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A little boy is believed to haunt one of the top-floor rooms of this 1884 hotel. His laughter has been heard, and he likes to flush the toilet when no one is in the room.

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301 3rd Ave
Medora, ND 58645
United States

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46.91509503365798, -103.52403387368008
Billings County, North Dakota
Nearest Towns:
Medora, ND (0.1 mi.)
Sentinel Butte, ND (14.9 mi.)
Belfield, ND (15.5 mi.)
Beach, ND (22.7 mi.)
Golva, ND (25.2 mi.)
South Heart, ND (25.4 mi.)
Amidon, ND (31.4 mi.)
Wibaux, MT (31.7 mi.)
Dickinson, ND (34.8 mi.)
New England, ND (40.5 mi.)

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  1. Before they remodeled the place me and my mother stayed there during the off season. We were the only ones in the place, and when we got there is was pretty late in the night. I had heard that this place had some ghostly issues, but wasn’t even thinking about it at the time. As we got upstairs, I felt as if we were being watched…and it really didn’t help that there was mirrors up and down the hall on each side. Walking passed the mirrors just made me cringe, and as soon as we got to our room (last one at that the end of the hall) I heard some footsteps behind us an then the toilet flushing in a bout 4 rooms that were near us at the same time. Needless to say we ran inside our room, shut the door and stayed in till morning.

  2. A) I was just there about 4 weeks ago for my girlfriends wedding and while I was taking a picture of them standing by there wedding cake, I saw 2 blue orbs come out of the wall in the conference room!!! By the time my camera took the picture, they had disappeared.

    2) My gf and her husband just went back last weekend and according to her, her husband had her tapping on their walls all night!!! They were in room 505.

  3. I was there in 1996 before they remodeled the place. When I was there it was the off season so no one was there besides my boyfriend and I. I didn’t know it was just him and I. So later at night I got up to go to the bathroom when I got out I saw a little 8-10 year old boy staring at my with a creepy smile sitting next to the chair. I ran to my bed and jumped in(By the way my room was on the top floor.) I also heard the toilet flush by itself. In the middle of the night my boyfriend and I heard noises like foot steps, tapping, and thumping. The next morning I went down stairs and was talking to the head chef at the time I was telling him about the loud people who were up all night. He said no one else was there!!!! People had told him before about noises too.Super creepy! So 20 and 1/2 years later I looked on the internet to see if people had creepy stories too. A lot of the stories sounded similar. When I saw that the hotel was believed to be haunted by a little boy I got a ton of goosebumps. I never heard that the hotel was haunted by a little boy before!!!! Does anyone know who the little boy is believed to be!

  4. My wife and I stayed in the the top floor room in 2009 on our honeymoon. We got to medora at around 3 and checked in. The restaurant was still being built so the bottom floor was closed. At around 11pm I was going out to the car( to have a smoke) and when I got to the balcony I noticed a little boy about 4 or 5 years old in the foyer playing on the floor. He was in all white and had really worn brown shoes on. He looked at me and smiled and then proceeded to walk into the restaurant area. Didn’t really think nothing of it at first. When I went down the stairs I noticed every light was off in the construction area. Went outside and when I came back in, i tried to see if the door to the restaurant was unlocked, it wasnt. So i went straight to my room were my wife was. I mentioned it to her and she laughed a little about it and marked it as a night front Desk having thier kid with them. We are getting ready for bed and we hear the toilet flush, we are both in bed so we laughed about it saying it was a ghost and all the sudden the toilet fushed again. When we got home we talked about it and tried to come up with a answer. It’s been 13 years and we still believe we came in contact with a ghost from years past. Have researched it and haven’t found anything that could give us an answer. Still go to medora every year for our anniversary but stay at a different place.

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