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Once the “Rosamond Insane Asylum” stood here, but it was demolished years and years ago. Now only some ruins remain, but locals swear that the souls of those who died here also linger. Extreme temperature differences and eerie feelings abound. Some claim to have found evidence of human sacrifices performed in the area.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Ave F-12 and 80th
    Antelope Acres, CA
    United States

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    34.73771711127199, -118.27593469584826
    Los Angeles County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Quartz Hill, CA (7.2 mi.)
    Leona Valley, CA (8.3 mi.)
    Lancaster, CA (8.4 mi.)
    Lake Hughes, CA (10.5 mi.)
    Rosamond, CA (10.8 mi.)
    Green Valley, CA (11.2 mi.)
    Desert View Highlands, CA (12.3 mi.)
    Palmdale, CA (14.2 mi.)
    Agua Dulce, CA (16.9 mi.)
    Vincent, CA (18.7 mi.)


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    1. I was visiting the location at approximately 10 pm about a week before Halloween 2012. My daughters where in costume since I had just picked them up from a party. We had three candied apples with us and they were fresh apples, verified because I had checked them and they were very firm and my daughter had just eaten one. We walked around the only on the building foundations. We didn’t hear or see anything while we there and we were there a good 45 minutes to an hour. We had left the candied apples in the car, when we got back to the car my younger daughter took a bite of fresh apple and when she took a bite of it the apple squished and was black on the inside. I checked the others and they to were now soft and upon cutting them open the inside of the apples were black. This was much darker then the normal brown that the apples turn once cut open and left and they turn brown. These were BLACK.. it was a nice upper 50’s low 60’s during the visit so that would not account for the apples turning bad even in a hot vehicle, that would not explain the color change and the rotting of the apples in such a extreme rate. If anyone has any explanation or theory, please let me know.

    2. During a visit to the location during the summer of 2013 with my daughter at approximately 11:30 pm. We had been to the location on a previous time (comment submitted) we had only walked around the old foundations. This time they were a bit more adventuresome. We walked the perimeter and the grounds and found the swimming pool almost fully filled with sand. We followed the wall and during the walk my girls were walking about 10 feet in front of me and I was trying to take pictures with my Digital SLR and the camera would not focus. Before leaving for the location I had fully charged my two camera batteries. during the time that I was there trying to take pictures, a battery that normally lasted and last in excess of 100 photos are completely dead. after 15 minutes of being at the location. But back to what I was saying. While walking around the perimeter and my girls walking ahead of me I am hearing the voices of young boys, sounding about early teens, voices not yet changed, coming from beside and behind me. I am not able to understand what was being said but voices anyway. We continued around the area and found some areas of the back of the ground that it looked like the demolished buildings had been buried in the back area of the location, North of the foundations. all the time that we are walking I am hearing these voices. We have not seen anything to this time. As we were walking to the area that we were parked, I began hearing the voices sounding like mumbling and as we got closer to the front where the buildings and were the inner courtyard was, I heard a rusle in a bush that had grown in the courtyard. I shined a flash light, 9 led flashlight, and just behind a bush and at the very edge of my light there was a figure of a boy about 10-12 years old standing behind the bush. I knew that it was strange because there was a white plaster area behind where he was and I was able to see it directly THREW him… I watched him and called for my oldest daughter who had her camera and a charged battery to come over to me quickly, not taking my eyes off the figure. As she was getting to me she made a strange sound and I had to loo away and when I turned back he was gone. I took a few pictures of the area just to see if I would catch anything. Unfortunately nothing was captured. I am planning to return to the area when I am able with or without my kids sometime in the near future, I will report any new information or happenings. if there is anyone out there who reads this and has new areas, primarily in the Antelope Valley, that I could go and check out please let me know my email is Please put in the subject line “New locations”. Thanks everyone.

      • I used to go out to this place and would hear children’s voices and it sounded like someone walking behind me on the foundations. This happened all 3 times during the late 90s. At that time there were still some walls up and the place was a mess from the buildings deteriorating. I have paranormal equipment now and would love to go back out there but was told the property is private and it’s trespassing that’s enforced by local neighbors to the property. Wonder if they have any activity in their homes.

    3. The property was actually at one point a TB Sanitarium and later a boy’s home, called believe it or not Krueger ranch. If you go to the hall of records you can access all existing records on this place.

      • Ive been here many times with my friends. Sadly nothings ever Happened for us except the odd drop in temperatures. Its been 7 years maybe ill go back. Anywho we learned about the tb sanitarium and kruegar ranch. Ive herd a ton of stories about this place.

    4. I went here, I left my 7 year old son in my car and when I came back the car wouldn’t start, we tried to get out but it was locked! My phone battery suddenly went dead, but thankfully my IPad was working! Sent a KIK message to my wife and she called the fire dept.! Thank you god for Ipads!

    5. I can attest to this place being haunted I have gone out there with a couple of my friends twice now and have caught at least 2 EVPs one of which said my friends name and there is a dark presence out there

    6. You don’t know what you are talking about. This place was never an asylum, it was a TB sanitarium for many years and a boys home after that. The only thing crazy about the place are the idiots that believe any of your stories.

      • I walk my dog through this area almost every evening. It’s fascinating to see all the foundations and the pool and court yard. I’d like to see pictures of what it used to look like. The county records do NOT show that this was ever an asylum. According to the county, it originated as a hospital for tb patients and was later a school for a short time before it was closed and the buildings were demolished. I think that anyone who hears voices or noises probably has an overactive imagination and expects to hear them. The wind blows like nothing else out here causing sound to carry very easily and brush to move and trash and debris to fly around. It’s not supernatural…it’s just a fact…the wind blows. The temperature fluctuates with the wind. I live VERY close to this place and I’m pretty sure my property isn’t haunted but the temperature does change often. Sometime it drops as much as 5-10 degrees and then is back up in a couple of minutes. It’s the way of the desert. I enjoy a good ghost story as much as the next guy, but I have to say…the stories about this place are a bit far fetched for me since I have been there daily forever. OR…maybe the spirits just accept me as one of their friends and leave me alone…..

