 seconds yet the room was incredibly cold. I was frightened at this point because there was no explanation for the AC. I went back to computer and prepared to leave. I got my stuff rounded up and then heard the AC turn on again and some thumping noise from the other side of the cubicle. It was loud. I grabbed my stuff and ran out. I never bothered to shut off the lights nor did I stop to investigate the AC, it was still running as I left. I could hear some rustling behind the door when I shut it to leave. I hurried up my pace and left the building and walked out the back door and walked around the windows to peak in and saw no one. The AC didnt seem to be running. Weeks later I was asked to go and do some stuff on the computer in that room. I asked my supervisor if I could work in her office instead. She asked why and I told her of the experience. She filled me in on the building , telling me about the woman people had seen including others in the office and assured me that “the woman” was probably just playing around. Its been 18 years and I still recall that fear of not knowing why I couldnt explain what happened.

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