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This retired ocean liner that once sailed for the Cunard Line is now a permanently docked museum ship. Inside are a hotel, several restaurants, and the ship museum. Her maiden voyage was in 1936, and she sailed until 1967. The historic attraction has hosted haunted houses for Halloween, complete with real spirits who are said to linger on the ship. Rumor has it that Cabin B340 is haunted by a murder victim, and ghostly children can be heard playing in the ship’s nursery. Also, the engine room is haunted by a sailor who was killed there, and a Lady in White, who is unidentified, also has been seen. The ship has been featured in books and on TV shows including Unsolved Mysteries and Ghost Hunters.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Off Queens Hwy
    Long Beach, CA
    United States

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    33.752551, -118.19025299999998
    Los Angeles County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Long Beach, CA (1.0 mi.)
    Signal Hill, CA (3.8 mi.)
    Seal Beach, CA (5.0 mi.)
    San Pedro, CA (6.0 mi.)
    Rossmoor, CA (6.5 mi.)
    Sunset Beach, CA (7.4 mi.)
    West Carson, CA (7.6 mi.)
    Carson, CA (7.6 mi.)
    Los Alamitos, CA (7.6 mi.)
    Lomita, CA (7.7 mi.)


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    1. In 2000 I spent a week Aboard The Mary in that week walking through the halls I always felt uneasy. I had a room towards the Bow of the ship On my Second night I was awoken with the sound Of children Laughing and running. The next morning I asked to Switch room Because of all the kids keeping me up all night. The lady at the front desk told us there were no kids on the ship. That day 1 I kept the room to see if it would happen again but it didn’t. I also thought I might have seen something down stairs at the pool but at the time I thought It was my eyes playing tricks on me.

    2. My night at the queen Mary was in 2008 I was walking to my assigned room when I looked in the hallway and saw this shadow running in to a room my body got full of goosebumps and I called the lady in the desk that attended me she said that that’s awkward because their was no one in that floor besides us. The 4rth night I was thirsty for water and I woke up and under the door I saw a shadow again but walking past the light from the hallway I opened the door to see if their was anyone their but it was empty I was tired of these shadows that I was up all night trying to see if I can catch anything in my phone and I took some pictures in the hallway and in my room. When I checked my phone through my pictured and one video I took 2 picture had a aperition of a man with a hat and my video had little boys laughing and saying all aboard and running I was frightened to hear these noises. Next day I told the lady at the desk and she told me the story about what happened to the old ship before this replica of the queen Mary. These were some things I experienced at the queen Mary and I just also want to say I live 30 min from the ship and my aunt works their so my aunt probably already had experience also.

    3. My fiancee and I spent a weekend. Wonderful. Did an investigation with Matthew Schulz from ParaXplorer that lasted until about 2AM. Really great night. Captured an EVP of a young girl speaking as we left the dressing rooms toward the pool. The next morning (Monday) we went back down into the engine room and captured two Class A EVP’s from questions directed to John Pedder. Fantastic location and very, very active.

    4. to all those that have experienced something at the Queen Mary, what a lucky thing. I have not experience anything in my 3 trips there. Though staying and searching makes for a great trip and one heck of a night, I am still not convinced about the QMary. Though if there were any activitie going on, I would say that you would have to go down to the bowls of the ship. I couldn’t tell if the noise were coming from the water and sea life that live around the bottom or from inside. It did sound as if the stairway is (if any place) about the only “active” place. Either steps down the stairs or the ship rocking, still undecided on that one.

    5. My husband and I were wandering the boat one night and we came to this small area and there was a door totally blocked off with no other entrance, but behind the door came a bunch of people talking and sounded like a party. Also walking in one of the lower floors we felt like someone was following us. we were told it was one of the most haunted parts of the ship

    6. I was at the Queen Mary a couple weeks ago on the Paranormal Investigations tour with Matthew Schulz from ParaXplorer. I have been on the Paranormal Shipwalk tour, which took us to the haunted parts of the ship, but if you are in the paranormal field I would highly suggest taking the paranormal investigations tour. We explored the most haunted places of the ship, and were provided equipment used for ghost hunting. I brought some of my own gear to see if I could catch anything, and I did. My EMF meter went off a few times in the boiler room, caught pics of orbs, and I was able to capture disembodied voices on my camcorder. It was a great experience.

    7. My family and I spent two nights on the Queen Mary back in July of 2012. We had checked into a room on the same level as the checking desk, sadly I don’t remember the room number, I do remember it was right at the bulk head connecting point that can be seen in the hallways throughout the ship, father toward the aft of the ship. We didn’t like the room, I won’t say why here, and upon leaving the room at about 9pm my family left the room and made a right turn to go down the hall. I stopped to allow a man who appeared to work on the ship to go ahead of me. He was wearing a dark blue uniform similar to a captains uniform, short white beard maybe an inch or two long and a blue sailors hat. The uniform was of the circa of 20’s or 30’s. I turned to tell my family that I would catch up to them and turned back to let the captain go ahead and he was gone… Once we checked into the 2nd room on the B level of the ship, we got situated and I proceeded to go to the bar on the bow of the ship, I was there at about 9;45-10 pm. I had a birthday drink and watched the 40’s music and dancing taking place. I finally returned to the room at approximately 0100. It wasn’t until morning that I learned that at about 11 pm the door sounded like it opened and closed which woke my wife. Since is was dark in the room my family saw no one. My wife shortly latter felt the gentle shacking of her shoulder that woke her. She said get to be out loud and the shacking stopped. We later found that the room was on the list for persons being shaken awake in the room. The person that I had seen in the hallway, I believe to be the captain, the person I saw closely resembled the actual Captain in the pictures in the wheelhouse. I hope someone else has seen the Captain, He really did not strike me as a threatening entity, only as someone checking the activity on the ship.

