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Built in the early 1830s, this historic house, available for tours, is thought to be haunted by former resident Mary Moore. She passed away during the Civil War while her home was occupied by Union troops. A misty figure has been reported, as well as footsteps and voices coming from the second floor and the attic.

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317 E. Main Street
New Iberia, LA 70560
United States

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30.004445, -91.815609
Iberia Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Iberia, LA (0.2 mi.)
Loreauville, LA (5.9 mi.)
Lydia, LA (6.0 mi.)
Cade, LA (7.9 mi.)
Saint Martinville, LA (8.4 mi.)
Delcambre, LA (11.1 mi.)
Jeanerette, LA (11.2 mi.)
Youngsville, LA (12.3 mi.)
Broussard, LA (13.2 mi.)
Erath, LA (13.6 mi.)

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  1. Walking up the front steps I felt a rush of something…not a chill but something of substance; like children running through the branches of a willow. It wasn’t scary, just interesting. I knew someone was walking beside me on the tour…not sure who.

    • I took a tour of The Shadows several years ago. I was the only one on the tour, so it was a very personal experience. I agree that it felt like someone was walking along with me while I was there. Later that night, on the plane home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the house and pictured each of the rooms – it was as if the house or someone associated with it was reaching out to me. From what I’ve read about the house, I think Weeks Hall may still be there. He worked diligently to get the house on the historic register and died shortly after he achieved his goal. He was also the last person to live in the house, and he lived there alone. I think he’s still there.

  2. While on the second floor I felt as if someone was watching me. I looked around and no one was there. On the way out I felt a rush of air hit me on the back of my neck. It starteld me and I rushed out the door.

  3. My wife and I went there for a tour of the house. We weren’t the only ones who were going on the tour,there were three other people (total of 5). When we got into the house,we hadn’t even went through the entire house,my wife suddenly told me that we needed to leave. I asked her if anything was wrong,she told me that she had a strong sense of evilness in the house. I felt a little uneasy myself, like something was right there staring at us.The other couple that were in our tour also felt the same way.My wife and I went outside and so did the other couple. We all told the tour guide what we felt and she said that she always feels that way whenever she gives a tour. My wife and I have been to many “haunted” places as we travel a lot.She never has asked me to leave,so when she told me that we needed to leave,I took her word for it.If you are ever in the area,come check it out.

  4. Angela Wentzell  |  

    My husband and children went for a tour at the end of summer vacation. The time before I was only a small child visiting on a field trip years ago. Being in the house was a sense of sadness which I felt throughout the tour. As we were outside in the back at the summerhouse visiting the gardens I
    looked back at the house as I felt as though someone was watching and looked up to the middle in the attic and saw something. I snapped a photo. And it looks as if there is a misty figure standing back looking. Amazing.

  5. My husband and I were visiting here as we finish off our honeymoon and on the way home. I remember feeling so excited to see the house, this amazing childlike excitement. As the tour made it’s way up stairs I got a little lightheaded and entering the first bedroom looking out into the yard I saw a tent in the yard, a pair of blood and mud covered boots thrown out in the front. I felt myself screaming “Ida, Ida hurry out in the yard!” but all the people around me heard was Ida, and the tour guide looked toward me and said “Yes that was what they called her, but Mary was her first name”. I can not even begin to write how the rest of the tour went I mostly just remember the sadness and then sitting in the car.

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