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The ghost of a former worker named Charlie is said to haunt the inn. He reportedly fell to his death from a third story room and it is alleged that he haunts that room to this day. Room 325 is called Charlie’s room and is where most of the haunted happenings are said to occur. He may be heard walking in the hallways late at night and jiggling the doorknobs. Witnesses say the lights flicker, and their personal objects mysteriously disappear… And it’s all recorded in logs that are on display in the rooms.

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225 East Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401
United States

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32.07989, -81.08818099999996
Chatham County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Savannah, GA (0.7 mi.)
Thunderbolt, GA (3.9 mi.)
Garden City, GA (4.5 mi.)
Whitemarsh Island, GA (5.5 mi.)
Port Wentworth, GA (6.5 mi.)
Isle of Hope, GA (7.0 mi.)
Vernonburg, GA (8.1 mi.)
Wilmington Island, GA (8.5 mi.)
Pooler, GA (9.6 mi.)
Montgomery, GA (9.8 mi.)

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  1. In 2011 my husband & I decided on a trip to Savannah after a business stay in Destin, FL. My parents recommended the East Bay Inn. We stayed on the first floor, the first room on the right. We didn’t experience anything during the day, just at night. The best way I can describe it is like someone rearranging or moving furniture (HEAVY furniture like an old large trunk). Not at a specific time, just random times all during the night. We heard this every night of our stay. After the first night, the next day I happened to be reading the guest book and it was full of stories from people who experienced the exact same thing. Within walking distance (0.2 miles) is the Moon River Brewing Co. which is also haunted. We didn’t know it was haunted, nor did we visit. Later we found out it was haunted from watching Ghost Adventures (Season 2; Episode 7; Original airdate 07/07/09).

  2. A friend of mine and I shared a room in one of the inns in the warehouse district with a view of the river. In the middle of the night I setvstraight upmand let out a blood curtling scream. Then I noticed that my friend was in a physical fight w something that I could not entirely see. It looked as if he was restraining something very, very physical. I jumped out of bed and ran to the door and openened it. This thing then stopped its conflict and ran out of the door and down the hall.
    This was aroundv1986. My friend and I were afraid to mebtion what happened that night, even to each other.

  3. We stayed at the East Bay Inn on our first visit to Savannah.One evening on our way to the wine and cheese gathering,I locked our cameras in the safe and checked that it locked. we spoke to other guests about the Haunting of the hotel,who did not believe in the stories. When we returned to our room, we found the closet door opened and the door to the safe wide open.Everything was there,but i can think of no reason for the openings except for a visit from Charlie.

  4. We had a girls’ trip to Savannah in 2017 and stayed at the East Bay Inn for two nights. We had no idea we were staying in a haunted room (#325). The first night we were there, my friend said she heard the key fall off the entryway dresser in the foyer and hit the wood floor. No big deal until we went downstairs for breakfast. When we returned 45 minutes later, the dresser had moved about a foot and a half to the right on its own! It was so obvious because the long
    rectangular mirror had been perfectly center over it, but now it was edge to edge with the dresser. We had the do not disturb sign on the door and housekeeping hadn’t made their rounds yet. We’re both believers now. When I mentioned it to the woman at the front desk, she wasn’t suprised at all.

  5. My family stayed here in a room on the 2nd floor. I had heard that the hotel was haunted. I think ghost stories are interesting, but I dont really believe in that stuff.
    The Inn is an 1850’s building, and our room was furnished with classical pieces. There was a tall dark stained wood headrest on the bed, a short green couch and all the trim around the high-ceilinged room was old and ornate. The room smelled old and musty. The outside wall was brick. The floors were wood and squeaked and moved as you walked.

    The Inn is noisy. There are clanking sounds like metal plates hitting, and creaking from the floor above. The noise in the corridor isn’t muffled at all- doors opening and shutting, locks clicking- not a quiet place.

    We were tired so my wife crawled into the queen bed on the left and began to doze off as I washed up in the bath.
    A few minutes later I came to bed. She said, “ARE YOU JUST GETTING IN BED?” She told me she had felt something pull the covers back and start to get into the bed next to her. I said maybe she was lucid dreaming, and it would be ok.
    I was a little creeped out tho, so I turned on the bathroom light and stayed awake for a few hours.
    As I finally started to fall asleep, I heard three distinct growls from my right, specifically from where the green sofa was by the window. The 3 growls were clear. All three were the same tone and same length. GRRRRRR. GRRRRRR. GRRRRRR. I looked at our dog who was on the bed. He was asleep.

    There were random clanks and noises through the night, but nothing else happened until the next day when we came back from lunch. A small fabric cooler I had left on my side of the bed, well away from the edge, was lying in the floor. Housekeeping hadn’t been in to clean up the room.
    I thought about setting up my iPad with the camera on the next night. But I decided to leave whatever it was alone.
    We checked out early and continued on our trip. It wasn’t that we were scared, I just knew we wouldn’t get any sleep and we had a lot of driving to do.

  6. Stayed at the East Bay in this past weekend for 3 nights. BEAUTIFUL place, and staff is super friendly. When we first checked in, we put our things down and we’re going to head straight out in search of a late dinner. Before we left the room, I couldn’t find my mask, which I had JUST taken off. I searched the whole room, including under the bed, with my phone flashlight (bc the rug was a dark color and my mask was black). Couldn’t find it anywhere. Just when I went into my purse to dig out another one, surprise! My mask was laying in the middle of the floor that I had just scanned over with my flashlight. It just disappeared and reappeared. Other than that, our first night there was pretty quiet, except for some flickering lights. But our 2nd night there we had settled in for the night. Playing around on our phones with the tv on in the background. The tv screen went black, which could have just been a lull in cable or something. Just for giggles I said, “Charlie, turn the tv back on.”. Of course nothing happened. About 5 seconds later I added, “Please.” And immediately the screen lit up and the program continued playing.

    The hotel is very pet friendly and had a doggie welcome gift bag waiting for us when we got there. Our dog travels everywhere with us, and normally never barks while in hotels. But that second night, our dog jumped up from the bed and ran to the door barking ferociously. We never heard a sound coming from the hallway, steps or a door closing. And he wouldn’t leave the door when we called him back. The story is is that Charlie will wiggle door handles. Did our pooch hear that and not us?

    Thirdly, the story also goes that Charlie will take personal items from guests. The day we were leaving, I had packed all of my belongings up. When I got home, I noticed one of my shoes was missing. I checked the car and I called the hotel. It was not to be seen. I took the one shoe I had and noticed a single penny shoved in between some decorative bands on the toe area. In the same place a penny would be placed on old fashioned “penny loafers”. This coin could not have “fallen” into this spot. It had to be pushed into place. I don’t know what era Charlie supposedly lived in, but I know penny loafers were popular around the 1930’s. Did Charlie keep one shoe and leave a gift in the other???

    All in all, great experience and I would definitely stay again!

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