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This historic house is a private residence and has been undergoing renovations for almost two decades. A previous owner killed his wife and children, before sealing the house and hanging himself in an upstairs bedroom. Visitors to the home have reported furniture moving around by itself and barricading rooms, and seeing the figure of a man hanging in the master bedroom.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

35 West 4th Street
Dickinson, ND
United States

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46.882819, -102.78550899999999
Stark County, North Dakota
Nearest Towns:
Dickinson, ND (0.3 mi.)
South Heart, ND (9.8 mi.)
Gladstone, ND (10.4 mi.)
Taylor, ND (17.1 mi.)
Belfield, ND (19.6 mi.)
Richardton, ND (22.2 mi.)
Manning, ND (24.0 mi.)
New England, ND (24.1 mi.)
Dunn Center, ND (33.4 mi.)
Regent, ND (33.7 mi.)


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Comments (15)

  1. I used to live 2 blocks away and walked passed this house every night. I always had a bad feeling as I walked by, and on a few occasions saw transparent figures in the windows.

  2. Christine Biel  |  

    I lived in the “Lion House” in one of the upstairs apartments and nothing strange ever happened. I had two cats and they never acted weird. They did catch a bat once in the attic. My mom said a guy did hang himself while living there, but it was in the detached garage. The girl living in the other apartment said she never experienced anything weird either.

  3. Nathan Widdicombe  |  

    I would love to talk to whomever about doing a paranormal investigation at this location, to see if once and for all this house that has been a legend for years is truly haunted. An entire night in the house from dusk until dawn.

  4. I walked past one night in 2012, I tried to set one of the lions up that was knocked over. Within 2 hours I had a heart attack and was immediatley transported to Bismarck for surgery.

  5. We spent more time trying to fix broken windows and smashed in doors from vandals and “ghost seekers” than we did on the renovation of the property. It’s sites like these that fan the flames of lies and rumors that cause people like us to spent hundreds of dollars a year protecting our property. What gives you people the right to trespass and break into a residence just because it’s not occupied, looking for thrills. Sold it two years ago…couldn’t handle the vandalism anymore. New owner also has had break-ins, kicked down doors and broken windows…sad. d

  6. I walk by this house very often. I get vibes about people and places. The only vibe I get about this house is incredible sadness. Not from me, from outside of me. Its a beautiful house. Took a pic this morning.

  7. Lori Leonhardt  |  

    This is the first, among many, pictures I took with my iPhone, there are a couple faces in the window! And I have some other pictures of someone hanging themself off the front porch! I have more photos as well I’d love to put it in public I don’t know where other than my Facebook

  8. Hello! I am a 13 year old boy and I was looking at the house today with my friend. We didn’t break anyone, or go inside something, but we did get a wet wipe and clean the window in the garage. We took a picture and we saw a shelf, a bath tub, and a ladder to the attic of the garage, and some other small things in there. I would just like to send this because it seems like the garage hasn’t been opened in decades.

  9. We drove past today, and the entire roof and upstairs porch was literally covered in pigeons! Is there something they can sense in the house? Before we left Dickinson, we drove past again and they were all gone.

  10. Hi again; I was in Dickinson recently and took this picture of the house. It’s so incredibly beautiful, art that so well built, quality! they don’t make them like this anymore!

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