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On cool, clear nights, a light may be seen hovering above the oil field. Locals assert that it is the spirit of O’Rourke, an Irishman who once farmed the area. It is his ghostly lantern that emits the mysterious glow.

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Geographic Information

43.387222, -106.380278
United States

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43.3871933, -106.38030789999999
Natrona County, Wyoming
Nearest Towns:
Midwest, WY (5.3 mi.)
Edgerton, WY (6.8 mi.)
Antelope Hills, WY (21.3 mi.)
Kaycee, WY (25.8 mi.)
Homa Hills, WY (28.2 mi.)
Bar Nunn, WY (32.8 mi.)
Hartrandt, WY (34.6 mi.)
Vista West, WY (36.1 mi.)
Casper, WY (36.1 mi.)
Evansville, WY (36.9 mi.)


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  1. I will tell you of an event that happened in the summer of 1989, my family moved there in 1984 I graduated in 1991 from Rawlin’s High School and moved on. There was 6 people involved with the oldest being 19 (possibly 18) and the youngest being 14. The house we lived on was on Antelope Avenue, behind our house acting as the back fence to the back yard was a single wide trailer. I was staying over at a friends house and was returning from my house with what I needed for the night. We noticed what appeared to be someone in white pants run the length of the mentioned trailer, this was all we could see was white pants so we assumed the person had a dark shirt on. After dropping my things of at my friends house we went back to see if any damage had been done or if the person was still moving around my parents property.

    The other houses on the block where located in a semi circle that ended at Antelope Avenue, at this intersection there was one of the dozen or so street lights in the town. As we approached my families property we saw what again appeared to be someone in white pants running past this street light into the base ball field that was across from our house. The odd thing was the person didn’t appear to jump and climb the fence he was on one side then appeared to be on the other with no body movement that suggested climbing.

    At this point 3 other acquaintances of ours showed up standing by the street light. They had all reported seeing the person in the white pants running in different parts of the town and all had seen it approach then run across the base ball field. Another odd thing was no one could see anyone in the field although anyone crossing or standing in it should of been visible.

    At this time another friend turned up who I had attended High School with but had graduated the year before, he too said that he had seen someone in white pants running who he then began following. While we where looking around everyone at nearly the same time saw the figure in white pants further up the road.

    The town of Bairoil had a large wadi that ran through the middle of the town, there was a 10 or 12 foot conduit tunnel placed in this wadi with the road built over it. This was the direction that the person seemed to be running in but then it seemed to turn of on to a gravel road that parallels the wadi.

    We followed this road that the person seemed to have turned on to but there was no one in site moving or standing still as we would of seen them. This road dead ends into another gravel road that runs north to south ending near the grade school. Close to where the roads intersect there is a large pumping control room that has many baffles and indents in the structure.

    One of the party saw the person in white pants dart around a corner, I was a pretty quick runner so I took of after the person thinking I would surely see who it was if not catch them. The person in white pants ran down the edge of the wadi while I stopped at the edge.

    Two odd things I noticed is it didn’t have the movement of some one transitioning down a steep grade they where just at the top then at the bottom. The second thing was that even though I was 7-10 feet from the person I saw no torso just the legs moving.

    When my friends caught up they asked if I had seen who it was, I replied no but I think I now where it is headed. The tunnel was said to have been used for rituals and seances by the kids in the town, I wasn’t sure about that but felt that was where the person in white pants was headed.

    We decided to go up the gravel road back to the paved road that was Antelope Avenue then over to the tunnel. When we got there the oldest person of the group said he was going down the others where scared but I said I would go with him.

    As we where standing at the end of the tunnel we saw a flash of white followed by a flash of silver as if someones was coming through the tunnel bouncing from one side to the next. I didn’t feel any fear but I felt a very strong feeling that I should not be there. Turning to my friend I voiced this feeling out loud to which he replied he didn’t think I was suppose to be there either. I reached over and squeezed is should then said I would see him back on the road.

    I clambered up the bank and the noise must of spooked the others in the party because they started to run, I started to run after them then stopped remembering we had left someone behind. I turned and began running back towards the tunnel I could hear the friend who had stayed below running too but it was close to 30 seconds before we saw each other. In fact we nearly collided but I manage to pivot and run beside him.

    When I asked him what he saw he said that a friend that had died at a party in Casper riding a motorcycle had come to tell him it wasn’t his fault. I gave him a wide eyed look and said lets not tell any of the others what you saw they are already pretty freaked out.

    I don’t know if anyone else ever told about that night but I know it wasn’t talked about among those involved at least that I ever heard. I think about it quite often and wonder if what he said was true. All I can say with certainty was that there was something that night in Bairol that had an interest in being noticed.

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