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Ridge Cemetery at Williamsburg Hill is said to be visited by apparitions, eerie lights and a disappearing old man. Phantom crowds and horses also have been seen and heard around the area. Rumors of sinister cult activity surround this place as well, and one report tells of a 3-year-old girl who went missing and was found walking halfway to the cemetery. She told her mother that the “people who live in the ground” wanted her to stay with them.

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Geographic Information

1090 E and 1100 E
Cold Spring, IL
United States

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39.300648576609234, -88.93255001319636
Shelby County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Cowden, IL (5.2 mi.)
Tower Hill, IL (6.2 mi.)
Herrick, IL (6.2 mi.)
Oconee, IL (9.4 mi.)
Pana, IL (10.0 mi.)
Shelbyville, IL (10.6 mi.)
Beecher City, IL (11.0 mi.)
Westervelt, IL (12.9 mi.)
Ramsey, IL (14.3 mi.)
Ohlman, IL (15.6 mi.)


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  1. I’m from that erea and as a teenager we used to go up there on weekends but one particular night a black shape or mass crossed the gravel road really fast

  2. yeah becky redman they did my sister did it and the black shaped shadow spirit followed them home and it was really scary because they were also playing with a wiji board as well and my dad tried getting rid of it and then we found it the next day in the floor

  3. Dakota Carter  |  

    I’m from this area to and I saw the girl walking on the road side and I saw a white Cadillac older model about a 58 to 63 year model it just sat there at the entrance about midnight and I heard horses galloping up behind my truck and I went to leave and the Cadillac wouldn’t move it just sat there I laid on my horn and it just disappear and I pulled out and there wasn’t a bright light that went through my truck and disappear so I left and the next night I went out there to the same stop I was at the same time as the night before and I saw the black shadow in front of me run across like 2 feet in front of my truck and then I heard talking of two people from behind my truck and I look back and there was the words get out in dark red letters written on my back window on the outside of the truck so me and my friend hauled butt put of there and I haven’t been back there since but planning on going out there again one of these nights

  4. I’m from a nearby town and my daughter and I visited and videoed the cemetery last night. It is a beautiful tranquil site with several graves so old the writing is barely legible so i zoomed in to let the camera be my eyes… upon review of the footage at the treeline on the end of the cemetery grounds is where we caught a glimpse of a black eyed child, it was a girl about 7 to 10 in age in an antique styled garb who stood in the shadows as we read aloud every grave that we came upon. She didn’t approach us or attempt to make contact with us, or at least we thought…. as we stopped to look at the last bit of the sunset and talk of our trip it was then from that we heard an ever so quite whisper “can you help me”. We hauled ass out off of that hill. What an experience. Going again more equipped for capturing the elements of Williamsburg Hill so we can share the place brimming with mystery.

  5. Several years ago we did an EVP at the grave yard and captured a demonic growl. The Ghost Hunters need to go and investigate!

    • Once I went there by myself and someone was already there in a truck, so I turned my car around and as I went to leave and looked in my rear view mirror, and there was a black shadow in the shape of a human standing next to the family’s truck. I assumed it was just one of the family members, but as I looked closer it had no facial features and it waved at me, then dissapeared.

  6. A Few weeks ago, a friend and I visited the Cemetery. We didn’t know anything about the Cemetery but we knew it made a few of the most haunted lists.

    Once we got to Williamsburg Hill, I felt tremendous pressure on my neck, but we shook it off and kept going forward.

    We get to the Cemetery and my brain keeps trying to push me over towards the right side of the Cemetery. I couldn’t deny it any longer and I started to walk over that way. There’s a grave that is leaning forward so much that it about touched the ground and that is where it started. Something kept pushing me closer to the tree line and at a certain point, all sounds stopped. You didn’t hear the birds chirping or the wind blowing. Then the pressure on my neck started up again but a lot worse. I started to get light headed and dizzy. Then I felt this huge weight on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I started hyperventilating and my husband got me to a safer location. Once we passed the tombstone between the trees, everything seemed to turn back to normal but I felt as if something was with me as we left.

  7. Thank you all for your stories. I was there once or twice when I was a kid, during the daytime, never saw anything weird. But, I did wipe out on my bike going down the hill once.

  8. Theres a ghost cop car with bright headlights. It’ll follow you down the hill until you get to a certain spot and it seems like he shuts the lights off behind you. But you realize he was never there to begin with.
    Also there’s strange things in the trees like blankets it looks like some may think it’s hanging bodies from the cult. But my research has left me to think that its some kind of lighting issue when you lights strike the trees just right.
    My friend got attacked by a bat there, we got one of my other friends to levitate, and a girl we was with became a vessel for something not in this world no longer.

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