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The glowing ghost of Route 26 is a hitchhiker, a young lady in a fancy dress. Some tales tell that she was a bride who was killed in a fatal accident in the 1930s; others say she was a teen on her way to the prom. Another version says she was a bride murdered before her wedding. At any rate, she may politely ask passersby for a ride, but always seems to disappear from the vehicle before she can get to her destination.

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Geographic Information

Route 26
Poland, ME
United States

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44.0395619, -70.3766521
Androscoggin County, Maine
Nearest Towns:
Poland, ME (1.7 mi.)
Minot, ME (4.2 mi.)
Mechanic Falls, ME (5.0 mi.)
New Gloucester, ME (7.1 mi.)
Casco, ME (7.6 mi.)
Auburn, ME (8.3 mi.)
Oxford, ME (8.6 mi.)
Lewiston, ME (9.1 mi.)
Raymond, ME (10.6 mi.)
Gray, ME (10.9 mi.)


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  1. On a Sunday night in the late summer around 10pm, I was driving home from Westbrook and frequently took route 26 to get to my Dad’s in Mechanic Falls. As I drove by the Poland Spring Inn I saw a woman in long white gown to the left of the entrance, walking in the direction of where the casino is today. She was walking slowly, as if she was on a leisurely walk. I was driving slowly and as my headlights went on her dress, it sparkled. I believe it was sequins as those were popular back in the day. She had medium brown hair and it was in an updo with curls coming out. Why do I remember all of these details? I have no idea. Maybe because when you see a woman walking in the summer in the pitch black night, you tend to remember everything. I remember driving by saying outloud “Was there a prom tonight?” I swear that she had someone else walking with her too, but I can’t remember. Maybe it was my Mom. It’s not often that I hear that she walks with someone else. It wasn’t until a year later while reading the paper with an article about this that I realized it was a ghost.

  2. I was driving on 26 towards the Oxford Casino in March of 2021.
    It was a bitterly cold night for March in Maine. I believe this was in the town of Poland Maine.
    I am not overly familiar with this area being born out of state and raised on the coast but I own a home on Sebago Lake and love going on local adventures with my college age daughter & her best friend so we had heard about Mary the bride wearing a long white dress who’s been spotted in this area for years.
    I am not a ghost hunter nor do I study paranormal activity and honestly I never thought someone could convince me otherwise so I really didn’t expect anything other than a visit to a casino.
    We were driving up Pigeon Hill Road and on the right in what’s normally a field appeared a woman in a white dress .
    I felt the car being pulled kind of from the side at the same time honestly it scared the crap out of me anyway I looked at my daughters friend Mikayla and she said did you see that ?? Did you feel a rush of energy from that interaction??
    I didn’t know what to say honestly I wanted to say no because I’ve never seen anything paranormal nor did I believe it that mumbo jumbo. But after her reaction and bringing my car to the bmw dealership telling them I had a serious alignment issue on a brand new car they said my car wasn’t pulling to one side the alignment was perfect.
    I had no other explanation.
    I have no photo to corroborate this but take my word this did happen and it was actually a bit frightening it you must know.
    I cant say I really enjoy this experience.
    I’d say it’s about as scary coming face to face with a big alligator while in the car.
    I’ve experienced both.

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