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Reportedly haunted by the original owner, people claim they have seen his apparition walking the hallways, that they hear his footsteps and that he moves objects in the Inn.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    543 Maine St
    Poland, ME 04274
    United States

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    44.02667960057178, -70.36547892988585
    Androscoggin County, Maine
    Nearest Towns:
    Poland, ME (2.7 mi.)
    Minot, ME (4.7 mi.)
    Mechanic Falls, ME (6.0 mi.)
    New Gloucester, ME (6.0 mi.)
    Casco, ME (7.9 mi.)
    Auburn, ME (8.3 mi.)
    Lewiston, ME (9.0 mi.)
    Oxford, ME (9.6 mi.)
    Gray, ME (9.9 mi.)
    Raymond, ME (10.1 mi.)

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    1. Hello I have not stayed there. But a friend and I would like to stay there sometime and take pic and EVP. But we would need to know where in there would be the best place to do the things in the inn. And yes you would get a set of pic and EVP. Hope to talk sometime.

    2. I was working as a camp counselor at Tripp Lake Camp back in the summer of 1995 & 1996. Because of the proximity to the camp, we used to frequent Poland Spring Inn to get a bite to eat and a drink. One night a group of us were there, sitting in the Gazebo and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person walking the on the lawn. The other counselors didn’t see it and wondered what I was looking at. I explained what I saw. Strange but true, a man (ghost) walking the lawn at night.

    3. I stayed in the Hiram Riccar cottage at the beautiful Poland spring Resort. The night before leaving, I had a visitor in my room. They took a seat at the end of my bed. My sister, in another room, had an experience the same night. Someone came into the bedroom and stood at the head of the bed. My cousin, in another cottage on the other side of the property, had an experience that SAME night! It may seem unbelievable, but, it is all 100% true! When I went to check out the museum from the World’s Fair and spoke to the attendant, I was told I looked JUST like Hiram Riccar’s daughter! FREAKY!! But awesome and I loved the resort!!

    4. My friend used to work 3rd shift maintcince there and i would stop in and see him after i got out very strange things would happen if you are outside at night you can hear horse and buggy and thats how the owners funeral was done was by horse and buggy also things banging on the wall foot steps things moved and when we would drive by the presidential inn all the doors would lock themselves and wouldnt unlock until we where down the road

    5. I worked as a housekeeper for Poland spring. I had an experience there. I believe I saw Hiram Riccar in the library. I was vacuuming the hall headed to the library I saw a man in there through the window. I went through the door and said good morning but there was no one there. I was also working the presidential suite on the third floor the hallways are very creepy and going room to room is more creepier some rooms you feel like your being watched. I didn’t like working alone up there. Well one day I was cleaning the bathroom and realized it was lunch break I left the toilet bowl cleaner on the back of the toilet when I would return the toilet bowl cleaner was gone I knew I had left it there but searched and searched finally I found it it was at the opposite side of the floor in a room I already cleaned. They say Hiram or another spirit likes to play tricks on the workers. I believe this place is haunted since I had an experience there but the problem presence is fun and not scary at all. My ex boss even has a picture of a ghost near a tree in her office believed to be of a lady that was taken behind the diner area.

    6. Last night as I lay across my bed in complete darkness after a full day of work, I suddenly felt something begin to slowly grab pull my covers back. Paralyzed with fright I could not move, as the hand began to strip away the covers. I then felt a crippled hand glide across my face and heard “this hand”. I’ll never forget this voice; a decently high pitched, crackling voice. The skin felt rough like sand paper and cold as ice. My body was released from shock and I screamed as loud as I could and ran out of my room until I made it to the lobby where I immediately checked out of the hotel. I’ll never forget this experience. None the less, the place is a beauty, the view is unbeatable and the breakfast is immaculate. 5/5

        • I remember one time driving around in my friends car. This was before the fire (after 1974). Those huge wooden buildings. We were just putting around. Nobody there. I mean the entire property. Not one person. I’ll never forget the feeling we had. We were all very nervous. Scared even. I’ve never forgotten that day. Didn’t see anything but, we KNEW that SOMETHING was there.

    7. I used to do house keeping here as well. Yes it’s haunted. What I noticed was the pictures always came off the wall and were left face down on the floor or on the bed. There was also vacant rooms that would look like someone slept in them. We would have to pick up after the ghost lol. Some rooms felt very very heavy like u knew someone else was there with you. Others seemed fine. Down stairs in the basement was the strangest spot. Definitely activity down there by the theater

    8. i went here for a overnight feild trip and me and my friends kept seeing weird figures of a man and girls beds have been messed up after they made them and some of my friends stuff was moved.

    9. Hi everyone, I just finished taking my honeymoon at Poland Springs Resort. My husband and I had a few ghostly moments and we honestly believe the place is haunted. We even left a day early after the events escalated. The first night we stayed there our chapsticks went missing. I remember explicitly putting it on the nightstand because I needed to close my luggage, and the moment I turned away I heard knocking on the wall beside the nighstand. I got spooked and looked up; my chapstick was gone and i could not find it anywhere. I tore apart the whole room and never found it. There was no furnature or sheet I didnt move, it just vanished. A few hours later my husband asked if I had his chapstick, which he left on the bathroom sink in the morning right after we checked in. We did not find his either. We were in the mountain view wing and we always got the feeling of being watched. That wing was empty except for us since we were booked during the week. Its an important detail to note because following day around 6am we woke up to someone trying to open our door. The door was shaking loudly and while my husband got out of bed I noticed no shadow under the door. There’s a large gap between the door and the floor and if anyone was standing there we would have seen their shadow or maybe a shoe. There was nothing to be seen. When he opened the door no one was in the hall and we didnt hear any room doors closing. Right in front of our room is the heavy door that separates the different wings of the hotel. That door did not open or close either, so we were completely alone in the hall while our room door was roughly being shaken as if someone was trying to get in. The next few days we felt at night like we were being watched and could hear talking in the other rooms, but again we were the only people in that wing. The final night we stayed there was rain, which i think might be the trigger to the ghost? I dont know, but something about the rain amplified everything. I kept hearing horses pulling carraiges outside of our window through the night and the voices from the other rooms sounded like a party. I couldnt catch anything distinct but there was laughing, lots of overlapping voices, and occasionally it sounded like music might have been playing. Everytime we popped our heads out into the hallway we couldnt hear the voices, horses/carriages, or music. It was only when we shut our door and stayed in the room that we could hear everything. Eventually we fell asleep, around 2am I felt someone sit on my foot. It was heavy and cold and freaked me out but when we turned the lights on nothing was there. Then around 6-7am we were woken up again to our door trying to be opened. It was much more violent this time and even the doorknob kept turning. That was enough to get us to check out after breakfast. Other than the spooky happenings the place is nice, the staff is super friendly and its relaxing to sit out on the porch. We had heard that the Presidental Inn was haunted, but we stayed at the Main Inn and hadnt expected or heard of others having an experience in that building. The downstairs basement/theater was closed off so maybe the ghosts are upset about that? I dont know but it was definitely an unsettling week

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