    8. I decided to go take a self audio tour by myself recently at the Queen Mary. I was all the way at the bottom of the ship were the bow is and near the propellor. I got lost for a little bit and with no signal to contact anyone I started to look at the map on the audio tour. I heard someone walking my way so I thought to myself ‘okay I’ll just wait for who’s coming my way.’ I waited by the entrance where I got lost. No one showed up. So I resumed walking and I heard the foot steps again. Turned around… Nothing. I ended up by the propellor and I found an old couple there who helped me go back to the decks. I did ask them if they walked towards the direction I pointed and they said no. And no the foot steps weren’t from the audio tour I had it in pause throughout that time I got lost, I just used it for the map. Lesson learned, never go by yourself down to the lower decks or the engine rooms.

    9. There are many other ghosts that were seen near the pool area of the haunted queen Mary. Crying of children, disturbing noises and mysterious figures are some signs that prove the RMS a spooky ship. I would give reference of an article here- http://www.hauntedplacesincalifornia.com/2015/12/11-most-haunted-places-in-california-for-fright-lovers.html

      In during my visit, I have captured some ghostly images of a kid and a woman in white near the pool area. I think the Ouija board test will be a productive one.

        • Shut up, you obviously don’t know anything about the ship, so just keep you mouth shut, good? I know more about the ship than you!

          • Paranormal investigator Peter James spent so much time of the Queen Mary ,and now that he has passed I have often wondered if his spirit roams the decks of the Queen Mary

            • Hayden G  |  

              His ghost is said to roam the hallways of the Queen Mary. So sad that the Queen Mary’s owner had filed for Bankruptcy

    10. I can’t say FOR SURE that this was anything paranormal, but I was working a special event that allowed me to be alone in the ship’s Isolation Ward after-hours. To get there, you go down a short set of stairs and walk down a small hallway. After about half an hour I decided to walk back up and get some fresh air because it’s rather hot down there. As I was walking back down the hallway to get to the stairs, for some reason I began to get the feeling like someone was walking right behind me, which is weird because I was totally fine before (I don’t get creeped out easily). I started walking up the stairs and I could SWEAR out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow in my peripheral vision. Again, this could’ve been my mind playing tricks, but who knows…?

    11. You know, 600 ghosts reportedly roam the Queen Mary, but I can name one other ghost. In 1942 the Mary collided with a smaller ship, the HMS Curacoa, and visitors have heard the incident happen since then, reporting ghostly screams for help.

    12. In the boiler room the phone rang then fell off the wall. Soon after my children seen a raccoon running around and when they chased it it disappeared into thin air. My kids freaked out and started screaming. We all ran out of there. If you want to experience something go alone or with a few people quietly into the boiler room.

    13. Without a doubt, most haunted place in the world! From seeing Jackie first hand as well as other manifestations (one I caught and posted to YouTube), including items moving around deck, I got more than I bargined for during my 2 1/2 night stay! I have a sixth sense….didn’t need their special effects tour! Take the paranormal tour!!!! This is BUCKET LIST BABY!!!!

    14. I was a frequent visitor to the Ship, and was fortunate enough to work onboard in the Accounting Department for over two years. One morning I arrived at work, and entered our office. It was an inside stateroom, with partitions. Our office manager had an office with a window and a glass door. I saw a woman standing in the office, looking at a piece of paper. I went around the corner to put my purse down, and came back around to start the coffee. Her office was empty now, and a few seconds later she walked in, through the door from the passage way. I said “Wow, I thought I just saw you in your office”, and she replied she had just arrived.
      My mom and I spent the night on the ship during Halloween. Our bathroom door in our suite refused to stay closed, we could watch it swing open.
      We were having lunch one day in the Promenade Cafe’, and I swear we saw the form of a woman in a very pretty floral dress come in and sit down at a table. She then vanished into thin air.
      My co-worker had a key to the elevator, we used to spend our lunch breaks visiting off limit areas in search of spirits. There were a lot of stories of sightings from people who worked on board, and it usually centered around the Front Desk of the Hotel. Also the Pool, Jail, and former crew kitchen.
      I truly loved working there, and the Queen will always have a place in my heart.

    15. So i was on a field trip with my classmates and we where in a long hallway and i was in the back of our group. All of a sudden i hear some scream “Hey YOU!” it sounded like an old mans voice. I look back and no one was there. My friends all looked at each other and they said… did you hear that? I said… YES!!! We scrambled up to the front of the line. I saw the hall lights flicker a whole bunch after that. Supposedly we were really close to the haunted room on the ship. Every time i think about i get goosebumps

    16. A few days ago, Queen Mary’s operator filed for Bankruptcy and the Queen Mary may permanently close soon if the City of Long Beach doesn’t figure out how to keep her open in time. This may be the Queen Mary’s last days.

    17. From October 2013. I was staying there for a wedding and snapped pics of the room with my old iPhone. I got a really good pic. I have sent these to QM with no response.

    18. Amazing News! The Queen Mary is closed to the public as of currently due to critical renovations being done to her! They will be starting in February and the Queen Mary will reopen to guests at the end of 2022! I’m super excited!

    19. I stayed the night for a big party for my mother’s 50th Birthday back in 2012. Went to bed and when I woke up, either one or both of the faucets were RUNNING WATER. The handle turned on its own. I was skeptical at first, but then I realized there are many reports of the same thing happening to others. I believe I experienced this very same phenomena.

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