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Formerly the Hyatt Regency, the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center building has seen some tragic incidents. In 1981, two walkways collapsed onto a dance competition in the lobby, killing 114 and injuring 216. It is supposed that the hotel’s occasional supernatural visitor, a ghostly woman in a tea gown, was Kathryn Sullivan, a victim of the collapse.

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2345 McGee St
Kansas City, MO
United States

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39.084708723729115, -94.57974241454161
Jackson County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Kansas City, MO (1.0 mi.)
North Kansas City, MO (3.3 mi.)
Kansas City, KS (3.3 mi.)
Westwood Hills, KS (3.6 mi.)
Westwood, KS (3.6 mi.)
Mission Woods, KS (3.8 mi.)
Roeland Park, KS (4.3 mi.)
Mission Hills, KS (5.0 mi.)
Avondale, MO (5.1 mi.)
Fairway, KS (5.1 mi.)


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  1. I basically grew up in Crown Center as a child and recently I went there with some friends for a photo shoot, We decided to take photos in the Sheraton (Pretty sure that’s where we were) And I swear I saw a lady in fancy dress. I just looked up the victim list of this accident and Kathryn Sullivan looked almost exactly like the woman I saw.

  2. I have not seen very many paranormal experiences posted about this hotel, so I am hoping by posting it will illicit feedback. I went to the Sheraton for a recent visit to a client located in the area. I did not know anything about the past history of the location….how would you as the hotel does not at all look like your typical, haunted location.

    When I arrived, I immediately went to the front desk to grab my room key. As soon as I approached the front desk and was able to look around the hotel I just got this super creepy feeling. I can’t really explain it other than my hair on my arms felt like they were standing straight up, and I just had this odd feeling like something was not right. Even as I got on to the elevator to head up to my room, I said out loud “this place is creepy.” I literally could not shake the feeling all night.

    Finally, after I ate at the hotel restaurant I headed to my room and decided to put the creepy feeling to rest by proving to myself that their was nothing wrong with the hotel by Google searching the history. As you can imagine, I was a little taken back (and shaken) when I found out about the 1981 disaster that occurred in the lobby of the hotel. To put it lightly, I was very freaked out!

    Later that night, I got ready for bed and tucked myself in. This is when the incredibly weird thing happened that I am still trying to explain, or even write off as my imagination. In the middle of the night, I woke up to a pressure on top of me. I sleep on my stomach, so it was as if someone was laying on me and embracing my back. I did not feel like it was malicious in any way, and it almost felt like someone was hugging me. Every time I would wake up fully, the pressure on my back would disappear. This happened about five times that night and each time I would wake up and the pressure would disapate. At one point, I was brave enough to open my eyes and peak out from under the covers, but nothing was there.

    Again, I have not heard anyone else that has had this type of experience at this location, if you have, please share!


    • I have had similar experiences in the past, believe it or not due to a nonserious medical condition called restless leg syndrome. (There is probably some long Latin name for it as well.). Almost identical to what you describe and with a similar thought originally – my house/hotel room is haunted. It is treatable with a perscription medication called Pramipexole Dihydrochloride). I belive the trade name is Miraplex or something like that. The good news is it works and this almost nightly event is now very rare for me. Good luck and discuss with your Doctor if it is still going on.

      • Hi, this has never happened previously, or after this incident so it’s difficult for me to chalk it up to restless leg syndrome. Especially, since it only occurred at this hotel location where I already had received a creepy vibe.

        • I went to a birthday party for a friend here back in January of 2016 and got the same feelings you did when walking into the lobby. I went up onto the little 1st floor deck area to look at the chandelier thing they have hanging and as I was looking at it I had a sudden wave of extreme sadness wash over me. To the point I actually had to hold back tears, pretty embarrassing. I thought it was odd but tried to ignore it. It left my mind and we partied some in the room, and then went to the round top to hang out in the lounge area and enjoy the view. As soon as I got up there I got very creeped out. I was tipsy, so take it with a grain of salt, but I swear something touched me on my back. Felt like I was being watched the whole time I was up there. Didn’t feel malicious, but it really freaked me out. I had no idea about the event that happened there until months later when I was talking to my dad about being touched and he told me.

  3. My 17 year old daughter and I walk here in the winter (we start at Union Station and walk the “Link” ) to the Sheriton in the evenings. She knew nothing about the history of the hotel and told me the first time we entered the lobby that she felt strange like someone drowning. Later I looked it up. People had drowned in the tradgedy there in 1981. Because the doors were blocked and people were trapped under the debris and the sprinkler system couldn’t get shut off before the help could save them. Eeery.

