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Allegedly haunted by a former master of the house and slave owner who was killed by one of his slaves. Although this origin story is unlikely since the purported master died after slavery was abolished and also apparently of natural causes, many people are convinced the house is haunted, even if we don’t know the origin of the unrest. Many people report feelings of unease and of being pushed, some have seen shadowy figures and apparitions.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Spring Villa Rd
    Opelika, AL 36804
    United States

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    32.58713541887595, -85.31166148311155
    Lee County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    Opelika, AL (5.6 mi.)
    Auburn, AL (10.0 mi.)
    Smiths Station, AL (12.8 mi.)
    Cusseta, AL (13.7 mi.)
    Ladonia, AL (15.8 mi.)
    Loachapoka, AL (16.4 mi.)
    Huguley, AL (17.7 mi.)
    Valley, AL (17.8 mi.)
    Waverly, AL (18.6 mi.)
    Bibb City, GA (19.7 mi.)


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    1. When I was a kid we had family reunions at this house and me and my cousins heard the stories of the history of the house and there are two parts to this house and one side stayed locked at all times so they dared me to try and open the door and I did and it was unlocked and pots and pans came crashing down the stairs it scared us so we took off running to where everybody else was we went back to the same door about 20 minutes later and the door was locked and nobody had access to this part of the house it was scary when you are a kid and my cousins told me they saw a spirit inside the house

    2. The more detailed story is that under the stairway leading up to the 2nd floor, the slave master was going up the stairs and a slave had hide under the stairs. Once the master was halfway up, the slave jumped out from under the stairs with a knife and murdered the master. Once, a group of people were in the house and had reported hearing a eerie piano playing in the basement, and another reported a knife flying through the kitchen of the house and it hitting the wall beside their head. During October, the house is open and visitors can go inside, but locals rarely do that, for fear of the paranormal activity reported in the house.

    3. Took several pictures of the home, and in a couple, there are faces. Both were in the smaller house. And standing right next to the door of the smaller house, extreme pressure was feel at the base of our skulls.

    4. i went here with my dog and he went psycho he ran backwards and it caught me by surprise so i let go i turned around to see where he went and he was gone i lost him never found him i still go there sometimes to look for him but no luck

    5. Yes it’s haunted I know for sure. My sons and their friends was able to get a night to hunt and they picked up on film someone saying “Hey!”. two weeks later I was folding close in my laundry room and something from behind me said, “Hey!” and it was the same voice!! I told my sons if EVER they do any ghost hunting in the future, they better know how to do a ritual to make sure the ghost does not follow them HOME!!!. Penn Young died from TB as his son did. They are buried on the property. Go to Lochapoka museum to find the REAL story of Springvilla, a place I LOVE and call home.

    6. Connie Maddox…I have a Paranormal Team called T.O.S. Paranormal and have taken many many people to Springvilla..and still do..have gotten all kinds of paranormal things..footsteps..loudest evp I have ever gotten…moving objects like balls we take in there and chairs..lights going on and off..ceiling fans coming on and off..there are a few servants still there as well as two children a boy and girl we have gotten to move our beach ball we have taken …then we have another spirit we have nicknamed Mr. Nasty..ooohhh settle down troops…hes not bad just wants people to think he is we laugh at him tell him to leave and he goes he doesnt want to look stupid…I do not believe that the original owners spirit or his wifes or sons spirit are here…I take my wonderful little much loved ghosthunter …Bentley…my miniature schnitzer he is really good and we were taking a break from investigating and Bentley was right at my feet and all of a sudden it looked like someone had taken their hand and swiped Bentleys feet out from under him…ooohhh guys and dolls not at my parade..NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE PUTS THEIR HANDS DEAD OR ALIVE AND DOES THAT TO MY DOG MY BABY…or they will learn what it is to die twice got me?I yelled at Mr. Nasty for a minute or two…may have even been 3…lol…anyway got my point across and he NEVER did that again…I have been going there for years and years thanks to my really nice friend Jeff the caretaker there…we have had all kind of different wonderful things happen and they will talk to us through use of turning on and off a flashlight…must go with us one time we love to take people out….

    7. I don’t understand how so many people “claim its haunted” I’ve lived in Opelika for over 40 years and have never had anything happen, other than freezing in the pool! The windows are completely boarded up, the “story” is far from the truth, and you are not allowed to enter the house.

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