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An employee describes having seen the apparition of a man in tan pants, white shirt, and a derby hat.

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115 E. River St
Savannah, GA 31401
United States

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32.080988, -81.08918699999998
Chatham County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Savannah, GA (0.6 mi.)
Thunderbolt, GA (4.0 mi.)
Garden City, GA (4.4 mi.)
Whitemarsh Island, GA (5.6 mi.)
Port Wentworth, GA (6.4 mi.)
Isle of Hope, GA (7.0 mi.)
Vernonburg, GA (8.2 mi.)
Wilmington Island, GA (8.6 mi.)
Pooler, GA (9.5 mi.)
Montgomery, GA (9.9 mi.)

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  1. While staying at the River Street Inn, I came off of the elevator onto the floor I was staying on and saw an elderly man with tan pants and a white shirt that disappeared through a closed door. We briefly looked at each other. I asked my husband, who was with me, if he seen the man and he said no. Definitely a ghost there.

  2. yes i was pushed in the lobby, i was makin my way to the coffee and i grab some extra sugar package i turn around and something trip me i caught myself as i was fall towards a sharp edge of a table… allso on the morning of the our check out i found some item under the bed…so funny cause before we went to bed my father and i were talkin about
    him havin dark circles under his eyes and i said i hope i dont get them!! anyway when i looked under the bed the next morning i found eye makeup, and some candy!!

    • Karen, i was in a room on the 3 floor, my husband and i were about to go on a ghost tour (something you do in Savannah) and i heard a little girl laughing and bouncing a ball. I told her to stop and she started to giggle.

  3. I had no prior knowledge of this place being haunted. In the middle of hte night I rolled over because I heard my fiance rustling around so I turned over and saw a shadow. I stared at it for about 5 minutes trying to make sense of it and let my eyes adjust. It stood there and it looked like it had its hand on its hip because I could make out the shadow of its elbow. I finally decided to wake up my fiance to see if he could see it, but as soon as I was done speaking, it took steps about 3 feet backwards and slowly faded away.

  4. My Mom and I were going down to Florida to visit my Grandparents, and we decided to stay over in Savannah. My Mom booked a room at this hotel before we left. When we arrived, we overheard that there were no rooms available. We walked up to the front desk, and they reassured us we had the last available room. We were escorted to our room by a nice young man. It felt like forever going to our room. We went up an elevator, down a hall, took a right turn, straight down a lonely hallway, and boom, there was our room at the end of that hallway on the right. We walked in, and it was a really cute room, it looked restored. It was adorable. So right away after our long drive, I wanted to go to the bathroom, and take a shower. My Mom wanted to relax. So, I went to the bathroom, turned the shower on and went no. 2, but didn’t want to flush because I didn’t know how it would effect the water pressure or temperature, so I just shut the lid. I hopped in the shower, and a few minutes later, the toilet flushed. I immediately opened the shower curtain to see why my Mom came in the bathroom, but no one was there. I examined the toilet (it was right next to the shower). It was an old toilet, old plumbing, there is no way it auto flushed. I shut the shower curtain and although I had very hot water, I instantly had goosebumps and I was freezing. I decided that I was a bit freaked out, and shut the water off. I opened the shower curtain to find the fogged up bathroom mirror had a hand swipe on it, and right in front of the vanity were two wet foot prints (but I never got out of the shower). The goosebumps kept coming and I was freezing and terrified. I grabbed the towel and instantly ran out into the bedroom to yell at my mom because I thought, maybe, just maybe she was messing with me. She said, no, I am not messing with you, I’ve been reading the news paper this entire time.

    But that wasn’t all. So, at night, we crawled into bed (a full bed to share with me and my Mom). There were heavy curtains that appeared to be black out curtains. Which were great, because it kept out all of the street lights. The clock was a red or blue digital clock ( I can’t remember the color exactly, but I know it was not green). I remember that, because all of a sudden a green light started creeping up the wall. I said to my Mom, do you see that? Where is that coming from? She had no clue… it began to crawl up the wall, and onto the ceiling … We both said, yeah okay, NIGHT! And we both put the blanket over our heads….

    When we woke up, I realized the time, and we were running a little late to get going for the day. My Mom still had the blanket over her head, and she was just laying there like a rock. I thought maybe she forgot to set the alarm clock, so I said, “Mom, get up”. She didn’t answer so I nudged her in her ribs and repeated myself, “Mom, get up”. She just laid there, so I got louder and pushed her again, “MOM! GET UP!” … at this very moment… my Mom… came out of the bathroom with her tooth brush in her mouth… My jaw dropped, I couldn’t say anything. I looked at her, she looked at me, we both looked at this body, that was laying next to me, under our blanket…

    I slowly got out of bed, my mom touched the blanket, and pushed this body, and just like that, the blanket dropped like it was full of air and had deflated…

    I cannot tell you JUST how scared I was, and happy I was that we were leaving and going to Florida.