    7. this is a change to what i posted before i went on a ghost hunt out there with my friends and we captured an EVP that we believe said “I will get you” and then i was in a way attacked by an unknown force

    8. My friend and I went there today Dec, 29 2014 around 3:30 we walked the buildings we really saw nothing out of the ordinary. However we both felt sick to our stomach but other than that nothing just junk and strangely newer looking tires.

    9. This place was never a asylum or a TB sanatarium. It was a rest home for people who were recovering from TB and were stable enough to swim, do arts abd crafts, garden, exercise, and have a good time. It was originally opened by a local football player who played for USC in the 40s. His name was Antelope Al and he died in 2003. He was beloved by all who knew him and was known for his acts of charity such as this place. It was later used as a camp for troubled youth and in the 80s it was purchased by our Fire Department to be burnt down with a controlled fire to train new recruits. Not a very scary place afterall.

      • Thank you james1 for posting honorary facts about Anetelope Al. However according to the Los Angeles Times obituary article dated Feb 22, 1999 Alvin John Krueger passed away on Feb 20th 1999 at the age of 79 due to cancer. In addition to being a USC football hero, he also served in World War II as a naval air instuctor. He is an American Veteran and should be honored as such. All other posts should be disregarded and be considered as hateful spew from ignorant clowns. I am an artist and will be showcasing a sculpture of veteran Krueger at the Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in Lancaster this coming September 2015. Hopefully the sculpture will give veteran Krueger a voice and share his perspective of what it is like to have a honorable legacy turn into a dispicable urban legend. May his soul Rest in Peace and may you haters STFU…

        • That’s wonderful. There used to be some really epic people out here..I wish more people were into preserving their memories.
          That being said, urban legends are important parts of any community.I think without those, newer generations wouldn’t be interested in exploring their communities and eventually learn the true stories. Communities aren’t as tight knit as they used to be. Urban legends start from a speck of truth..and without them, where would all of our beloved fairy tales have come from?

      • Who knows why kids call places what they do. All I know is that when I attended AV High and AVC in the early to mid 1990s all the kids called this place “The Asylum”. I only went there once.

        Lethal Weapon was filming locally, remember the scene at the end where they burned down the unfinished housing tract? So some friends and I went out one night hoping to watch some action, maybe see a star or two. Security kept us so far away that we saw nothing and got bored. So someone suggested we go to the asylum instead. Just some gutted buildings, no windows or doors. The scariest thing I recall seeing was all the white supremacist graffiti taggers had left behind. The night we went, there was a central area between the buildings where some couples had lit a fire and were making out.

    10. This place is truly eerie I went here with my 3 cousins and brother back in the summer of 2008 , we went about at around 12am we had just had dinner and wanted to go out for a ride and drive around Lancaster because me and my bro are from sac they treated us and jokingly say “let’s go ghost hunting ” anyway It was a about a 15 min ride into the dessert one road no street lights just us in what seemed a really dark and lonely road. As we we arrive and turned into the driveway and approached the demolished foundations and parked our Jeep Grand Cherokee we decide to have a look around. The weather was about 70-85 degrees a good summer night , I still remember to this day I was shivering and had goosebumps like crazy non stop , for no reason when the weather that night was about right I knew then that something didn’t feel right. We pressed on anyway. We step out the jeep and my cousin decides he wants to go check around the wardens office because he claimed he had heard a noise of some kind we put the flashlight on him while he carries his own and he makes his way towards the building while me and my other two cousins and bro stay back in front of the buildings. He manages to creep inside and disappears for a minute . Out of nowhere we hear him say “it’s nothing just a creaky window sill” . When he walked back he sees and hears a black figure swift through the windows of the warden offices he then starts running towards us flailing to go back in the car. We hop back into the jeep and he’s loudly sighs “let’s get out of here” he puts the key into the ignition and he turns it over .. But the car won’t start he tries and again it clicks but won’t start he says “lock the doors lock the doors!” We sit there quietly in the car my heart pumps the loudest I’m almost about to freaking I’m aimlessly staring outside the Windows the front the side the back . Next thing we know we hear the most eeriest and at the moment scariest music coming from outside the jeep it sounded like one of those wind up ballerina makeup sets that spins with a mirror ,you know the one with the twinkley music. It was audible from outside and it went underneath and all around the exterior of the car and mind you the cars electricity was shot so it was no way from the speakers. It was all to overwhelming we freaked out and my cousins last attempt to start the car was there he frantically turns the key over and boom the jeep roars to life and we smash outta of there . The craziest and most analog ghost experience I’ve ever encountered. There’s definetly spirits there not sure if they are evil but they definetly had a I want to play with feel atmosphere . Somethings is there guys . Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me . Good luck

    11. i used to party there in the 90s. there was a devil tree out there i still have pics of. what we think were human bones and what we know were goat bones… maybe all of it was goat lol either way, we used to go party with the tree to show it respect. and we did see quite a bit of weird shit out there. stand in the desert halfway between ave g and the side of the asylum late at knight and see if you notice white shirts running tree to tree from the asylum fence twards 80th st.

    12. I saw a Male spirit with long hair in a straight jacket running around and seemed skitish but was well aware we were there. Than walked on one of the foundations and heard kids laughing.

    13. Bullshit. Been here all my life 40 years. This is straight trash for people to sit here and think that there was an insane asylum here in Rosemond.

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