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The girl’s dorm is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a female student.

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Boucher and Mckinley
Lafayette, LA
United States

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30.21373481994352, -92.01573353743436
Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Lafayette, LA (0.8 mi.)
Scott, LA (4.9 mi.)
Broussard, LA (5.6 mi.)
Ossun, LA (7.2 mi.)
Carencro, LA (7.4 mi.)
Youngsville, LA (8.0 mi.)
Breaux Bridge, LA (8.1 mi.)
Milton, LA (8.4 mi.)
Maurice, LA (9.8 mi.)
Duson, LA (10.2 mi.)


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  1. I stayed in Harris Hall on the 1st floor in 2001-2002. On several occasions while taking a nap between classes I’d feel the bed move as if someone had just plopped down at the foot of my bed. I’d sit up only to find no one there. It was very creepy and would happen during the day. I mentioned it to my room mate and she also would have the same experiences all though it never happened while we would be in the room together. It always occurred when I would be alone in the room and the same for her. The girls next door to us had strange occurances and one moved out because she was frightened. Her roommate that was left in the room often would come to our room in the middle of the night and sleep on the floor because of the activity in her room.

  2. I lived in Harris Hall from 1997-1998. I really didn’t want to live there but I decided to move as a favor to my roommate. She wanted to live there because the rooms were larger and nicer. I believe Lilly visited me a few times. Every night at about 2 am my roommate and I heard what sounded like furniture moving above us. We lived on the top floor so this would have been noise from the attic. Another time a group of friends and I were talking about Lilly and all of a sudden a cold breeze came and our hair started moving. There was no ac vent or doors open around us that could have explained the reason for this. We were all scared, so we stopped talking about her and immediately the cold breeze went away. Another time, I was walking up the stairs to go to my room and I heard footsteps behind me but no one was there. One night I awoke to find a bright light flashing in my eyes but I was so scared, I put the blanket over my head and forced myself back to sleep. Many of the residents I had spoken to had their own experiences but everyone said she was a friendly ghost so I tried to remind myself of this and not be too afraid. However, as soon as I was able to, I moved out of the dorm into a much quite one.

  3. I stayed in Harris hall in 1996 during sorority rush. My room was next to the elevator shaft. The noises everyone talks about was absolutely TRUE. I felt a very obvious presence. I KNOW she was there. My blinds would be pulled all the way up when I got back from class. The foot locker of the closet would open all the time. The front desk worker lost her keys working the desk one weekend. I found them in my room when I got back to the dorm on Monday. That’s just A few things that happened to me personally.

  4. Priscilla Dupuis  |  

    I lived there in 1980-1981 or 82. I lived in room 106 with two other girls, and we all experienced strange occurrences. When we mentioned this to our floor counselor, she told us the story about the student dying. We had never heard any rumors before this. We spoke to several counselors and even the dorm’s head, and next thing we knew, we were being summoned into the Dean if Student Affairs office. We met the two Deans who were assistants to Dean Blanco and threatened with expulsion if we didn’t stop “spreading rumors”. Try looking for a documentary called The Haunting of Harris Hall. It was presented on AOC back in the mid to late 80’s. It was based on research I did for Dr Pat Rickles.

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