  5. charaya simms  |  

    I stayed @the inn; in room 335. I made reservations on the phone as I was on the highway. Once I got into Savannah I googled their address; upon that I found a site about it was haunted. I made to jokes to my fiancee and carried on into the Savannah night life. We returned back about 1:30 in the morning. We showered and went straight to sleep. I was awakened by my fiancee patting my shoulder anxiously. He said did u feel that its like someone walked right past the bed . I shrugged it off and went back to sleep. I heard loud footsteps and slightly awoken just to write it off as guests above us. Not too long after I heard them louder and it sounded and felt as if someone stormed past my bed on my side from foot to wall behind the headboard. I took all in and dosed back off hearing footsteps loudly up and down the hall and through the right side of unit. It seemed to be something that only wanted recognition was not harmful or deviant at all. I never saw a vision of what it was but its presence was definetly felt! Great place to stay comfortable beds and a beautiful decor throughout the inn. Parking could be a Lil easier but I don’t think that will ever change.

  6. First stay here and will def come back! My husband is Reiki master and shamanic touch master teacher and as a healer has been broadening his energy work to reach out to spirits. Well, standing on the balcony of our room we were chatting about the history of the area and buildings when we heard a noise just behind us like something dropped onto the wood planking of the balcony or fell off the wall inside the open door, so we checked and saw nothing. I started getting a tingling left hand like I do around spirits so I told my husband to read the room. (He receives through his left hand also but gets details I don’t ) so I wait a few mins out on the balcony and then anxiously step through the door and ask if he picked up anything and he says to me w a sort of chuckle, “yeah, your standing right in the middle of him”…. ( yikes) but I had felt the energy against my back so I wasn’t surprised, I said did you get specifics? And he said, only that the man’s name was Amos. Aw. So immediately afterwards we head to Jeres Antiques and about 45 min into browsing I notice my hand is still tingling sharply so I ask my husband to please see if Amos came with us because I can still feel him. He does quick read and says no ( in these kind of situations where he can’t totally relax and read a space, esp in public irs harder for him to pick up things unless it’s still and quiet) so I brush it off but he takes a few pictures right then of my sister and I (which we do not look at until late evening)and sure enough there is an orb on either side of our heads and one on my LEFT HAND. No its not dust and no its not moisture. Later that night we snapped pictures throughout the hotel when it was quiet and caught several orbs in the stairwell/atrium and outside the original 2 floors of the warehouse. I also heard the same noise in the corner of our room by the balcony door, that we heard that morning, 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night and just as i was about to get up and investigate it didnt happen again. There is definitely spirit activity here…no doubt, but nothing that feels menancing. Love this place! Below is a pic of a pic as I have to download camera but bright blue orb is amazing when zoomed.

  7. I’ve stayed here for three days now. Nothing outside of the ordinary has happened outside of amazing service experience with the staff. One gentleman advised strolling around the 5th floor for a spook if I’m a believer, which I am. Last night here and I plan to stop up a little later. Should anything happen I’ll update this thread.

  8. My Girlfriend and I stayed for two nights on January 4th and 5th of 2019. I was in bed and my girlfriend was showering. It was about 1 am in the morning and I was still awake, she came out of the bathroom and was sitting at the foot of the bed when we both heard the toilet flush. She called out to me and asked if I went to the bathroom. I said no, I was in bed under the covers. I thought it was her that flushed the toilet. She got so SCARED that she called the front desk to ask if there was any chance that the toilet would malfunction and flush by itself. The desk manager said no that the toilets do not flush automatically. It took her an hour or two to fall asleep. The next night while we were both in bed we heard footsteps coming from the front door towards the bed but never saw anyone. It was Great! Thank you River Street Inn for the Fun Experience in our room. Our room number was 509. The next day I asked the Desk Manager if there were Ghosts in the hotel. He said the most activity is on the 5th floor. Stay in our room to see if you experience the same!!

  9. Literally just checked out of the inn today, Valentine’s Day , after a sleepless night. If never occurred to me that the place might be haunted. My first two nights I slept like a baby with no incidents. I was in room 533. Last night the door to the room next to me (535 at the end of the hall) would slam almost every hour on the hour and my door would rattle . At around 4am I had had enough and went out into the hallway to see what was going on . I noticed the door to 535 was ajar and no one was in it . There were no voices, no footsteps just opening and slamming of the door. This morning when I checked out and saw the local ghost tour trolley pull up it dawned on me and I asked the front desk person if the inn was haunted. She smiled at me and said yes particularly room 526 and that they aren’t allowed to tell guests that when they book a reservation . Sleepless night but cool to experience paranormal activity first hand .

  10. So I stayed here prior to the recent renovations, in 2016 specifically. At the time it was just a last minute booking for a hotel, I was not aware it was reported haunted. But I instantly had experiences here.
    At first it was like the lobby was crowded and full, except it was just me and my mother and stepfather at the time there. But it had that crowded feeling. Then as I was passing one of the rooms they had, like a little parlor with a door to the balcony, I saw an old typewriter set up and had a weird urge to sit in the chair by it. My mother took a picture of me touching the keys, but the image came out really strange. It was full of blue light, and my face was blurry like a motion blur though I was completely still. Only my eyes came out clear, which were large and staring for some reason.
    Then later that night I couldn’t sleep no matter what, and it felt like there was something in the room with me. I couldn’t make out anything but a person like shape in the dark, by the bathroom. And then it went low to the floor and disappeared under the bed. And my mom said she heard someone pacing and talking on the balcony outside her room, the one that the parlor accessed. When she complained to the front desk, they said that was impossible because the doors to that balcony were shut and locked.
    We checked out the next day, but as we were in the lobby checking out, several strange coins rolled across the floor as if out of nowhere. Definitely a weird experience. Turns out the coins were not only old but foreign. Like from France and England and all early 1900s dated.

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