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Skatin’ Place, according to local legend, is home to a ghost named Gilbert who used to live in a farmhouse on this property. Poor Gilbert became trapped and met his demise in the swampy land, but his spirit lingers in the Skatin’ Place, turning on and off arcade games and lights and walking on the roof. Once report said the song Ghostbusters came on over the CD player one night after hours, although the system was off and no CD was in the slot. Another report from a customer said she saw a face appear in an air vent while she was skating.

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3302 Southway Dr
St Cloud, MN 56301
United States

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45.5147132, -94.16412550000001
Stearns County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Saint Augusta, MN (2.5 mi.)
Saint Cloud, MN (3.2 mi.)
Waite Park, MN (4.1 mi.)
Saint Augusta, MN (4.2 mi.)
Sauk Rapids, MN (5.3 mi.)
Pleasant Lake, MN (6.0 mi.)
Sartell, MN (7.7 mi.)
Saint Joseph, MN (8.2 mi.)
Clearwater, MN (8.6 mi.)
Rockville, MN (9.1 mi.)

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  1. I was one of the original employees at Skatin Place when it first opened, I also experienced unexplained things over the years but it was a different story, the spirit was a skater who died at Skateland in Brooklyn Park where the original owners of Skatin Place worked and the story goes that this man died on the skatei floor while Terry was working , Terry tried to save the mans life unsuccessfully, Terry moved to St. Cloud and the spirit followed him to Skatin Place. As a young boy I hung out with a friend who lived in that area, the land was always underwater and a great place to ride dirt bikes as a kid, one day they started pumping water out of the swamp land, and a sold sign was posted, I later in 1974 got a job at Skatin Place and worked thre for 8 years, I too had contact with the spirit who would turn on and off lights, music, signs swaying with no air movement, and the sound of crowds talking and music like it was full of people when the place was closed and locked,

  2. Amber Dubrosky  |  

    When I used to go there to skate there always has been a cold spot in a certain corner of the skating ring I used to also feel so weird like I was being watched all the time and if I went past the one cold spot I would some times feel like I was being tripped a little bit because I would almost fall on my face when I would skate in the certain spot

  3. Sad that a little boy died after skating there in the early nineties while I was a college student here in town really sad the place should be located in a area kids don’t have to cross such a freeway like intersection I’m sure the place is entertaining good and safe fun for kids though. Please don’t blame the kids for these tragedies we ought to continue having the skatin place and just (I’m not being superstitious just we should help though!) please consider changing the location of the skating place to a near downtown or downtown area parents could grab a beer and talk shop at a good discount store enjoy the obvious nice beauty and openly nice and good people of st. cloud ,while their jr high,elementary kids get to have awesome safe fun he was a believer he is not part of the haunting I must say but I want to help prevent further tragedies the skatin place will be enjoyed and really,appreciated by all. And the haunting thing ,Gilbert lol I don’t think that is going to keep people away , poor Gilbert though

  4. The story about Gilbert sounds interesting wow I guess it could be haunted I think it would be better if they built or rebuilt it on a area that is downtown and where kids could be safe truly and parents could have a beer while the jr high and elementary kids have fun well as far as ghostly stuff I think there is a ‘cold area ,’ of the skatin place ..other than that please enjoy the skatin place and Merry Christmas

  5. I went to the skatin’ place one time. My fiancé took me on a date there. It was a slow night, there was us, one worker, and two children.
    Him and I were playing an arcade game while the two children were playing laser tag, (we were waiting for them to finish). And I had won on the arcade game. I was supposed to receive 5 tickets. I ended up getting the entire roll that was in the machine. I don’t know if that’s ghostly, but it was pretty sweet, lol.

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