  4. I was waiting for an elevator in the lobby with a friend of mine`. He left to go look at some piece of art or something in the lobby. A young guy wearing a black tuxedo with a blue bow tie walked in front of me and then disappeared through the elevator door. My friend I was with is a non believer of stuff like that so I didn’t say anything. I still remember what the guy looked like. Probably about 5’8″, mustache, black hair parted down the middle and a large nose.

  5. Several times in the mid to late 1990s my mother and I attended the Lyric Opera balls that were held there at the Hyatt Regency. One night I woke up from a very lucid dream where I heard people screaming and running down the hall of the hotel. I had a very intense heavy feeling of fear and crisis and sadness. I did not go to bed thinking about the 1981 disaster at all. I was a young woman and had just been enjoying being at the ball and drinking champagne and having a good time. The dream stayed heavy on my spirit for several days when I finally made the connection that I must have tapped into trapped energy or a trapped moment in time that still lingers at that hotel. There is a lot of heaviness there that needs to be cleared out. Those people need to be set free and the trauma released through some form of spiritual cleansing. It’s a beautiful hotel I never had any weird feelings about it while I was attending events it was just that one moment in time during the middle of the night when that dream happened.

  6. I just returned from a conference held at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City. My first impression was that this hotel was really beautiful and luxurious but had a really weird feeling. I was locked out of my room and a security guard filled me in about the tragedy which definitely set off some alarms to me. The next day, I was in a board room meeting that is on the third floor, the level E. During the meeting I heard awful screaming that interrupted our conversation. Some people thought that it could have been just a child but to me it sounded as though someone was reacting to a terrible traumatic accident and in hysterics. A few of us looked out over the mezzanine but didn’t see anything going on. The screaming was very loud and echoing, at least that was my experience. I was shocked that people were going about business with someone in this condition and there were no police or ambulance. After about 7 minutes, it ended. I asked at the front desk what had happened and they said that they didn’t have any reports of anyone screaming. We asked other people that were at the conference in other parts of the buildings and no one else experienced it. Only the eight of us that had attended that meeting in that specific board room on Oct 20,2018. I want to point out that I had known about the accident, but other people in the meeting did not know about the accident. We did not even talk about it until much later in the meeting. Since this con

  7. I walked into this place through a series of outdated-looking halls from the parking garage. I immediately had a weird, unsettling vibe from walking through the halls and using the elevator, almost like the place was frozen in a state of sadness.

    That didn’t even compare with how it felt in the atrium. I walked to the counter and almost immediately regretted going to this place. Despite its mild attempts at edgy decor, the whole atrium area was charged with a heavy melancholy that I couldn’t explain. I was filled with a feeling of dread that I couldn’t shake off. Then, a friend of mine who I met there explained what happened in 1981. I Googled the tragedy and up came photos showing that dozens of people had died where I was currently standing. What’s more, I read that the halls and the parking garage that I entered through were turned into a makeshift morgue for the bodies that night. Needless to say I couldn’t think of anything else the whole evening.

