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The legend told about Sand Canyon Road involves some teens who crashed their car in the mid-1980s near the intersection of Warm Springs Road and Sand Canyon Road on their prom night. A female ghost teen has been seen, trying to rustle up assistance for her injured friends.

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Geographic Information

Warm Springs Road and Sand Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA
United States

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34.3897015087778, -118.41435670852661
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Santa Clarita, CA (7.3 mi.)
San Fernando, CA (7.6 mi.)
Agua Dulce, CA (8.9 mi.)
Valencia, CA (11.7 mi.)
Northridge, CA (13.2 mi.)
Acton, CA (13.6 mi.)
Castaic, CA (13.7 mi.)
Chatsworth, CA (14.1 mi.)
Van Nuys, CA (14.2 mi.)
Val Verde, CA (14.4 mi.)


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  1. Last night with a friend, I investigated this place with 2 night vision cameras and an EMF detector. We went around 1am early in the morning. The EMF detector remained flat for most the night and even zero’ed out 0.0 a few times, but did spike within paranormal levels a few times. Also, there was a point were a potential EVP may have been caught, as my friend her a male teen voice say something. We’re trying to go back over the footage now and see if we can determine what was being said. #GhostTalk

    • Additional reports indicate that the kids were coming from prom and headed up to the Nike Missile Site LA-94 near Bear Divide. It’s reported that there was 1 girl and 3 guys in the vehicle that crashed.

    • Hi Jon, I work for KHTS and we are doing a story on paranormal activity within the sand canyon area. Did anything come up on the video? Would you mind if we did an interview of you and your encounter?

    • Matthew beardsley  |  

      John is this at the intersection of warm springs and sand canyon? I am going to do a little investigating there myself.

  2. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if this place was haunted. So many accidents where people have died happened here. Someone I knew died just a few years ago from drunk driving on sand canyon. I remember being at the scene the night after the accident and it felt very uncomfortable I kept getting the chills and it was very very dark. I was with a bunch of people, but it still felt off and I made sure to keep looking behind me. Weirdly quiet too, considering there were a lot of houses.

  3. I saw a ghost there he had a red hat on , was really disturbing how he approached my vehicle , i cant really share how but it was the wierdest thing ive seen your definitely not alone if you drive there alone at night

  4. One time when I was 17 years old (back in 1997) I was driving up Sand Canyon with my now wife, but we were newly dating at this time. We were heading to some chick’s house to party for the rest of the night. It was about 2:30 AM and I was driving south (towards the Nike base from Soledad Cyn Rd) and just passing the Robinson’s Ranch turnout on my left. At that time, it was a big open dirt construction lot which had been grated and prepared for that which would later become the gulf course and homes. It was gated with a cheap chain link fence gate and locked, but there was a footpath that was open for accessing the property. Upon passing the opening of the turn out (which was marked with a paved road through the center of the property) we saw what looked like a little pale person that I thought was a kid (my girl confirmed w/ a scared look). I slammed on my breaks, flipped a bitch and rushed back to the turnout that was substantially large between the Sand Cyn white outside lane line and the locked chain link gate. My headlight lit the kid up and I jumped out of my car and calmly, as nurturing as I could, approached who looked like a little boy about ten years old. He had walked around and used the footpath and already on the other side of the locked gate. He has something in his hand like he was taking it somewhere, but the really scary thing was that he was barefoot. No shoes had my instinct to help and protect at max level and I was asking him if he was okay or if he was hurt, blah blah blah (I’ve always be very good with kids and animals and they feel like they can trust me instantly so that’s why my girl wasn’t doing this instead of me, she didn’t care for kids particularly). He didn’t seem scared, hurt or anything like that. He wouldn’t answer me when I asked where his home and shoes were nor would he come to me so we could get him home or get a police officer or something. We didn’t quite have cell phones (i got my first one in 1998) and it was nearly 2:30 AM so after talking to me very opening I figured he’d jump to get in the car. My girl, Kelly is very sweet, soft and pretty and people instantly feel comfortable with her around also as she’s so non-threatening. Instead, he just stood there and wouldn’t speak much more. I couldn’t leave him, so I told him I was going to wait here with him while Kelly drives my car to our friends and phone’s the police. I went to let Kelly out of the passenger side (so I could escort her to the driver’s seat and adjust it for her) and after closing her door, I glanced up at the kid and he was gone. Nowhere to be found. It was at or near a full moon an I could see for long distances and I could not see that little boy ANYWHERE in just two seconds. Kelly had been fumbling with her purse, so she wasn’t watching him either. I came back 20 min after arriving at my friends house, but never saw the barefoot boy again. I thank God that he didn’t wait to disappear until AFTER Kelly left or I’d been out there by myself at 3 AM until the cop arrived and that would have sucked.

  5. I’ve seen the silhouette of a young woman running along this route at 3:00 am when I was driving through, but I thought nothing of it. I was very tired, and though it was just my imagination but after reading all of these comments, it’s giving me goosebumps.

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