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Peters Cartridge Company, built in 1916, produced gunpowder and ammunition, including bullets and cannonballs for the Union during the Civil War. It is said to be haunted by workers that were killed in accidental explosions during the 1940s. Witnesses have reported footsteps and apparitions seen through the windows at night.

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Geographic Information

1470 Grandin Rd
Maineville, OH
United States

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39.350841246479845, -84.24214911454328
Warren County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Kings Mills, OH (0.5 mi.)
South Lebanon, OH (2.1 mi.)
Maineville, OH (2.7 mi.)
Landen, OH (3.5 mi.)
Mason, OH (3.7 mi.)
Loveland Park, OH (3.7 mi.)
Loveland, OH (5.8 mi.)
Morrow, OH (6.1 mi.)
Lebanon, OH (6.2 mi.)
Sixteen Mile Stand, OH (7.1 mi.)


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  1. The other day while my family and I were passing by this factory my son said out loud “Did you see the guy looking out the window mom?” Of course I didn’t check if there was anyone up there or maybe just a shadow. FYI that was our first time drivig diwn that road and had never seen the factory… ever so I thought it was really creepy that my 7 yaer old son would have said that. So who knows…

    • kyle Herlinger  |  

      I do…………..Honestly, i’ve seen hundreds of spirits or “shadows” if you will, I’m used to it. But, Even i won’t go near that building ever again and i’m not scared of anything

  2. I think the place is for sure haunted. Many men died in that factory. When I was really young, my parents would drive the road and at the time there was a catwalk going over the road. At night there was only a single light bulb under the catwalk that lit up the road. Not a street light, but a light bulb and it was the only light in the valley. Eventually the catwalk was removed. It always gave me the weirdest feeling driving thru there. Even now 35 years later, it has a creepy aura about the place. It is slated for demolition, the state is currently cleaning the lead from the surrounding area. I will miss the old place. I wander where the spirits will go???

    • It actually isn’t slated for demolition.. It was just recently cleared for business construction. They are building a brewery, called Cartridge Brewery, as well as miscellaneous restaurants and even condos. So don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere.

  3. This place is absolutely haunted! I experienced it first hand! About 15 years ago me and a group of my friends had decided to go late at night and explore the building. We went in and started checking out each floor and we did see a lot of things that pertained to Satan worshipping, pentagrams painted throughout etc. But didn’t really experience anything Paranormal until we decided to up the stairs to the roof level. When we got to the roof level the door was locked but there was a med size hole in the door that only I could fit thru. Mind you on the way up the stairs we were being loud and had flashlights. Well when I got half my body thru the door I looked immediately to my right and there was a male black like figure standing about ten feet from me that was just staring up at the sky. It was not a person. He didn’t look at me and really didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I immediately knew it was a ghost and tried to tell my friends what I saw but the words wouldn’t come out. All I could do was run as fast as i could out of that building. My friends tried to keep up but i ran so fast that I got to the car about 3 minutes before they did. Once they got in the car and locked the door I told them what i had just witnessed. I believe the ghost was warning us to get out of that building because it’s a dangerous place for many reasons. So yes, I know that the “powder factory” as we all call is a thousand percent haunted!!

  4. So it was built in 1916 and produced ammunition for the union during the civil war… my history books in school must have been full of errors. Next you’ll tell me George Bush freed the slaves.

    • Gershom Moore Peters founded The Peters Cartridge Company in 1887. They did have contracts that supplied ammunition to multiple countries including Britain, Russia and Ireland for WWI. The explosion killing 12 people occurred in 1890 and many buildings were destroyed by fire on the other side of the river where most of the earlier manufacturing took place. Peters rebuild them in 1916 on the current location including the shot tower and all the buildings that still stands today. Wikipedia has some info but there’s a book that tells all about the history about the ammunition plant.

  5. I can personally say this location is haunted and does have several spirits who still linger there. I worked in the building for several years and I had multiple personal experiences as well as several other employees who also had experiences with ghosts. There is the spirit of an older man with white hair and a long beard who wears bib overalls and he is often seen walking all around the location carrying a lantern. He’s been seem by multiple people and during the daytime working hours. Yes there were evidence of kids who had painted pentagram on the upper floors of the building and we would find candles, etc…. But the real hauntings had nothing to do with kids messing around and the spirits I encountered were not negative or aggressive in any way. I did a ton of research on the location and found documented multiple deaths that occurred here either through ammunition explosions in the bunkers in the hillside out back and a massive train wreck that caused an explosion where multiple workers died as they were blown to bits with many ending up in the river. I believe the old man spirit is a worker who died in that explosion. There were newspaper articles about it and it is written about in a book. Glad to see this grand historical place coming back to life again with the brewery and condos being renovated as well as shops in the works.

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