  8. Thomas Halterman  |  

    I’ve been a flight attendant for 15 years, I’ve stayed in “haunted” hotels many times, even had a few moments that “may or may not be worth investing”. I’ve never lived anywhere near Kansas. I’d been to the city several times, though at other hotels, this recent work trip had us laying over for 34 hours at the Sheraton Crown Center. We arrived at the hotel around 10pm. Immediately when I entered the lobby, I felt a painful heavy feeling on the top of my head to my shoulders. It felt like my head was being pushed down. As we (3 other flight attendants) were signing in at the front desk, I looked around at the lobby. My colleague remarked at how high up the ceiling was. The pressure on my head and neck was visible to her, because she asked if I was okay. I told her about the pressure, and she offered a pain reliever. I declined, and said after a shower and sleep I’d be fine. We said our good nights to each other and I went outside to smoke. Standing in the designated area I couldn’t take my eyes off the glass front of the building. I went back in, and to the elevators, then stood there for a moment. This overwhelming sense of fear struck me. I have never felt anything like that before. It took a lot for me to get into the elevator. If I wasn’t on such a high floor I would’ve taken the stairs. When I exited the elevator and turned down the hall, I admitted to myself that something wasn’t right. I entered the dark room and was petrified to turn on a light, because I was 100% sure that someone was there. I found the switch and closed my eyes before turning it on, after a couple seconds I opened my eyes, and breathed a sigh of relief. The room looked like any other Sheraton room. I grabbed some clothes, and went to the bathroom. I changed out of my uniform, and put a t shirt and shorts on. I opened the bathroom door, but before walking out, I was hit with that knowledge that someone was in the room with me. I stood in the bathroom for several minutes, because I knew that I was the only one in the room, but I knew that someone else was there as well. I slowly walked around the corner as if I was not wanting to startle whomever might’ve been there. I grabbed my phone and sat on the bed. I called my husband and told him everything that I was feeling. He was trying to reassure me, and honestly I can’t remember what else he was saying because my attention was focused on the reflection of a woman in the window. I tried to tell him what I was seeing but I couldn’t make any sound. My husband said that I was quiet for a while, and when he asked if I was okay, I whispered “she’s here”. He began questioning who. I didn’t take my eyes off of her. She turned from the window and walked away, again, I could only see her through the reflection on the window of the pitch black night outside and my room lights. After she was gone from the reflection a moment later I felt like I was alone and at any other hotel. I began to tell my husband what I’d just seen, and felt. I went down to smoke after talking. Again in the lobby I felt that fear, and heavy force on my head and neck. I told myself that the hotel was haunted, and it wasn’t a big deal. When I returned inside I forced myself to shake off the weighted feeling. Standing in the lobby I looked up, and noticed the strange architecture. There were huge circular cut outs if you will, on each side. Normally something like this doesn’t phase me. That night, I was feeling like I was being drawn to it for some reason. I walked up the stairs to get a closer look, then took the elevator to the next floor to get closer. I couldn’t get there, where I felt that I needed to be. I was angry. I was so angry at the architects. I remember being so mad I was clenching my fists. I went back to my room, and was greeted by that feeling that I wasn’t alone. I sat back down on the bed and googled Sheraton Kansas City haunted. Maybe an hour later I came across the Hyatt Regency Tragedy. I saw a photo of the lobby, once I recognized it I was overcome with so much sadness. I sent the article to my husband. The next day and night were uneventful. None of my fellow crew members had any experiences when we were talking about it in the van going to the airport.

  9. From time to time I Google search to see if anyone has reported a paranormal experience at the (now former) Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel. This time I’ve found this site and I’ve read these experiences which others have shared. Finally! Good! Thank You! For years now I’ve wondered if my experience was real or just a dream. I think I can say that my experience was real… very real. I’ll share it with you…

    It was in the Spring of 2009 that I traveled to KC for a business meeting. The plan was to spend one night at the Hyatt, meet early the next morning (in one the hotel meeting rooms) and then fly back to our home cities.

    When the arrangements were made I immediately remembered that this (the Hyatt) was the hotel which had the walkway accident and that many people were killed and injured. So going into the Hyatt I was fully aware of what had happened but it was not the thing that was on my mind. I was there for a meeting where I was proposing a new project for the firm I was working with at the time.

    I arrived at the hotel around 5:00 PM, checked in, settled into my room, and then went back to lobby where I met business colleagues for dinner. At dinner the talk was business and the proposal we were presenting the next morning. After dinner we found a quiet alcove off the lobby where we continued discussing and going over our presentation until around 10:00 or 10:30 PM. So, around 10:30, or so, I was back in my room and getting ready for bed.

    In bed, with the lights out, television on (but muted), I continued to go over my Powerpoint slides. Probably around midnight I finally put the laptop down and dosed off to sleep (with the tv still on).

    At around 3:00/3:30 AM I woke up (wide awake and alert). I was laying on my side facing the wall. The window was to my back. As l laid there I had the distinct feeling that someone was in the room with me. And I felt that they were behind me, on the other side of bed.

    I laid there for just a few moments thinking about this strange feeling, and then decided to turn over to see if there was in fact someone there, and that’s when I saw her standing next to my bed and staring down on me. She had long hair and she was wearing a flowing gown. Before I could make a move to get up out of the bed she moved over on top of me. She had me on my back and she was on top of me. She covered me.

    Immediately I reacted, making simultaneous moves to throw her off of me and to jump out of the bed. When my feet hit the floor I started toward the door but did notice that everything in the room had changed. The decor had changed. The room looked more like it would have looked in the seventies rather than 2009. At the door I struggled to get it open but got it open and standing in the doorway, with one foot in the hallway, everything changed back to normal.

    For a few moments I stood halfway in the room and halfway in the corridor. I think I had been screaming because someone opened their door, saw me, and asked me if I was alright. I replied yes, and then went back into my room.

