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An angry wildcat ghost haunting the canyon? Well now we’ve heard everything.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Sabinyo Canyon
    Tucson, AZ
    United States

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    32.3158652, -110.81933630000003
    Pima County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Catalina Foothills, AZ (5.9 mi.)
    Tanque Verde, AZ (6.5 mi.)
    Willow Canyon, AZ (8.7 mi.)
    Tucson, AZ (9.0 mi.)
    Summerhaven, AZ (9.2 mi.)
    Oro Valley, AZ (10.0 mi.)
    Casas Adobes, AZ (10.3 mi.)
    Flowing Wells, AZ (11.2 mi.)
    South Tucson, AZ (11.9 mi.)
    Littletown, AZ (13.2 mi.)


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    1. I’ve seen something when walking through the area, I loved walking the entire trails, and felt something like eyes watching me. I was scared but being somewhat of a logical person, even I couldn’t debunk it for sure.

    2. Late March of last year my brother and a friend and I had gone out on a full moon to Sabino. We were just getting back onto the dirt road from the seven falls trail, about a hundred feet from the bushes when we heard rustling. When we turned to look behind us there was what seemed like a man crouching and crawling very oddly to the water spout, and then twisting his head up to drink from it. We were wondering what the heck he was doing but felt uneasy so we started to walk away. We looked back a second later and he was gone. No noise! Could have been a homeless man messing around. Either way. It was creepy as hell.

    3. I was homeless and my boyfriend and I would sleep in the parking lot at Sabino Canyon his car. One night I was sitting outside the car smoking a cigarette and noticed out of the corner of my eye a shadowy figure moving side to side on the edge of the desert foliage faster than any human could possibly move. It went on, of and on , for 5 minutes and I felt increasingly anxious and fearful the longer it went on. I got back in the car and we ended up leaving and GOING somewhere else. About two months later, I woke up there and turned to look out the driver’s side window and there was the torso and head of a shadow being, man shaped this time, and was so terrified I could not stop screaming for a few minutesand more than a fewmiles away. I had not been drinking or high on on anything whatsoever on either occasion and have never before or since hallucinated IN MY ENTIRELIFE. I will never go there after sundown again. I have no explanation for it but I wish I knew what the hell it was.

    4. I was there just a few says ago, went running with my mom after she got off from work and I went pretty far, not sure how far but it was far. Then it started to get dark so I decided to start walking back and there was an old couple in front of me so I started running again acting like I was already running then I started to walk again. When I got further up they were ahead of me again, and they didn’t pass me. However I was really far and somehow they heard me and turned around together and stared at me for a long time. Then when I started to get closer I ran right by them and didn;t look back and started sprinting for a long time. Those were the people I saw that went as far back as I did and idk how they could have went by me without me knowing especially because their old and were walking…. So I pretty scared tbh

    5. From the parking lot take the left trail and once you reach the bridges thats where the weirdness is. We went out and looked around at night and i had become very angry with majority of the group with us and they said i was snippy with them. I dont remember any of it but we had a big rock dropped near us and on the way out we also had a rock thrown at us which was kind of interesting because it was the last thing i asked for. Check out the whole recap in our podcast episode:

      Wouldnt mind taking a group out if interested contact the haunted conversations fb page

    6. In late October 2019, we were visiting from Illinois. One morning, between 8-9 am, we went for a hike in Sabino Canyon on a trail looking down onto the Sabino Creek Dam. I saw what I thought was a strange person peeking back and forth behind some brush and rocks. Nobody else was in this area at the time. I got a creepy feeling and wanted to move away from the area. The “person” moved oddly, almost like a gibbon. As other people came down toward the dam, it disappeared. I read that there had been a bigfoot sighting in the same area long ago.

    7. This was back in around mid summer of 1993.I was 20 years old. I would say around midnight. I had no idea why we were there. My two friends I was with all get out and start walking up the paved trail. I really can not say how far up we went, maybe 10 minutes up. I do not recall, been a long time. Any ways, at one point we jump off the trail and go to the right, up this hill. We get up there and I am like, ok now what? They thought it would be cool to run back down as fast as you could, in the dark. So they bolt off. I am just standing there like, seriously? Then as they are running, you hear a rattle snake and one scream (not bitten-just more like, oh sh*t!!! HAHAHA!!!). So by then I like F this man, I walk a bit back then go back down to try and avoid the rattle snake. As I get to the bottom and back on the main paved trail, they are laying on the side of it on the ground, in the dirt, not pavement, just laughing their butts off. I am just staring at the them thinking, you guys are dumb AF. Then out of freaken nowhere… 3 kids wearing Halloween costumes come walking up or appeared? Not sure I recall seeing them come up. I would have noticed that, even in the dark. I am like, ok, this is not right at all. It is the middle of the summer, midnight or later and there are 3 kids that look 10-12 years old out here all alone… wearing creepy ass costumes. My friends, oblivious to what is actually going on just keep laughing and making jokes to the kids. They NEVER said a word. Just looked at us. To this day I wish I look at what shoes they were wearing. Because that was not normal. I do not know if they were ghosts or what (stressing on the WHAT). Even more so, for the life of me do not remember us leaving, walking back. I have spent years scouring to see if anyone has ever encountered them. Now that I am 50 and back in AZ, I have been determined to go up there, with a group. But the above comments are a bit deterring. We smoked a little, they got drunk. Not much of a drinker since High School. We all saw them. I am not in contact with those guys to ask them about it, nor do I really want to be.

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