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Superstition plays a role in this hotel’s haunting, some say. The largest building in Laredo, it’s also the only one to have a 13th floor. Other buildings have renumbered their floors to avoid having a 13th, for superstitious reasons. Folks say the haunt in this hotel is a former worker who died in the building. The helpful ghost has been spotted cleaning the floors, wearing his brown work uniform. He does not seem to hear people who call out to him. Reports also have been made of a strange scratching sound in the 15th floor hallway and stairs, the sound of falling objects, strange phone calls, and the sounds of children running when none are in sight.

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Geographic Information

1 S Main Ave
Laredo, TX 78040
United States

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27.501065, -99.51308
Webb County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Laredo, TX (0.5 mi.)
Larga Vista, TX (5.1 mi.)
Los Altos Colonia, TX (7.8 mi.)
La Presa, TX (8.4 mi.)
San Carlos Number 1 Colonia, TX (8.6 mi.)
Laredo Ranchettes, TX (8.8 mi.)
Rio Bravo, TX (9.7 mi.)
El Cenizo, TX (10.4 mi.)
Pueblo Nuevo Colonia, TX (12.4 mi.)
Ranchos Penitas West Colonia, TX (13.2 mi.)

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  1. My dad used to work at this hotel as a manager and he says that on the top floor there is a ballroom with a grand piano, which they keep closed and locked when there are no events. The piano tends to play by itself despite it being closed and locked.

    • We lived there a little over a year..I used to play that piano late at night always feeling a strange presence..I always felt someone was there even though no one was physically there ..I guess the spirit of the piano enjoyed my music. ..I got so attached to that brown wooden grand piano.. we had to leave that hotel due to being forclosed and taken away from last owner Mr. Bill Collier . Bank owns it now. I left with tears in my eyes when I played music for the last time there on the 15th floor. So many memories Rio Grande Plaza .


    latch on to reality folks. ALL buildings have 13th floors. some just don’t label them as such. i lived over 12 years of my life on a 13th floor. never saw anything strange or out of character.

  3. We I want to that hotel my brother said that some won was waking out of the restroom and the host was going close him but the next morning we told him if it was a girl or a boy he said it was boy and he said he was wearing a long slew and pents

  4. My brother said he saw a boy in in the restroom walking towards him but he said that he was wearing long sleeve some pants on and some and he said that boy said do you want to play with my cars and my brother said no and the boy got mad and rhrou a cup of whater

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