    Back in my room I sat down on the bed and started trying to process this experience. Thinking about it I struggled with deciding if this was a true paranormal experience or just a very realistic dream (the most realistic dream that I had ever had in my entire life). With the lights on and the television blasting I l laid on my bed until around 4:30 AM when I go up, showered, dressed and got out of that room.

    Since that night, that experience, I’ve struggled with whether the experience was real or a dream. Reading some of the experiences reported here I’m inclined to think that it was a real paranormal experience and that I never want to have another one.

  10. The Hyatt is now closed permanently; ironically I went there one night to take photos in the lobby from the windows. A strange thing occurred I did get in . A worker was at the desk. But no one else was in the lobby. Oh the hospital is doing a sleep study she told me that’s why the door is open.bull I thought. The place is still very haunted. It was creepy in the lobby. And I felt she lied to me about the sleep study stuff as they would not do that in an abandoned hotel. More likely it was a ghost hunter group.

  11. The lobby area is creepy as hell. It’s beautifully done and huge but at the same time I got this weird feeling of not wanting to spend any time in it. I felt sad and disconnected while in it. Later I read about the tradegy that happened in 1981

  12. I worked at the Hotel as an overnight Manager for 2 years. Its amazing what you see on the cameras. I had to many experiences in this hotel to name. I will say this there is alot of strange things there. In one of the suites i wont name which one but its still the same as the way it was on the night of the tragedy. Its a two story Suite with a spiral staircase and off to the side of them is a weird handing clown. Thats not really scary just odd. I had the feeling of dread everytime i went to work. All of the guest complaints and stories didnt help because i experienced many of the same things and more. The Echos of Screams and the occasional crying of a person or even whispers of someone calling out for help of calling out the name of a loved one. The hotel in my eyes is almost like a grave yard. So sad so many lives were lost and over the years many many more have passed away in the hotel and of all ages. Ive read some of the stories on here and see that some say they dont feel threatned by the ghosts there and i do believe that some of them arent bad but i will say this there are many ghosts there that seem to hold a grudge against the hotel and its workers and guests as if its everyones fault they are trapped there.

  13. Just stayed here last night. Immediately got a weird feeling when I walked into the lobby, Im a flight attendant and I’ve stayed at many hotels but this one just made me think, “wow this place is old”. We have our fair share of tall tales and “haunted hotels” but I hadn’t heard anything about this one. Made it to my room and hung out for a few hours, finally decided to take a shower. Got out and started to put on my lotion. As I’m getting lotioned up I realize something is written on the mirror in the humidity, “I SEE EVERYTHING”. Scared the living daylights out of me.. and mind you this was before I knew the hotel was haunted. Went to wash my hands and the faucet was making a horrible screeching sound I hadn’t heard earlier so I immediately went to get a new room. Now I’m sure someone just wrote that on the mirror to be funny or scare someone (which, mission accomplished) but I truly felt like there was someone there with me, watching me. Got to the lobby and the front desk lady acted like I was crazy, “you had what? written where?” lmao. But I got a new room and all was well.. man did I have the heebie geebies. After that, a friend let me know it was rumored to be haunted and I spiraled all night on google. Safe to say I got no sleep and I don’t think I’d recommend again.

  14. I worked there from 1989-1993 while I attended UMKC. I stood on the roof of then restaurant Skies, got locked in the health club with secret service members and George Bush, while President Bush senior was on property. Meat countless celebrities and icons and what the thing I remember clearest…….we were not allowed to answer questions or speak to anyone on property about the collapse.but it was constantly asked. The Big Circle “ends” to the walkways were not enclosed and you could see the roughness where the walkway and floor tore apart. This was the 4th floor it was locked off and in 1993 when I graduated and got my post education job I wanted to see it. So the beverage mgr, security clerk and I took the service elevator to 4. It felt evil to me. It still had orange carpet and decor original furniture and in some places doesn’t look like it’s been touched since that day. We were all 3 in the hallway opposite end of the guest elevators when we heard a female yell ‘no’! and like a shadow that becomes a person at the other end of the hallway she starts running at us. 3 grown men take off they jumped in the elevator I took the stairs to the 3 floor acct offices. Said hi to the ladies and walked to the lobby elevators went down to the lobby and looked up. Shook it off and went to McGee st the employee cafeteria.. My buddies joined me about 10 min later. They came in sweating I asked them where they’d been, it had been about 20-25 mins since the occurrence, but according to them it had just happened. They lost 20 of so of time,……we never figured it out.

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