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Snow Hill Country Club, built in the 1820s as a home for the Harris family, became a country club and golf course in 1924. “Dinner and a Ghost” events have been held there to introduce visitors to its haunts, which are said to cause electrical problems, weird sounds and smells, and apparitions too.

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11093 State Route 73
New Vienna, OH
United States

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39.35395618733112, -83.71580886858283
Clinton County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
New Vienna, OH (2.5 mi.)
Martinsville, OH (5.7 mi.)
Highland, OH (6.4 mi.)
Leesburg, OH (8.7 mi.)
Wilmington, OH (8.7 mi.)
Lynchburg, OH (8.7 mi.)
Sabina, OH (10.2 mi.)
Midland, OH (10.9 mi.)
Hillsboro, OH (11.9 mi.)
Saint Martin, OH (13.5 mi.)

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  1. i had a family member work there and i stayed the night there many times and in the bedroom at the end of the hall near the parking lot is were i slept. i woke up in the middle of the night and sat straight up and saw an apparition at the foot of the bed staring at me. it was a little kid. i ran out of that room very fast

  2. I worked at Snow Hill probably about 18 years ago. I have seen and heard many things that I can attest to being true.

    It all began with little things. I would be serving in the grill room and lay my waitress pad down, then I would turn around and it would be GONE. Later it would be found in the waitress area in the formal dining room- which I hadn’t even been in!

    One night my dining room supervisor, Hillary asked me to help her set up the formal dining room for a wedding the next day. My year old daughter came with me in her stroller. I let her out if her stroller and she kept going to a corner of the dining room. She said ” girl wants to play” there was no one in that corner.

    One night while Dinner and a Ghost was going on I was able to tag along. We went into the ladies old locker room and one ghost hunter sat down and was trying to reach the little girl who had died. One lady began asking questions and the ghost hunter took on a whole different voice and posture. The ghost of the little girl wanted a doll, hair brush, and a ball. When they are discussing the doll an EVP is recorded saying ” she can tell you where it can be found”. The next day I brought in a doll, hairbrush, and ball. Within a couple days the items had disappeared- it was typically an area that no one went into. Later the ball was found upstairs in the board room. The brush was found elsewhere, but as far as I know the doll was never found.

    I was polishing plates one time in the board room. I had finished a good size stack when the plates began to vibrate or shake for just a moment. Let’s just say I was done for the day in that room.
    I have so many real experiences that I could go on for hours, but I will tell you one last story. I was in the bar area polishing glasses for a wedding the next day. I was putting glasses up on the rack above my head. I was careful to make sure that they wouldn’t fall off. Well one fell down and hit my shoulder. Immediately I said why dont you throw another one- then the 1 behind the first one fell. I learned not to ask for stuff like that anymore.

    I have had experiences, heard other peoples experiences, and have seen pictures and videos that would make any non believer question what they see.

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